Free Landscape Coloring Pages for Kids - 50 Printable Sheets

Set the scene for your comics, dolls, or action figures with these free landscape coloring pages for kids.

These printable coloring pages make a great backdrop for putting on a play. Use your toys or cutouts from other coloring pages to inhabit the scene.

Our list of free printable coloring pages includes landscapes from around the world. Your Barbie dolls can visit places from around the world, including New York City, the American West, Sydney, Australia, or the pyramids of Egypt.

Are your stuffed animals looking for the right habitat? You'll find coloring sheets depicting ponds, deserts, jungles, and coral reefs. Love coloring?

These Free Landscape Coloring Pages are a great selection of guides, but don't forget to check out Free Weather Coloring pages too for even more fun and creative options!

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You can even use these coloring pictures to create your own imaginary world. Color them, cut them out, and attach them together in whatever order you like!

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Christmas House coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Landscape Coloring Pages

Landscape Coloring Sheet

Color this sunny landscape with green rolling hills and pine trees, blooming wildflowers, and a colorful sailboat on the river.

New York Skyline Coloring Sheet

New York City has an iconic skyline. Most buildings are gray stone or red brick. The Statue of Liberty is made out of copper, so it is a unique green color called patina.

Pumpkin Patch Coloring Sheet

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch? It's a fun thing to do in the fall. This farm scene has a wooden fence, a wagon, and a field full of pumpkins.

Cave Coloring Sheet

Caves can be spooky or cozy. Who do you think lives in this one? A bear? A dragon? A caveman? Or a stranded hiker?

Winter Scenery Coloring Sheet

White snow is the predominant feature of this winter scene. You can give it dimension with blue or gray shading. You will also need green for the trees and other colors for the house and the snowman's clothes.

Desert Coloring Sheet

The American West is known for its tan, brown, orange, and red hues. Use green to shade the saguaro cacti.

Cliff Coloring Sheet

Cliff faces may be brown if made of dirt or gray if made of stone. In some places, cliffs are even other colors - like the famous White Cliffs of Dover. It all depends on what they're made of - in this case, which crayon you choose to use.

Tornado Coloring Sheet

Sometimes, cone-shaped storms called tornadoes tear through the landscape. Can you color this tornado, cut it out, and add it to one of the other landscapes?

Waterfall Coloring Sheet

Don't go chasing waterfalls - color them instead. Shade the surrounding countryside with greens and browns. Detail the water in shades of blue.

Island Coloring Sheet

Take your time coloring this picture - you're on island time. Whether you want a bright blue sky or a fiery sunset, the choice is yours.

Ocean Coloring Sheet

A beach, a palm tree, ocean waves, and a distant tropical isle. Can you pair this one with some of the other ocean-themed coloring pictures?

Easy City for Kids Coloring Sheet

Do you live in the city? What does your street look like? Make this one interesting when you color the cars, traffic signals, trees, and buildings.

Cute Rainbow and Clouds Coloring Sheet

The good thing about rainy days is that you might see a rainbow. The other good thing about rainy days is when you play indoors, you have plenty of time to color. Let this rainbow shine down over your other landscape coloring pages.

Beach Coloring Sheet

Let's go to the beach! Use your crayons or markers to design your own beach ball, umbrella, and beach blanket.

Sunset Coloring Sheet

Sunsets often have shades of red, orange, pink, and purple. Can you apply these colors to the sky, and to the reflection in the water?

Shooting Star Coloring Sheet

Sometimes, shooting stars blaze through the sky at night. Can you color this one, cut it out, and apply it to one of the other landscapes?

Cartoon Forest Coloring Sheet

Cartoon forests are a staple for all of your favorite stories. What frightening or friendly creatures do you imagine living in this wood?

Underwater Scene Coloring Sheet

Did you color the beaches and ocean waves above? Now, you can dive below the surface as you color the fascinating creatures of this aquascape.

Rainbow for Kids Coloring Sheet

Do you know all the colors of the rainbow? Practice them here. Then, add cheerful colors to the sun and fields of flowers as well.

Lightning Coloring Sheet

Did you color the tornado above? Tornadoes are often accompanied by dark storm clouds and lightning. Color these nimbus clouds, cut them out, and add them to one of your other landscape pictures.

Sci-Fi Landscape Coloring Sheet

Not all stories take place on planet Earth. Instead of a sunrise, this landscape has the planet Saturn rising from the horizon.

Sunrise Coloring Sheet

Speaking of sunrise, you can color this one! The sun rises above two mountains. Can you shade the sky with the pinks and oranges so common at sunrise?

