How to Draw Christmas Snoopy

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Would you like to learn how to draw Christmas Snoopy - your favorite cartoon canine wearing a Santa hat and holding a present? This easy, step-by-cartoon character drawing tutorial is here to show you how... Read more

How to Draw Bells

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A bell is a percussion instrument. Bells are shaped like cups and have a hammer in the center. This combination results in a loud and often musical sound. Bells are also symbolic... Read more

How to Draw a Merry Christmas Card

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Christmas cards have a long history. Sending letters around the turn of the year had long been a tradition in England, one which gained popularity during the 1800s as the postal service became fast and affordable... Read more

How to Draw Krampus

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Its never too early to start brushing up on your spooky drawing skills with this cute and easy Krampus cartoon! With roots in pre-Christian Alpine traditions, Krampus is a tall humanoid creature with a long tongue, black or brown fur, and the horns and hooves of a goat... Read more

How to Draw a Santa Hat

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A Santa suit is the costume of a person portraying the character of Santa Claus. In America, this usually consists of boots, red pants, and a red coat with white fur trim. Another integral part is the Santa hat, also red with white trim... Read more

How to Draw a Fruitcake

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Fruitcake is both lauded as a holiday gift-giving tradition and loathed as the butt of jokes and as a synonym for "crazy." What is a fruitcake? It is a very heavy spice cake filled with candied or dried and sugared fruits and nuts. Some recipes also contain alcohol. Fruitcake is known for lasting many years due to the preserving qualities of the sugar and alcohol... Read more