Free Weather Coloring Pages for Kids - 25 Printable Sheets

What is the weather like outside today? Weather conditions are an important part of our everyday lives. Now, you can record the weather with these free weather coloring pages for kids.

How will you use these free printable coloring pages for kids and adults? Well, you could make a poster of the water cycle for your next science project. Or, you could use them to illustrate a weather journal for the science fair.

You may also use the downloadable coloring pages as backgrounds for a diorama, an art project, or your dolls and action figures. Set the scene - you control the weather!

Or, if you don't want to do any of the above, you can simply color the pages online or print them out to make your own weather-themed coloring book.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive snowflake coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Weather Coloring Pages

Winter Scenery Coloring Sheet

What does a snow day look like? You can color the snowman and the trees, the house, and the ground that are all covered in snow.

Water Cycle Coloring Sheet

Do you know all the steps of the water cycle? You can learn how the water rises from the sea, forms clouds, and rains down on the ground as you color this informative diagram.

Lightning Coloring Sheet

A flash of light, and a crack of thunder! Color these dark storm clouds and the bright white or yellow streaks of lightning.

Tornado Coloring Sheet

Did you color the storm clouds above? Sometimes, bad storms give way to tornadoes like this one. Tornadoes are usually black, brown, or gray in color since they pick up lots of dirt and debris.

Cute Rainbow and Clouds Coloring Sheet

Storms like the ones above eventually end. When the sun comes back out, you might spot a rainbow! Can you color it in order? Use your red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Water Drops Coloring Sheet

What do raindrops look like when they hit the ground? Color this picture of raindrops splashing in a puddle to find out - then discover more splashing below.

Stepping in a Puddle and Splashing your Friends Coloring Sheet

Do you like to play in puddles after it rains? Help these kids gear up in their boots, raincoats, and umbrella.

Umbrella Coloring Sheet

What color is your umbrella? Color it to match your favorite outfit or draw and color a fun pattern on its surface.

Rain Coloring Sheet

Whether you're singing "Purple Rain" or "Rain, Rain, Go Away," you can shade these falling raindrops and the cloud that bore them.

Hurricane Coloring Sheet

Did you color the hurricane above? You can discover an even bigger spinning cyclone storm - a hurricane that formed out over the ocean.

Snowflake Coloring Sheet

Snowflakes may be pictured in white or blue, but under a microscope, they can reflect every color of the rainbow. Scientists say that every snowflake is different. Can you print and color several in different ways?

Sky Coloring Sheet

What does the sky look like right now? Is it blue with fluffy, white clouds? A dreary grey with darkening storm clouds? Or is it painted in the reds, oranges, pinks, and purples of a sunrise or sunset sky?

Night Sky Coloring Sheet

At night, the sky is deep blue or black. Even fluffy clouds look shadowy, sometimes covering the twinkling stars.

Fall Scenery Coloring Sheet

The wind is carrying away the leaves of this tree and knocking its fruit to the ground. Color the leaves to indicate the season.

Clouds Coloring Sheet

Do you like watching the clouds? Color some! You can make them white and fluffy or dark and foreboding.

Rainbow Coloring Sheet

This rainbow has room for all of its actual colors. Start with red on the outside, followed by orange, yellow, green, and blue. Finish up with purple on the inner edge.

Falling Leaves Coloring Sheet

When leaves fall on a windy autumn day, they are often red, orange, yellow, or brown in color. But storms can strip trees of their leaves even when they are fresh and green.

Fog Coloring Sheet

Like clouds, fog is usually white or grey in color. It subdues the colors of whatever it touches, draining color from the landscape.

Drought Coloring Sheet

Droughts are marked by brown colors. Why? Green plants die, revealing the bare, brown dirt beneath. Tree lose their leaves and only the brown trunks remain.

Thunderstorm Coloring Sheet

Thunderstorm clouds often appear black, grey, or dark blue. They block out sunlight, darkening the colors beneath them. Lightning bolts usually appear white, yellow, or blue in color.

Rainy Day Coloring Sheet

Rainy days are dreary and grey, but you can brighten things up with a colorful umbrella, raincoat, and rubber boots. You might even see a rainbow!

Tsunami Coloring Sheet

When the ocean suddenly recedes, look out! A tsunami is on its way. Color the water blue or brown with mud and debris. Use bright colors or dull greys to shade the city.

Anemometer Coloring Sheet

You can use your anemometer to measure wind speed and pressure. Color one of the cups a different color from the others so that you can easily gauge how fast the device is spinning.

Blizzard Coloring Sheet

Blizzards are sometimes called "whiteouts" for a reason - snow covers everything, and snow in the air makes it hard to see.

Flood Coloring Sheet

When dark storm clouds fill the sky, floods can happen. Mud and debris in the water often turn it from blue to brown.

Weather Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above wild weather coloring pictures was your favorite? A sunny day, a starry night, or a violent storm?

The next time you're stuck inside on a rainy day, you can change the weather indoors by coloring these pages.

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