10 Step-by-Step Illusion Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Everyone loves the magic of three-dimensional drawings. You can use these step-by-step illusion drawing tutorials to create amazing pictures that will boggle the minds of your family and friends.

Each of these "impossible" illusions starts with a simple shape - a heart, squire, triangle, star, hexagon, or cube. Lines are placed in such a way as to suggest depth.

What, though, makes these shapes impossible? They are called impossible objects or undecidable figures because they cannot actually exist as real, solid objects.

Is that a little hard to wrap your mind around? Really, impossible shapes are just like any other 3D drawing. The placement of the lines tricks the brain into believing that the flat picture has depth.

Don't forget to shade your impossible drawings. You can do so with your pencil or use different colors. When you make coordinating sides of the object darker than the rest, the perception of shadow enhances the visual effect.

Some of the images are of architectural structures, such as stairs or a hole in the ground. While not impossible, they create mind-bending 3D images.

10 Easy Illusion Drawing Ideas

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