Free Pumpkin Coloring Pages for Kids - 32 Printable Sheets

Fall is a time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin-flavored treats, and of course, pumpkin-themed activities.

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to keep the kids entertained this season, why not try some pumpkin coloring pages?

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We have gathered 32 fun pumpkin coloring pages for kids, ranging from regular pumpkins for Thanksgiving to creepy Jack O'Lantern designs for Halloween.

These coloring pages are a great way to get into the spirit of the season and keep the little ones busy before they head out trick-or-treating.

You can download these coloring pages for free and print them out at home. So why not turn off the screens and get creative with these fun and festive coloring pages?

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Melting Jack O'Lantern coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Pumpkin Coloring Pages for Kids

Gloomy Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

This pumpkin coloring sheet is spooky with its sinister expression and firelit eyes. Its features create a spooky atmosphere that will make you worry the pumpkin will jump out and scare you. Beware this pumpkin!

Pumpkin Patch Coloring Sheet

In a pumpkin patch, you can find pumpkins of all sizes waiting to be picked and carved. You can color the pumpkins orange or any color you like!

Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

A pumpkin is a symbol of fall and harvest season. Make your pumpkin coloring page more interesting with different colors, or you can even draw circles and squares to create your own patterned pumpkin.

Laughing Jack O'Lantern Coloring Sheet

Bring some fun to your Halloween festivities with the Laughing Jack O'Lantern coloring page! Will this mischievous pumpkin bring a smile to your face as you color in its wide grin and rosy cheeks?

Halloween Cat in a Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Color this cute black cat peeking out from a pumpkin's hollow interior. Dream up some colors to bring this Halloween Cat to life and imagine the mischievous adventures it might have.

Pumpkin with Large Leaves Coloring Sheet

Color and decorate this pumpkin picture for a vibrant, festive fall display with captivating contrast between the bold orange hue and lush green foliage. Use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to fill the leaves in with rich shades of green, yellow, and orange to represent the changing colors of autumn.

Kittens and a Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Do kittens love pumpkins? Color the curious kittens playing with a Halloween pumpkin.

Two Pumpkins with Leaves Coloring Sheet

Create a colorful fall scene by coloring these realistic pumpkins and leaves. Use orange and green shades inspired by the fall colors.

Pumpkin with Glasses Coloring Sheet

Have you ever seen a pumpkin with glasses? It may sound unusual, but anything can happen during Halloween. It can be that the glasses add a touch of sophistication and intelligence to its already charming persona.

Ghost Pumpkins Coloring Sheet

Are these ghost pumpkins creepy or cute? You decide. Color them with gloomy shades of gray and black or give them happy colors: red, yellow, and green.

Grinning Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Pumpkins carved with a wicked grin and spooky features add some trepidation to the Halloween decorations. Use bright orange and deep black to bring out the pumpkin's sinister features.

Simple Jack O' Lantern Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a simple Jack O' Lantern with a toothy grin. The grin symbolizes the spirit of Stingy Jack and was originally used to ward off evil spirits. How will you color yours?

Cute Pumpkin Family Coloring Sheet

Meet this cute pumpkin family that will warm your heart with their adorable smiles. Will you color each pumpkin with a different orange hue or experiment with bolder colors?

Smiling Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Is the Halloween pumpkin in this coloring sheet a bit unhinged, what do you think? Would you like to color it with the usual vibrant orange and yellow shades or decorate it with some "crazier" colors?

Melting Jack O' Lantern Coloring Sheet

Color the spooky melting Jack O'Lantern: choose dark and mysterious colors like black, deep purples, and sickly greens to capture the eerie atmosphere!

Halloween Pumpkin Pile Coloring Sheet

Q: What did the pumpkin say when it saw the pile of pumpkins? A: "Oh my gourd!"

How will you color your cheeky pumpkins?

Easy Cat and Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Cats are often associated with Halloween and mischief. Can you imagine this cat with orange fur and green eyes, and the pumpkin with a bright orange glow?

Ghost and Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Create a spooky scene by coloring the ghost with translucent gray, adding shadows and highlights, and a pumpkin with shades of orange and yellow.

