Free Summer Coloring Pages for Kids - 45 Printable Sheets

Yes! School is finally out for summer! How will you fill your time? Why not try out these free summer coloring pages for kids?

What types of printable coloring pages will you find below? There are lots of free printable coloring pages featuring different types of flowers.

You can draw an entire flower garden for yourself, or make a flower crown for your hair.

Other coloring sheets depict places you might go on a summer vacation - the beach, the desert, or camping, for example.

Some of our coloring pages for kids contain items that will help you stay cool - icy drinks, ice cream, and juicy slices of watermelon. These are just a few of the coloring pages for kids and adults listed below - there is much more to discover!

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These easy coloring pages can be downloaded and printed out. You can use them as loose sheets or attach them together to make your own coloring book. 

Then, you can color them using crayons, markers, or colored pencils. If you don't have a printer handy, you can even color the free coloring pages online, right on your computer screen!

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Cherries coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages

Realistic Rose Flower Coloring Sheet

Roses are beautiful summer flowers, and this one has realistic petals, sepals, and even thorns. Roses come in many different colors - what color will yours be?

Rainbow Coloring Sheet

Do you know all the colors of the rainbow? Show off your skills as you color this happy scene. In addition to the rainbow, you will find a shining sun, a field of flowers, and butterflies.

Sunflower Coloring Sheet

Yellow sunflowers are a cheery sight each summer. You can color a whole field of sunflowers to decorate your room or wall.

Peony Coloring Sheet

Peonies are lovely flowers with many colorful petals. They often come in shades of red, pink, yellow, or white.

Cute Caterpillar Coloring Sheet

Will you give this baby butterfly a solid-colored body or make each segment a different hue? Don't forget to color some leaves or fruit for this hungry bug to eat.

Starbucks Frappuccino Coloring Sheet

There is no better way to cool off on a hot day than to drink a sweet, icy frappuccino. Caramel, chocolate, strawberry, or matcha? You can color yours to reflect your favorite flavor.

Landscape Coloring Sheet

Where will you travel this summer? This peaceful landscape has a river for boating, pine forests for camping, and an open field for picking wildflowers.

Ant Coloring Sheet

Ants are notorious for crashing summer picnics! In North America, most ants are black or red in color.

Hibiscus Coloring Sheet

Many people grow hibiscus in summer, and they represent tropical vacation destinations, too. Color this flower in bright reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, or whites.

 Ferris Wheel Coloring Sheet

Summer fairs are so much fun! So are amusement parks. Take a spin on this colorful Ferris wheel ride.

Grass Coloring Sheet

Summer is a time of abundant plant growth. Whether you like to lie in the grass and daydream of if it is your responsibility to mow it, you can color this grass's verdure.

Beach Coloring Sheet

The beach is a favorite summer vacation spot. Color this scene of sand, waves, a beach ball, and an umbrella.

Desert Coloring Sheet

The desert may not be your first choice for a summer vacation, but it is a stop on many family road trips. Capture the earth tones of this scene from the American west.

Beach Ball Coloring Sheet

Colorful beach balls add a new element of fun to the swimming pool or the beach. Use your favorite colors or the colors of the rainbow to shade each of the ball's sections.

Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

Do you scream for ice cream? Shade these scoops to represent your favorite flavors - white vanilla, brown chocolate, pink strawberry, green mint, rainbow sherbert, and more.

Camping Scene Coloring Sheet

Do you like to go to summer camp or on camping trips with your family? Contemplate happy memories as you color this camping scene.

Tent Coloring Sheet

In the summer, you can camp in the wilderness or in your own backyard. Shade this tent in your favorite color.

Skateboard Coloring Sheet

Skateboarding is an awesome summer activity! Use your favorite colors to shade the flames on the deck of this board. You can even draw more designs on it and color them, too.

Flower Crown Coloring Sheet

You can feel like a princess when you wear a crown of flowers in your hair. Color this one to match your favorite outfit.

Flower Garden Coloring Sheet

Plan your garden by coloring this fun picture. You will find daisies, tulips, and other flowers pollinated by a friendly bee.

