How to Draw a Sitting Cat

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A sitting cat is often a cozy symbol - especially if the cat is sitting in your lap, on a windowsill, or by the fireplace. It's no wonder we associate cats with homey scenes, as they have shared our dwellings for thousands of years... Read more

How to Draw a Sitting Cartoon Cat

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Is your cat sitting pretty? You can learn how to draw a sitting cartoon cat outline with the help of this easy feline drawing tutorial. When you're finished, you'll have the purr-fect picture... Read more

How to Draw a Tribal Lion

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Lions are symbolic of many positive qualities. These include royalty, courage, and justice. It can also indicate mightiness in the military, sports, or personal pursuits. In some cultures, lions are seen as protectors. Occasionally, lions represent negative traits, as the Christian comparison of the devil to a roaring lion... Read more

25 Cute Cat Drawing Tutorials

Since the birth of the internet, cute cat videos have been a beloved staple. What do people do when they are bored or stressed? They watch the antics of adorable kittens! Now, you can learn how to draw cute cats and capture some of that magic on paper... Read more

How to Draw a Cat in Clothes

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Humans have been dressing up their pets for a long time. Ancient Egyptian paintings portray domestic animals with collars or ribbons around their necks, and the collar was perhaps the first pet fashion statement. Says one resource: "Collars emerged as tools for training and restraint as well as status symbols at the height of civilization. But they were also beautiful works of art... Read more

How to Draw Catwoman

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Catwoman is the supervillain alias of the fictional character Selina Kyle, and occasionally of other female characters. She first appeared as "the Cat" in DC Comics Batman #1 in 1940. She is a burglar in Gotham city, and her preferred weapon is a bullwhip. She wears a tight black suit and is often outfitted with spy gear... Read more

How to Draw a Jaguar

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The jaguar is a big cat native to Central and South America. It typically inhabits a tropical habitat, but sometimes this animal ranges as far north as the United States. An individual was known in Arizona from 2011 to 2016. It is the third-largest cat in the world; only the lion and tiger are larger. Its name means "real beast of prey" in the Tupi language... Read more