Free Coloring Sheets for Kindergartners

Kindergarten is a gateway to a lifetime of learning. Fun and educational coloring pages are a great way to get kids engaged. If you are a teacher or a homeschool parent, bookmark this page - it is a treasure trove of free coloring sheets for kindergarteners.

Pictures can communicate a lot of meaning to students who have not yet learned to read. For example, you can select pictures that illustrate the letters of the alphabet. "C" is for cat, and you will find several of them here.

You can also put your students at ease by letting them spend time with familiar characters - Cocomelon, the little mermaid, Pokémon, Spongebob, muppets, Disney favorites, and other cartoon characters.

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Kids can even show their parents what they are learning with a card for mom or dad or a heart that says "I love you."

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Minnie Mouse coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Coloring Sheets for Kindergarteners

Cranberry Coloring Sheet

Kids can learn about healthy foods or the food pyramid while coloring this red berry. Cranberries are also a common ingredient in Thanksgiving meals.

Cat in a Box Coloring Sheet

"B" is for box and "C" is for cat - this cute coloring page covers two letters of the alphabet at one time!

Snorlax Coloring Sheet

When nap time comes, help your kiddos settle down by spending some time with this sleepy Pokémon. Snorlax has a tan face, belly, and feet, and a teal body.

Easy Cartoon Scarecrow Coloring Sheet

When the autumn season rolls around - or when your class is watching The Wizard of Oz as a fun reward - your class can sing and dance with this friendly scarecrow.

Minnie Mouse Coloring Sheet

Minnie Mouse has black ears and a tan face. She wears a colorful bow between her ears - often, it is red or pink with white polka dots, but she changes it up to match her outfits!

SpongeBob SquarePants Coloring Sheet

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! Color this yellow sponge along with his blue eyes, white shirt, red necktie, brown pants, and black shoes.

Simple Cute Butterfly Coloring Sheet

You can color this butterfly however you want. Design a new species, or color it like your favorite backyard butterfly - an orange, black, and white monarch butterfly, for example.

Happy New Year Card Coloring Sheet

Introduce your students to New Year's traditions with this easy coloring page. It is complete with confetti, decorations, party hats, and a disco ball for dancing the night away.

Seashell Coloring Sheet

Learning about rhyme? When she sells seashells by the seashore, this easy coloring sheet is the perfect companion.

Goldfish Coloring Sheet

Make Pet Day fun with this portrait of a common first pet. You will also find dogs, cats, and other familiar animals on this list.

Cartoon Hand Coloring Sheet

When you're teaching your class to raise their hands or wash there hands, this coloring page makes a great visual aid.

Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. Coloring Sheet

Scary season doesn't have to be frightening - you can invite this friendly Disney monster to play. Mike is easy to color in shades of green.

Cartoon Egg Coloring Sheet

This funny baby bird on the run is certain to produce smiles and giggles. It's also a great addition to science class, as students begin learning about different types of animals and their life cycles.

Gonzo from The Muppet Show Coloring Sheet

They took Manhattan - now the Muppets can take over your classroom as well. Students can color the blue first and yellow eyelids of this classic long-nosed character.

Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball Coloring Sheet

It's an amazing world out there - fans of Gumball already know this! Get out the blue crayons and let Nicole be their guide to the wide world around them.

Playground Coloring Sheet

Recess is one of the best parts of kindergarten! This coloring sheet is a fun way to "visit" the playground on a rainy day.

Piglet Coloring Sheet

Shy and nervous students can relate to Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Color his pink skin and darker pink clothing.

Ladybug Coloring Sheet

Ladybugs are a familiar insect. You can have your students color the red beetle with black polka dots, then search for the real thing out of doors.

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Sheet

Let dreams take flight with this colorful hot air balloon! These balloons come in every color imaginable, so your students can get creative.

Panda Face Coloring Sheet

Color this friendly panda to pass the time or create a fun mask. Pandas have white fur with black spots on their ears and around their eyes.

Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Celebrate summer vacation or have a party to reward good behavior. Color the scoops like your favorite flavors, including brown chocolate or white vanilla.

Cute Heart Smiley Face Coloring Sheet

Even the youngest kindergarten students are sure to recognize this winking smiley face heart emoji. They can choose the color and share the love.

Cute Popsicle Coloring Sheet

Popsicles like this one are yummy at lunch time or after playing outside on a hot day. Kids can color it to match their favorite flavors.

Chihuahua Coloring Sheet

From Pet Day to a movie party with Beverly Hills Chihuahau, this adorable pup is certain to delight. Chihuahuas usually come in shades of tan, brown, black, or white.

Cartoon Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Turn your classroom into a butterfly garden! Students can customize this butterfly in profile, along with the buttefly listed above.

