How to Draw a Pyramid

How to Draw a Pyramid Featured Image

A pyramid is "a monumental structure" with triangular sides. In ancient Egypt, the pyramids were used as burial places for royalty... Read more

How to Draw a Graveyard

How to Draw a Graveyard Featured Image

A cemetery or graveyard is a place set aside for burying the remains of the deceased. Cemeteries reflect the religious beliefs of the area and are often considered "holy ground." In some countries, such as Mexico and Japan, festivals in honor of the dead are celebrated in graveyards... Read more

How to Draw a 3D Cross

How to Draw a 3D Cross Featured Image

The cross or crucifix has been a common religious symbol for millennia. Though most consider it an icon of Jesus and Christianity, it was also used in pre-Christian times... Read more

How to Draw a Church

How to Draw a Church Featured Image

A church is a building used for religious activities, typically by a Christian denomination. Many traditional churches are laid out in the shape of a cross. As you can see from this drawing guide, several sections of the church jut out in different directions, forming the four-pointed shape... Read more

How to Draw the Virgin Mary

How to Draw the Virgin Mary Featured Image

Historians agree that Jesus was a real historical figure. According to the Bible, his mother conceived him while still a virgin by means of the holy spirit. Before his birth, she was married to the carpenter Joseph, who raised Jesus as his own son. Mary and Joseph then went on to have at least six other children. Upon his death, Jesus entrusted the care of his mother to the Apostle John. She was present in the upper room at Pentecost 33 C.E. when the first Christians were anointed with the holy spirit... Read more

How to Draw Jesus on the Cross

How to Draw Jesus on the Cross Featured Image

Images of the crucifixion of Jesus, also known as the Passion, are common in Christian churches and around the Easter holiday. Some people wear a small cross with Jesus on it as a pendant... Read more

How to Draw Jesus

How to Draw Jesus Featured Image

Depictions of Jesus typically date from no earlier than the 200s AD. In the early Christian church, the making of such images was avoided for fear that they would be worshipped as idols. It was not long, however, before Jesus became a common topic in Christian art... Read more

How to Draw a Fallen Angel

How to Draw a Fallen Angel Featured Image

Angels are defined as "any benevolent...spiritual being that mediates between the transcendent and temporal realms." Throughout history, various cultures have recorded such beings in their art, often endowing them with wings. Ancient examples can be seen in the Assyrian relief panel and other works displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art... Read more

How to Draw a Celtic Cross

How to Draw a Celtic Cross Featured Image

What is a Celtic cross? It is a form of the cross used in some Christian religions that features a nimbus or halo around the middle. The Celtic cross became widespread in Ireland and Britain beginning in the ninth century... Read more

How to Draw a Cross

How to Draw a Cross Featured Image

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the cross is "the principal symbol of the Christian religion." Many Christian churches hold that the cross was the instrument used to bring about the death of Jesus, and therefore venerate it. Other scholars hold that the instrument of the Messiah's death was, instead, an upright stake... Read more

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