Free Nature Coloring Pages for Kids – 56 Printable Sheets

Do you like to spend time outdoors, observing nature? Now, you can use these free nature coloring pages for kids to record your observations. How?

Look for sheets that match the plants, animals, or places you've seen. Use your colored pencils to try and recreate their colors as naturally as possible.

What if spending time out of doors is not your thing? Maybe it's too hot, too cold, or raining outside. That's okay too! You can still learn about the amazing plants and animals all around us - just pick your favorite coloring picture and begin.

Whether you're interested in roses or robins, rivers or rainbows, you will find them here.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive lemur coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Nature Coloring Pages for Kids

Wild Rose Coloring Sheet

This wild rose looks different than the cultivated roses at the florist shop. The simple five-petaled flower is usually pink in color.

Easy Rainbow Scenery Coloring Sheet

Rainbows are one of nature's most interesting phenomena. This one is especially spectacular as it spans a waterfall and a majestic mountain range.

River Coloring Sheet

Did you color the river and mountains in the previous page? Now, you can focus on these natural landscape features.

Rainbow Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Butterflies from around the world come in just about every color combination you can imagine. You can use whatever shades you would like to make this one unique.

Easy Horse Coloring Sheet

Horses don't just live on the farm - wild horses live in many parts of the world. Some horses are solid black, white, or brown, while others have spots. Zebras are decked out in black and white stripes!

Rhino Coloring Sheet

Rhinoceroses have thick gray skin. They like to roll in the dust, which can give them a brown or reddish color.

Sunrise Coloring Sheet

Have you ever gotten up early enough to see the sunrise? The sky slowly changes from black to red or purple, and then the blue of daytime.

Dragon Fruit Coloring Sheet

The interesting dragon fruit is pink with green tips. Inside, the fruit's flesh is white with tiny black seeds.

Husky Face Coloring Sheet

Huskies are wolf-like. Many are black, brown, or gray with white markings inside their ears and on their face and snout.

Calico Cat Coloring Sheet

Calicos are special cats. Generally, they are white with spots of black, brown, and orange. Most calico cats are girls!

Easy Mouse Coloring Sheet

This cute little mouse could be a white lab mouse with a pink nose. Or, it could be a brown grass mouse with cream-colored stripes.

Sunset Coloring Sheet

Did you color the sunrise, above? Now, you can color a sunset to match. Sunsets are often filled with warm shades of red, orange, pink, and purple.

Pecan Nuts Coloring Sheet

Pecans have dark brown shells and lighter brown nuts inside. The fern like leaves of the pecan tree are green.

Easy Monkey Coloring Sheet

Monkeys often come in shades of brown. Others are black or gray. In one type of monkey, called a gibbon, the males have black fur and the females have cream-colored fur.

Bat Face Coloring Sheet

Vampire bats like this one may not have the most adorable faces. This type of bat is brown or grey, like most bats. But a few species are solid white!

Wolf Coloring Sheet

This wolf can lead your pack after you color him. As their name suggests, gray wolves are usually grey in color. They can also be white, black, brown, reddish, or some combination of these colors.

Raven Coloring Sheet

Raves are a type of crow with jet-black feathers. Some crows have markings in other colors - the red-winged blackbird, for instance, has red and yellow stripes on its wings.

Stingray Coloring Sheet

Most stingrays are black or gray in color. Some have darker spots or speckles on their backs. Their bellies are light-colored, white, gray, or cream.

Baby Bunny Coloring Sheet

What color will you make this cartoon rabbit? Real rabbits are white, grey, brown, black, or spotted. But fictional characters come in crazy colors, including pink or blue!

Cartoon Goat Coloring Sheet

Goats range in color from white to black, with shades of grey and brown and patterns of spots and speckles in between.

Snake Head Coloring Sheet

What types of snakes live in your neighborhood? They can often be identified by the colors of their scales. Will you make this one a gray or brown North American viper or a bright green or yellow tropical snake?

Cartoon Cow Coloring Sheet

In cartoons, cows are white with black or brown spots. Some cows are solid colored - black, white, cream, tan, brown, or reddish.

Lake Coloring Sheet

Some people spend time at the lake to relax and unwind. You can capture some of those lake vibes as you color this calming scene.

Grapes Coloring Sheet

What types of grapes are your favorites? There are many types of grapes - some are green, purple, or red.

Cute Cartoon Mouse Coloring Sheet

Did you color the realistic mouse above? Now, you can color a cartoon one that you might find living in a crevice in the wall!

Penguin Chick Coloring Sheet

Emperor penguins are black and white. Their babies have a similar color palette - black heads with white eyespots, black beaks and feet, and fuzzy grey bodies.