Wind Turbine Coloring Sheet

Today, modern technology can be seen dotting many landscapes. Not only does this coloring picture have mountains, trees, and a river, but also towering wind turbines.

Sydney Opera House Coloring Sheet

The Sydney Opera House is a famous building in Australia. Its sections look like portions of a seashell. Can you shade it white, blue, and brown?

River Coloring Sheet

Over the river and through the woods, a coloring we will go! Shade the mountains grey, green, or brown, and the river blue.

Pyramids of Giza Coloring Sheet

Journey to Egypt. Color the blue sky, the tan sand, and the sandy-toned pyramids.

Bridge Coloring Sheet

This wooden bridge is picturesque. Color it brown or paint it any color you can imagine. Don't forget to shade the blue sky and water and the green grass.

Park Coloring Sheet

You can find green spaces even in the city. Shade the buildings in the background gray.

Spooky Forest Coloring Sheet

Did you color the cute cartoon forest above? This is what that same forest looks like during winter or after a natural disaster.

Volcano Coloring Sheet

The flowing lava from a volcano can change the face of any landscape. Shade the bright orange lava.

Lake Coloring Sheet

Blue waters and green trees, with majestic purple mountains in the distance. Kick back and relax as you color this landscape.

Pond Coloring Sheet

You can color this pond, cut it out, and add it to one of the other landscape pictures. Shade the blue water, colorful water lilies, and green plants growing alongside it.

Jungle Coloring Sheet

You can use every shade of green in your box of crayons to color this jungle. Don't forget to color the blue river and the mountains in the distance.

Easy Rainbow Scenery Coloring Sheet

Can you find the end of the rainbow? This one's end is hidden behind the mountains in the distance.

City Coloring Sheet

You could color this city in shades of gray, or use many colors to make it interesting! Tan sandstone, red brick, any shade of paint - the possibilities are endless.

Mountains Coloring Sheet

These snow capped mountains have white tops, but what colors will you use on the rest of the picture? Will they be of gray stone, covered in green grass, or purple mountain majesty?

Coral Reef Coloring Sheet

Coral reefs are known for their bright colors. How many of your crayons or markers can you use while coloring this one picture?

Road Coloring Sheet

The open road is one of the prettiest landscapes for many people. Shade the paved road black, and color yellow stripes down the middle.

Christmas House Coloring Sheet

This adorable cottage could pass as a gingerbread house. Use red and white for the giant candy canes and various colors for the Christmas lights.

Farm Coloring Sheet

Use greens and golds to color this farm. Many barns are red, and picket fences are white.

Landslide Coloring Sheet

What does a landslide look like? The mud and muck are usually brown in color. There may be grey stones and green foliage carried along with it.

Sword in Stone Coloring Sheet

Will your Excalibur have a brown wooden handle, a silver one, or a bejeweled pommel of gold? The choice is yours. Color the stone, tree, and mountains in the background.

Mountain Landscape Coloring Sheet

From purple mountains' majesty to brown rocky peaks, you can color these mountains as well as their reflection in a placid lake.

Summer Scenery Coloring Sheet

Bring the warmth of summer to this picture as you shade the sun, sand, and surf. Don't forget the bright colors of the sailboat's sails, the beach ball, the picnic blanket, and the umbrella.

Drought Coloring Sheet

Without water, plants like this tree simply fade away. The brown, grey, or reddish rocks and dirt and all that is left to bake under the heat of the sun.

Blizzard Coloring Sheet

White snow dominates this scene, but you can add splashes of color - a background of evergreen trees, the bold red of the snowman's hat, and the warm glow of the cottage windows.

Grass Coloring Sheet

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. You can prove that saying true when you color this plain.

Playground Coloring Sheet

Color the soft green grass and swaying trees of this play area. Then select bright paint colors for the swingset, slide, and teeter-totter.

Tsunami Coloring Sheet

This modern city is about to be overcome by a roiling blue wave. The receding waters may be stained with mud and debris.

Flood Coloring Sheet

Rising flood waters often turn brown as they pick up mud and debris. Don't forget to shade the dark clouds from which the rain is falling.

Landscape Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these landscape coloring pages for kids was your favorite? Did you cut out and combine any of them to create original or unique environments?

You can download and print out these easy coloring pages and then shade them using markers, crayons, or colored pencils. You can even fasten them together to make your own custom coloring book!

If you don't have your printer, you can still have fun with these free coloring pages online.

Looking for something new after exploring all of Free Landscape Coloring Pages? Give Free Building Coloring pages a try today!

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