Pumpkin with Mustache Coloring Sheet

This pumpkin looks a bit silly with the mustache. Would you like to make it even sillier by decorating it with a mix of stripes and polka dots?

Plain Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

Pick this simple pumpkin coloring page to showcase your creativity and bring out the beauty of this fruit. You can use bright oranges and yellows to bring it to life, or experiment with different shades and patterns to create a unique design.

Stone Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

This wacky stone Jack O'Lantern just ripped through a stone wall! How will you color it?

Evil Jack O'Lantern Coloring Sheet

The Jack O'Lantern in this image is definitely evil. Would a gradient of colors ranging from red to black suit it?

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

This scary carved pumpkin has a dark and menacing face for sure. Would you like to color it with dark crimson colors?

Jack O'Lantern trio Coloring Sheet

Add festive charm to your Halloween decorations by coloring this trio of Jack O'Lanterns.

Four Pumpkins Coloring Sheet

Pumpkins are not only yellow-orange in color. Some pumpkins can also be white, green, or even blue. Which colors would you like to color pumpkins on this coloring page?

Pumpkin Witches Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features three pumpkins wearing witch hats. What is going on under the hats? Color with your favorite colors.

Witch and Jack O'Lantern Coloring Sheet

This young witch and pumpkin are quite charmers. What colors would you like to use to decorate them?

Burning Jack O'Lantern Coloring Sheet

Flames are licking this Halloween pumpkin picture. Will your coloring add to the fire?

Boy and Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

The cartoon boy and pumpkin in this coloring sheet look happy. Would you like to color them with your happy colors?

Happy Halloween Card Coloring Sheet

This printable coloring page makes a great greeting card if you print it out and color it!

Spooky Halloween Card Coloring Sheet

If you'd like to make a spookier Halloween greeting card, print and color this with three hair-raising Jack O'Lanterns.

Pumpkin Man Happy Halloween Card Coloring Sheet

A silly cartoon pumpkin man greeting card is perfect for anyone looking to get into the Halloween spirit!

Pumpkin Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

So grab your coloring tools and let your imagination run wild with these free-to-print pumpkin-themed Halloween and Thanksgiving coloring pages. Whether you choose a spooky Halloween design or a cute pumpkin patch, you're guaranteed to have fun.

From enhancing fine motor skills to promoting creativity and artistic expression, coloring activity is perfect for children and adults alike. So dive into the enchanting world of pumpkin coloring and bring these pumpkins to life with vibrant colors.

Happy coloring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find more free coloring pages?

A: You can search for more free coloring pages on this page.

Q: Are there coloring pages specifically for Halloween pumpkins?

A: Yes, there are coloring pages specifically designed for Halloween pumpkins. You can find most of them on this post or go here to the search more coloring pages.

Q: Can I use these coloring pages for my kids?

A: Yes, these coloring pages are suitable for kids of all ages. They are a fun and creative activity that can help children develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

Q: How many printable coloring pages are available?

A: There are close to 2,000 printable coloring pages available for free.

Q: Can I use these coloring pages for Halloween crafts?

A: Absolutely! These pumpkin coloring pages can be used for various Halloween crafts. You can print them out and use the colored images for decorations, party invitations, or even as a stencil for pumpkin carving.

Q: Can adults also enjoy coloring these pages?

A: Yes, adults can also enjoy coloring these pumpkin pages. Coloring has been proven to be a relaxing and stress-relieving activity for people of all ages.

Q: Are there any printable coloring pages for preschool children?

A: Yes, most of the printable pumpkin coloring pages are suitable also for preschool children. 

Q: Can I use these coloring pages for a Halloween party?

A: Yes, you can use these pumpkin coloring pages for a Halloween party. You can print them out and set up a coloring station where kids can color the pages as a fun party activity.

Q: Can I download and print these pumpkin coloring pages?

A: Yes, these pumpkin coloring pages are available for free download and printing. Simply click on the desired image or link, and you can save the printable file to your computer to print later.

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