Cherries Coloring Sheet

Cherries are a summer fruit used to make desserts and refreshing drinks. Color these cherries red to show that they are ripe.

Boy Swimming Coloring Sheet

Make a splash when you color this agile swimmer. You can customize his cap and swimsuit with your favorite colors and patterns.

Roller Coaster Coloring Sheet

Make summer memories by spending a day at the amusement park! Even if you can't go today, you can color yourself in this fun picture.

The Sun Coloring Sheet

What would summer be without a shining sun? Give this smiling star a yellow or orange glow.

Hydrangea Flower Coloring Sheet

Hydrangeas are elegant summer flowers. They come in shades of white, green, pink, purple, and blue.

Strawberry Coloring Sheet

Nothing tastes better than a sweet strawberry on a hot summer day. Use your colored pencils or crayons to shade this bright red fruit.

Spider Web with a Spider Coloring Sheet

Are you afraid of spiders? They are plentiful on warm summer nights. You can make friends with this harmless spider as you shade his hairy body.

Ice Cube Coloring Sheet

Cool yourself or your favorite beverage with this cube of ice. You had better work fast - it is melting already!

Sunset Coloring Sheet

Is your summer daydream one of sitting on the beach? You can relax and watch the sunset wherever you are when you color this sunset scene, complete with distant islands, ocean waves, and a palm tree.

Clouds Coloring Sheet

Have you ever laid in the grass, staring up at the clouds during summer? Bring the outdoors in when you color these fluffy white clouds or dark storm clouds.

Lotus Flower Coloring Sheet

Water lilies grow on lily pads in ponds in the summer. These lovely flowers are often pink, purple, yellow, or white in color.

Ladybug Coloring Sheet

Ladybugs are a favorite summer insect. Color this one's shell bright red with black spots. Or, color it orange or green to make it a different type of beetle.

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Sheet

Sail up, up, and away in your imagination when you color this hot air balloon. These vehicles are often decked out in bright striped patterns.

Dragonfly Coloring Sheet

In summer, you may see dragonflies zipping around near lakes, streams, and ponds. You can color this interesting insect.

Volleyball Coloring Sheet

Do you like to play volleyball? Get ready for the beach or the court by customizing this volleyball.

Rainbow for Kids Coloring Sheet

There is nothing like a rainbow to brighten a rainy day. You can pass the time by shading this one with an array of colors.

Barbeque Grill Coloring Sheet

Barbecues and cookouts are one of the best parts of summer! Create a party invitation for your friends by coloring this steak on the grill.

Calla Lily Coloring Sheet

Calla lilies are exotic summer flowers that can grow right in your own backyard. They have green leaves, and petals that may be white, red, or even a dark purple that is nearly black.

Maple Leaf Coloring Sheet

In summer, maple leaves like this one are bright green, soaking up the sun's rays. As autumn nears, the leaves will turn yellow, orange, or red.

Island Coloring Sheet

Create your own tropical getaway - color a private island with towering coconut trees, blue skies, and calm seas as far as the eye can see.

Bush Coloring Sheet

What types of bushes grow in your backyard? You can give this flowering shrub pink, red, yellow, or white blossoms.

Rose with Stem Coloring Sheet

A rose makes a perfect present. Even if you cannot grow or buy a real rose, you can color one! Red roses often mean love, and yellow or pink roses mean friendship.

Orchid Coloring Sheet

Orchids are tropical flowers. Some people grow them as houseplants. Your plant will never will when you color it with crayons or markers. This type of orchid is often white, purple, yellow, or some combination of these colors.

Watermelon Slice Coloring Sheet

Watermelon is the hallmark fruit of summer. Color this dark and light green melon and the sweet, red flesh inside. Look out for the seeds!

Ocean Coloring Sheet

If you are dreaming of the ocean, look no farther than this peaceful scene. Color the sandy beaches, blue water and skies, and tropical palm tree.

Summer Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these summery coloring pictures was your favorite? Did you dream of flying in a hot air balloon? Or did you choose pictures to document the places your family went and the things you did?

With the help of these free coloring sheets, summer fun is never far away.

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