Free Solar System and Planets Coloring Pages for Kids - 22 Printable Sheets

What does outer space look like? Shed some light on the wonders of the universe as you color these free solar system and planets coloring pages.

Do you know which planet is known as the Red Planet? You will by the time you color the pages on this list. Other planets are brown, orange, yellow, or blue. One is swaddled in green forests. You'll need your whole box of crayons or markers.

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But what about those worlds we haven't yet explored? What do they look like? Let your imagination run wild as you color amazing science fiction scenes. Get ready to boldly go where no kid has gone before.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive cartoon moon coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Solar System and Planets Coloring Pages for Kids

Uranus Coloring Sheet

Uranus is an icy world, light blue with even lighter rings. In a recent image from the James Webb Space Telescope, it also had light pinks and purples.

Solar System Coloring Sheet

This coloring page is perfect for your next school science project. You can consult the individual planets on this list to find out how to color them.

Satellite Coloring Sheet

Made from metal, satellites are usually gray in color, though they may have painted elements. Solar panels and other parts might appear blue or golden in the sunlight.

Solar Eclipse Coloring Sheet

During a solar eclipse, the sky takes on the dark blue shade of near dusk. Here, you can color the blue and green Earth, the gray Moon, and the golden Sun.

Mercury Coloring Sheet

Mercury is dark and light grey, cratered much like our own moon. Use darker colors to create shadows in the craters.

Cartoon Moon Coloring Sheet

The moon reflects light from the sun, so it can take on many different colors. White, gray, and yellow are common.

Crescent Moon for Kids and Beginners Coloring Sheet

The rest of the moon isn't gone - you just can't see it because the light isn't reflecting off it. Color this sliver of the moon - silver, gray, or yellow, the choice is yours.

Asteroid Coloring Sheet

Rocky asteroids are usually brown or gray, just like rocks here on Earth. If they're icy, they can appear white. If they have a lot of iron in them, they become rusty red.

Easy Globe Coloring Sheet

Most globes use blue for the Earth's oceans and green and brown for the land - except for Antarctica, which is white. Some use unnatural colors to demarcate all the countries.

Earth Hour Illustration Coloring Sheet

The lightbulb means it's a good idea. Color the blue and green planet. What about the light bulb? Will you make it yellow and shining, or dark for Earth Hour?

Venus Coloring Sheet

Venus's surface is made of gray rock, but it looks orange. Why? Its atmosphere has a lot of sulfur, which reflects yellow and orange light.

Mars Coloring Sheet

Mars is called the Red Planet because its surface is a rusty red. It really is rusty - its soil contains a lot of iron, which rusts over time.

Sun and Moon Coloring Sheet

Yellow and white, orange and yellow, yellow and light blue - you can choose the right combination of colors for this pair of celestial bodies that dominate the day and night.

Galaxy Coloring Sheet

Did you know? The color of a galaxy tells astronomers about the types of stars it contains. Most are reddish or bluish. Green galaxies are very rare.

Comet Coloring Sheet

Most comets have blue or green tails. What we see as a comet is the light reflected when its icy tail melts into water vapor.

Space and Planets Coloring Sheet

Can you fit all of outer space on one coloring page? Yes, you can. Color the rocky asteroid; yellow, red, white, or blue stars; blue, red, or green galaxies; and the orange or blue gas giant planets.

Saturn Coloring Sheet

Saturn is yellow-brown in color. We can't see the surface of the planet, only bands of clouds and storms.

Sun Coloring Sheet

Our sun is a yellow dwarf star. Although it puts off white light, which contains every color, it appears yellow to our eyes.

Sci-Fi Landscape Coloring Sheet

What might the surface of a strange planet look like? Would there be boiling red lava? Or bubbling green goo? The choice is yours. Let your imagination run wild.

Neptune Coloring Sheet

Neptune is deep blue in color because its methane-rich atmosphere absorbs red light and reflects blue light.

Moon Coloring Sheet

A full moon like this one can appear white, gray, bluish, pinkish, brown, yellow, orange, or even red.

Jupiter Coloring Sheet

Jupiter is striped with storms and thick clouds. The bands are white, brown, orange, and red. Its famous giant hurricane is called the Great Red Spot.

Which of these emotions coloring pages was your favorite?

Jupiter is striped with storms and thick clouds. The bands are white, brown, orange, and red. Its famous giant hurricane is called the Great Red Spot.

Which of these solar system coloring pages was your favorite? Was it your home planet or somewhere else?

If you have a love for astronomy, you can create your very own outer space-themed coloring book. Download all the coloring sheets on this list then print them out. Use a ribbon, tape, or staples to bind them together.

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