How to Draw a Heart Tree

How to Draw a Heart Tree Featured Image

Love is in the air! Whether you want to draw a unique family tree or send a message to a secret valentine, you can learn how to draw a heart tree... Read more

21 Easy Tree Drawing Tutorials

Have you ever heard someone say, "You can't see the forest for the trees"? This saying describes someone who is so focused on details that they can't see the big picture... Read more

How to Draw a Willow Tree

How to Draw a Willow Tree Featured Image

Willow trees and shrubs are native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They often grow near sources of water, and their roots can even invade underground pipes and swimming pools. The weeping willow, whose branches droop to the ground, is perhaps the most well-known. Another popular variety is the corkscrew willow, which has twisted twigs and branches... Read more

How to Draw the Tree of Life

How to Draw the Tree of Life Featured Image

Many religious traditions around the world have a tree of life, sacred tree, or world tree tradition. In some legends, a huge tree binds together the heavens and the earth. In others, the tree is located in "the centre of the earth" and often "protected by supernatural guardians." The tree confers continued life, perhaps everlasting life, to humankind... Read more

How to Draw a Family Tree

how to Draw a Family Tree Featured Image

A family tree, also called a pedigree chart, is a visual representation of family relationships. These charts are often depicted in the shape of a literal tree. The oldest generations are located at the top. Branches come from both parents to connect to their children below them. The youngest generation, around which the chart is centered, can be located on the trunk... Read more

How to Draw a Spooky Forest

How to Draw a Spooky Forest Featured Image

Forest ecosystems are found all over the world. Because they are home to predatory animals, many forests have become linked with danger in the human psyche... Read more

How to Draw an Olive Branch

How to Draw an Olive Branch Featured Image

The olive is an evergreen tree that produces an edible fruit. The oil of the olive has been a staple in the Mediterranean diet and elsewhere for millennia... Read more

How to Draw a Dead Tree

How to Draw a Dead Tree Featured Image

Trees are a vital part of the environment the world over. Trees produce oxygen, rid the air of carbon, offer shade, and produce food. Their wood allows humans to build structures and warm themselves over a fire. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, "To many, the word tree evokes images of such ancient... Read more

How to Draw a Jungle

How to Draw a Jungle Featured Image

Jungles go by many names - tropical forest, rainforest, monsoon forest, and cloud forest. Jungles grow in regions where the weather is warm year-round. They are characterized by "luxuriant, tangled, impenetrable vegetation, generally teeming with wildlife." Interestingly, the Sanskrit word from which the term "jungle" is derived describes just the opposite; it means "dry ground or desert."... Read more

How to Draw a Tree Branch

How to Draw a Tree Branch Featured Image

The tree limb, branch, or bough is a division of a tree where smaller portions branch from the main trunk. The tree's crown is home to many animals, including birds, squirrels, and in tropical areas, monkeys... Read more

How to Draw an Oak Tree

How to Draw an Oak Tree Featured Image

There are about 450 species of oak trees found throughout the world's temperate zones. Oak trees produce acorns, a food source for animals and, in the past, for people. Corks used as stoppers for wine bottles are produced from the bark of the Mediterranean cork oat, and Aleppo oak is used to make ink. The wood of oak trees is also used in furniture manufacture and construction... Read more

How to Draw a Lake

How to Draw a Lake Featured Image

Lakes are generally known as peaceful retreats. Popular lake activities include fishing, boating, swimming, camping, and hiking. Lakes represent a way of "getting away from it all" - especially modern distractions such as cell phones and social media... Read more

How to Draw a Pinecone

How to Draw a Pinecone Featured Image

Pinecones are the seed-bearing fruit of about 120 different species of pine tree. Pines are found throughout the world, especially in the cold northern reaches... Read more

How to Draw a Fall Scenery

How to Draw a Fall Scenery: Featured Image

Entire forests of trees sense the coming of winter, and they prepare. The trees get ready to hibernate, protecting themselves from the cold. Green leaves stop producing... Read more

How to Draw Acorns

How to Draw Acorns: Featured Image

Acorns are the nut or fruit produced by the oak tree. Acorns have a distinct appearance from other nuts, with a characteristic... Read more

How to Draw a Spruce

How to Draw a Spruce: Featured Image

The spruce tree is a type of evergreen tree found in North America and Europe. Like a pine tree, it has needles rather than leaves... Read more

How to Draw a Bush

How to Draw a Bush: Featured Image

A bush, also called a shrub, is a familiar plant of both the garden and the great outdoors. Many varieties are cultivated for their beautiful... Read more