Free Religious Coloring Pages for Kids – 26 Printable Sheets

What religion is your family? You can express yourself and even learn about other religions when you color these free religious coloring pages for kids.

If you ascribe to the Christian faith, you will find lots of Christian iconography below. There are churches, hands folded in prayer, angels, Jesus and his mother Mary, and various symbols.

You can also learn about other religions. For example, many religions around the world have some concept of a tree of life and burial traditions. You will find renders of these below.

There are symbols specific to other religions, too. For example, you will find a mosque, a meeting place in the Muslim religion, and a menorah, a special candle stick used in the Jewish religion. There is a Buddha, central to Buddhism.

Looking for something new and different in the world of coloring? Give Free Religious Coloring Pages a shot and explore what we have to offer!

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You can even explore ancient religions, like that of the ancient Egyptians or the Celts of Europe.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive King Tut coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Religious Coloring Pages

Church Coloring Sheet

This simple church building is designed like a traditional American church with crosses and a steeple. Customize it with different colors for the roof, doors, walls, and windows.

Virgin Mary Coloring Sheet

The story of Mary and her son Jesus is important in every Christian faith, but especially in Catholicism. Color this cute cartoon of Mary with her head covered by a scarf.

Praying Hands Coloring Sheet

Some people put their hands together when they pray. Color the skin and the sleeves, and even paint the fingernails if you wish.

Jesus Coloring Sheet

Since Jesus was of Jewish descent, he likely had tan or olive skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He probably also had a beard. In this picture, he has a luminous ring called a halo around his head.

Pyramid Coloring Sheet

The great pyramids of Egypt were burial places for the royal family. The walls were often painted with religious stories. The bodies of the dead were mummified, and objects - food, boats, money, clothes, and even pets - were placed in the tomb for use in the afterlife.

Celtic Cross Coloring Sheet

The Celtic cross with a halo in the middle became popular in the Middle Ages and can be seen in architecture across Europe.

Coffin Coloring Sheet

Almost every religion has burial traditions. This coffin is marked with a cross, perhaps indicating the deceased's Christian faith. You can also see the letters "RIP," which stands for "rest in peace."

Fallen Angel Coloring Sheet

The Bible books of Genesis and Revelation talk about angels who "fell" or left their place in heaven in order to practice bad things on the earth. These angels were later called demons, led by the devil.

Cross with Wings Coloring Sheet

This coloring page combines two symbols - the cross and the feathered wings of an angel. It is sometimes linked to the death of Jesus, at other times to remembering a loved one who has died.

Jesus Face Coloring Sheet

Unlike the European-style artwork of Jesus above, this portrait shows him with a beard. He likely wore a beard, as was the custom of Jewish men during his lifetime.

Graveyard Coloring Sheet

Where will you put the coffin you colored, above? It belongs in a graveyard like this one. The coffin is buried under the ground and its location is marked by a tombstone.

Notre Dame Cathedral Coloring Sheet

Notre Dame is a famous cathedral in France. Its walls are cream or tan in color. In 2019, a fire damaged the building, but it is being restored.

Menorah Coloring Sheet

The Menorah is a candlestick used during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. One candle is lit each night of the festival. The ninth candle is used to light the others.

Stained Glass Cross Coloring Sheet

Many churches have intricate and colorful stained glass windows. You can color this stained glass art to make the cross in the middle stand out.

Sagrada Familia Church Coloring Sheet

Spain's Holy Family Church is a big building with interesting architecture. It is beige or light brown in color. Although work began on the church about 150 years ago, it is still not finished.

Mosque Coloring Sheet

Mosques are places of worship unique to Islam. The buildings may be plain, with tan or stone-colored walls, or they may be decorated with colorful mosaics. The domes of some are golden, gleaming in the sun.

Rosary Coloring Sheet

In the Roman Catholic Church, a rosary is a repetition of several memorized prayers. A string of beads, also called a rosary, is used to help the person praying remember how many prayers they have uttered.

Tree of Life Coloring Sheet

A world tree is part of the beliefs of many religions. In the Bible, the Garden of Eden contained both a Tree of Knowledge and a Tree of Life.

3D Cross Coloring Sheet

Three-dimensional statues of crosses - some large enough to be seen from miles away - exist in the real world. Use dark and light shades of the same color to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Jesus on the Cross Coloring Sheet

Much religious art includes images of Jesus being put to death. He has nails driven through his hands and feet. A whip was used on his back, and a thorny crown was pressed onto his head.

Buddha Coloring Sheet

Did you know? Those circles on the buddha's head are not just the texture of hair. They represent snails that protected him from the sun while he was meditating. Buddha statues can be the color of stone, covered in gold, or painted.

Tombstone Coloring Sheet

You can color another tombstone for the graveyard, above. Headstones like this one are usually brown or grey, the color of rock or concrete. Some are made from black or white stones.

Bells Coloring Sheet

Bells play a role in many religious ceremonies. They are often gold or silver in color. These are tied together with a ribbon and a bough of green holly with red berries.

Cross with a Rose Coloring Sheet

What color rose should grow upon this symbol? A red rose for love, or a white rose for purity? The choice is yours.

King Tut Coloring Sheet

Mummification was part of the ancient Egyptian religion. They believed that their kings were gods and that they would continue to live in an afterlife.

Cartoon Angel Coloring Sheet

What do angels look like? In the Bible, they are often clothed in brilliant white garments. Their skin is said to glow like copper.

Religious Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above religious coloring pages was your favorite? Was it something familiar to your faith, or perhaps something you had never seen before?

You can make a coloring book for a religious event. For example, you could download and print out all the pictures from the Christian faith and make a coloring book for Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Or, you could make a coloring book highlighting different religions from around the world.

If you're looking for some more coloring printables similar to the Free Religious Coloring Pages, check out Free Easter Coloring pages - they're sure to give you plenty of enjoyment!

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