Bald Eagle Flying Coloring Sheet

Bald eagles have a striking appearance. The feathers of their wings and body are brown. Their heads and tails are white, and their beaks and feet are bright yellow.

Pinecone Coloring Sheet

Pine cones grow on pine trees. The cones themselves are brown or grey. The needles of the evergreen tree are always green as their name suggests.

Cute German Shepherd Dog Coloring Sheet

German shepherds traditionally are brown with black markings on their backs and face. Some shepherds have white patches, and others are solid black or solid white.

Eagle Head Coloring Sheet

Eagles are often brown, reddish, or golden in color. The bald eagle of North America has a head of white feathers with a bright yellow beak.

Orca Coloring Sheet

Orcas, also called killer whales, are black with white bellies. They also have a large white spot behind their eyes.

Octopus Coloring Sheet

In the wild, most octopi are brown. The blue-ringed octopus is yellowish brown with light blue stripes. Cartoon octopuses like this one, however, are often purple, pink, or other fantastic colors!

Easy Cartoon Reindeer Coloring Sheet

Caribou are brown in color, with white markings on the neck and shoulders in winter. Some even have solid white coats!

Fog Coloring Sheet

Rolling clouds of fog can change the entire appearance of a landscape, sapping its coloring and bathing it in a wash of gray.

Rabbit Coloring Sheet

This realistic bunny could be brown or gray like North America's eastern cottontail. Domestic rabbits are often white, black, or white with black spots.

 Easy Sloth Face Coloring Sheet

Sloths are brown and cream in color. Because they move so slowly, sometimes green algae grows on their fur.

Pomegranate Coloring Sheet

Tropical pomegranates are usually a dark red color. The berry-like arils inside are also a gleaming red.

Strawberry Coloring Sheet

Strawberries transform from green or white to bright red as they ripen. They have green sepals on top. A few varieties are white with red seeds.

Swan Coloring Sheet

Swans are often white in color with a black stripe above their orange beaks. Some varieties, such as those in Australia, have black feathers and red beaks.

Pony Coloring Sheet

Did you color the horse above? This pony is a miniature version. Like the horse, ponies come in many colors - brown, black, white, tan, and patterned in blotches or spots.

Peacock Coloring Sheet

Male peacocks have stunning iridescent feathers - green and blue with brown and blue eyespots. Some peacocks are even solid white!

Lightning Coloring Sheet

Have you ever seen lightning streaking across the sky? It is usually white or yellow against the dark grey clouds. Sometimes, lightning appears blue or reddish.

Cobra Coloring Sheet

Some types of cobras are brown with cream-colored bellies. Others are black with yellowish-cream scales beneath their hoods. Some cobras are even white or reddish-orange in color.

Elephant Coloring Sheet

Elephants naturally have thick grey skin. When they roll in the mud or bathe in dust, they may appear brown or red in color. Some people paint their domestic elephants with white or other colors.

Lemur Coloring Sheet

Ringtail lemurs have grey fur. Their faces are white with black markings on the snout and around the eyes. Their tails are banded with black and white.

Fig Coloring Sheet

The exteriors of figs range from green to brown to purple. Inside, the seedy flesh is often bright orange, red, or pink.

Cauliflower Coloring Sheet

Cauliflower is often white in color, but some varieties are purplish, orangish, or greenish. Most return to their white shade when cooked!

Lilac Flower Coloring Sheet

Most lilac bushes have delicate light purple flowers. Sometimes, they are white or pink in color.

Sloth Coloring Sheet

Did you color the friendly sloth face, above? Now, you can color the whole animal. They are light brown or cream-colored, sometimes having tinges of green.

Cherries Coloring Sheet

Delicious cherries turn bright red or blackish purple when ripe, depending on the variety.

Robin Coloring Sheet

European robins are brown with orange markings on the face and neck. American robins have grey backs, black heads, and reddish-orange bellies.

Magpie Coloring Sheet

Magpies are mostly black with white markings on their bellies and wings. Their iridescent black feathers sometimes look green, purple, or blue.

Heron Coloring Sheet

There are many types of heron. Some are pure white. Great blue herons have various shades of blue.

Scenery Coloring Sheet

Use soothing blues and greens to color the sky, river, trees, and riverbank of this peaceful scene.

Buttercup Coloring Sheet

Buttercups are bright yellow flowers - yellow just like butter - with green stems and leaves.

Jasmine Flower Coloring Sheet

Most jasmine flowers have white petals and yellow centers. They can also be completely yellow or pink.

Free Nature Coloring Pages for Kids - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these free nature coloring pages for kids was your favorite? You can color them online or print them out and color them by hand.

There are tons of things you can do when you download and print the coloring sheets. You can bind them together to make your own nature-themed coloring book. Or, you can color the pictures and cut them out to make a poster or illustrate your school report. The possibilities are endless!

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