Kermit the Frog Coloring Sheet

Did you print the picture of Gonzo from the Muppets, above? Include his froggy green friend as well.

Vault Boy from Fallout Coloring Sheet

Video gamer kids will recognize the smiling face of Vault Boy. He has blonde hair and wears a blue and yellow tunic.

Daffy Duck Coloring Sheet

Looney Tunes characters are a childhood staple. You will only need black and orange crayons to color this picture of Daffy Duck.

Best Mom Coloring Sheet

Students can take home a gift for mom when they color this heart emoji wearing a crown and holding a magic wand.

Sitting Cat Coloring Sheet

Let's talk about what pets your kids have at home. They can color the fur of this cat with spots, stripes, and other markings to resemble their family pets.

"I Love You" Heart Coloring Sheet

Teaching students to show love and appreciation is a lifelong gift. They can color this "I love you" heart and share it with someone special to them.

Shooting Star Coloring Sheet

In the classroom, stars often represent a job well done. Have your star students color their own reward! You can even decorate your progress-tracking bulletin board with shooting stars.

Cocomelon Logo Easy Coloring Sheet

That television-shaped watermelon face is certain to grab every kindergartener's attention. You can have your class color this picture while watching educational videos.

Simple Cute Mermaid Coloring Sheet

It's time for an undersea adventure! You can pair this coloring sheet with the seashell and goldfish, above, for a themed underwater lesson.

Father's Day Card Coloring Sheet

Did your students color the card for mom, above? Now they can show dad how much they care as well.

Marionette Puppet Coloring Sheet

Have your students design a puppet to create their own puppet show, or teach a life lesson as you discuss how Pinnochio's nose grew longer whenever he told a lie.

Funny Face Coloring Sheet

This clown face is a carnival classic. Get ready for the annual school carnival or set up an indoor circus for recess on a rainy day.

Love Birds Coloring Sheet

Kids can decorate these birds in a variety of colors. Pair this sheet with the baby bird in its egg above to depict the whole family!

Dog for Kids Coloring Sheet

Spot or Patches would be a good name for this cute pup. You can choose what colors his coat and spots should be.

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch Coloring Sheet

Sometimes, you might feel like your classroom is filled with clones of Experiment 626. Occupy them with coloring this adorable Disney alien.

Honeycomb Coloring Sheet

Do you students know where sweet honey comes from? This honeycomb diagram is a great supplement to a field trip to the science museum.

Rainbow Rose Coloring Sheet

No one has to choose just one color for this flower - you can use every crayon in the box to color its many individual petals!

Easy Christmas Tree Coloring Sheet

Students can learn about Christmas traditions while decorating this evergreen tree.

Cartoon Castle Coloring Sheet

Make believe stories often revolve around a castle. What tales of princesses, dragons, and knights in shining armor will your students come up with as they color the castle?

Bridge Coloring Sheet

Have your students draw a troll and the three Billy Goats Gruff for an interactive take on story time.

Captain Underpants Coloring Sheet

The red cape and tighty-whities of this elementary school superhero are certain to gain some students' attention. You can introduce your class to the adventures of Captain Underpants at story time.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Coloring Sheet

Reading the books may be years in the future, but many kindergarten students are familiar with Hermione from the movies or other media. How many know which color to use for the background - red for Gryffindor, yellow for Hufflepuff, or green for Slytherin?

Cat in The Hat Coloring Sheet

This Cat int the Hat coloring sheet is a perfect addition to your Read Across America Day activities. All you will need are red and black crayons.

Gnome from Gravity Falls Coloring Sheet

This pesky gnome wears a characteristic red pointed hat and blue clothing. How many students have seen them in action on Gravity Falls?

Easy Fish Coloring Sheet

Decorate your classroom or make a fun fishing game when you color lots and lots of these friendly fish.

Easy Whale Coloring Sheet

Can your students speak whale like Dory from Finding Nemo? Either way, they can color this bluish-grey bohemoth of the seas.

Scales Coloring Sheet

These fish or reptile scales are large and easy to color. They can build skills, like forming patterns with color.

Captain America's Shield Coloring Sheet

Can you stay within the lines to color the red and white stripes of the shield? The star is white, and the space around it is dark blue.

Sombrero Coloring Sheet

Sombreros are fun for fiestas or parties. They are often decorated with bright colors.

Wild Flower Coloring Sheet

Wildflowers come in many colors - red, orange, white, pink, purple, or blue. Most wild plants have green leaves and stems.

X-Ray Coloring Sheet

Did you know that this is what your bones look like inside your hand? Leave the bones white and color the space around them.

Free Coloring Sheets for Kindergartners - Which One Was Your Favorite?

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