61 Really Easy Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

Have you ever looked at an amazing sketch or at a funny and insightful cartoon and thought, "I wish I could draw like that"?

Well, you can! Drawing takes practice, but the super-easy, step-by-step drawing tutorials listed here are a great place to start.

What will you learn how to draw? Many amateur artists believe that drawing people is difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

Some of our guides break the drawing down into its parts - hair, legs, or clothing, for example. Then, you can put together the different parts to create your own unique character.

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Completing an interesting drawing may involve more than just the individual character, however. You'll need to give him or her accessories and an environment.

Maybe your character is hungry? Learn how to draw candy, pears, grapes, potatoes, apples, ice cream, and lemons.

Does he need a secret disguise? Give him a pair of sunglasses.

You can even set the scene by indoor objects like drawing doors and candles, or outdoor ones such as oceans, ships, and beaches. Is it raining? You can spend a rainy day learning how to draw water drops.

What makes these drawing tutorials so easy?

First, each illustration is broken down into steps. In each step, you will add a few lines or shapes.

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New lines are highlighted in blue. The objects are also simple in form; as your drawing skills grow, you will be able to take these line drawings and flesh them out with more detail.

As a bonus, several of our tutorials will introduce you to adding three-dimensional effects to your pictures!

61 Really Easy Drawing Ideas

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