Free Girls Coloring Pages for Kids – 52 Printable Sheets

Girls rule! You can funnel your girl power into these free girls coloring pages for kids.

Below, you will find pictures of all sorts of girls to color. There are girls doing cool things like cheerleading or learning ballet. There are girls from your favorite movies and shows.

There are superhero girls, Disney princesses, fantasy girls from your favorite books, movies, and video games, and regular girls just like you.

There are girls from all around the world. Anime girls are from Japan. Tiana is from Louisiana in the United States. Marinette is from Paris. Merida is from Scotland. And Moana grew up on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive girl sitting coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Girls Coloring Pages

Cute Girl Face Coloring Sheet

This fashionable girl has a stylish hairstyle, pouty lips, large eyes, and star-shaped earrings for you to color.

Chibi Supergirl Coloring Sheet

Supergirl is out of this world - literally. Color her blonde hair, blue suit, red cape, skirt, and boots, and red and yellow Superman logo.

Cute Zombie Girl Coloring Sheet

Sometimes zombies are scary - other times, they are cute! Color this zombie diva. Give her matching lipstick, earrings, a necklace, a patched sweater, a skirt, and boots.

Father and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Girl power is great, but sometimes it's good to have someone stronger on your side. Color this heartwarming scene of a little girl atop her dad's shoulders.

Sad Girl Crying Coloring Sheet

Big emotions can be hard to express, but it's okay to feel sad sometimes. You can color this crying girl to help express your own sad feelings.

Miraculous Ladybug Coloring Sheet

When Marinette puts on her Miraculous earrings, she is transformed into the superhero Ladybug. Color her dark hair and her red and black superhero disguise.

Cheerleader Coloring Sheet

Go, team, go! Color this cheerleader's hat, t-shirt, skirt, shoes, and pom poms to match your school colors or those of your favorite sports team.

 Powerpuff Girls Coloring Sheet

Sugar, spice, and everything nice - with a few superpowers thrown in! Bubbles has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a blue dress. Blossom has orange hair, pink eyes, and a pink dress. Buttercup has black hair, green eyes, and a green dress.

Easy Lisa Simpson Drawing Coloring Sheet

Lisa has bright yellow skin and hair. Her eyes are big and bright, and she wears a white pearl necklace around her neck.

Eleven from Stranger Things Coloring Sheet

With her clenched fist and glaring gaze, El is always ready to defend her friends. Color her short hair, dress, jacket, socks, and shoes.

Easy Mother and Daughter Coloring Sheet

You can make a special card for Mom by coloring this heart with a mother and daughter's embrace. Can you shade their hair to look just like you and your mom? Then shade the heart in mom's favorite color.

Girl Sitting Coloring Sheet

This sporty little girl is taking a break from the fun to have a good rest! Color her hair and clothing to look just like you or someone you know.

 Poppy from Trolls Coloring Sheet

She may not be human, but Poppy is all girl! Poppy has bright pink hair and skin. She wears a blue dress and blue flowers in her hair. Poppy can inspire you to seek happiness as she did.

Anime School Girl Coloring Sheet

This anime schoolgirl is wearing a classic sailor-style school uniform. You can make the uniform white, blue, and red and join Sailor Moon's team, or get creative with your own favorite colors.

Black Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

Turn up the drama as you color this beautiful girl. Don't forget her makeup, her stylish clothes, and her fabulous hairstyle.

Anime Girl Face Coloring Sheet

If you love the anime art style, this coloring page is for you. Can you color her hair and eyes to make her look like you? If so, this character can be your anime alter ego!

Girl Scout Coloring Sheet

This happy Girl Scout has her hand raised in a pledge to help people and be a good person. You can color her brown or green outfit and her many colorful badges.

Mother Hugging a Daughter Coloring Sheet

You can send your mother a hug, even if she is far away. Color this affectionate mom and daughter to look just like you and your mom!

Hatsune Miku Coloring Sheet

This android diva Vocaloid is ready to rock - at least she will be once you've finished coloring her! Give her her standard blue eyes, blue hair, and fushia hair ribbons, or get creative to give her a completely new look.

Simple Cute Mermaid Coloring Sheet

You can shade this mermaid to look just like Disney's Ariel. Don't forget to color her fishy friend. You will also find another beautiful mermaid to color on the list below.

Girl with Glasses Coloring Sheet

Do you wear glasses? This girl does. Use your crayons, markers, or colored pencils to style her hair and makeup.

Anime Chibi Girl Coloring Sheet

This chibi anime girl is so small and cute! Color her hair, her big, brimming eyes, and her classic anime schoolgirl outfit.

Girl in Math Class Cartoon Coloring Sheet

This girl can STEM, and so can you! If you are good at math or would like to be, color this girl to look just like you. Will the board she is writing on be black or green with white chalk, or will it be a white dry-erase board?

Black Girl Cartoon Coloring Sheet

This beautiful girl has a dreamy look on her face. Color her hair, makeup, and clothes - and don't forget to paint her fingernails, too!

Cartoon Princess Coloring Sheet

Which princess is your favorite? You can design your own and dream of becoming a fairytale princess as you color this girl's long hair, crown, and dress.

Fairy Coloring Sheet

Fly away to Pixie Hollow when you color this star-spangled fairy. Will you make her green like a nature nymph? Pink like a flower? Or dark like the night sky? The choice is yours.

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog Coloring Sheet

Color Tiana's brown eyes, brown hair, and makeup. Don't forget to shade her necklace blue and her floral gown and crown light green and yellow.

Schoolgirl Coloring Sheet

Get ready for back-to-school time with your new best friend! Her school clothes are in order, and she has her book and book bag in hand. You can color them all.

Aesthetic Girl Coloring Sheet

This lovely lady takes sporty to the max. Color her hair, clothes, and makeup. Can you make her cap and t-shirt match your school colors or those of your favorite sports team?

Girl Face Coloring Sheet

This little girl has a bright smile and cute pigtails. Color her hair, hair ties, face, and clothing.

Cartoon Girl Coloring Sheet

Simple lines and shapes make this little girl very easy to color. You can practice staying in the lines as you color her pigtails, striped dress, and shoes.

Merida from Brave Coloring Sheet

Merida is a fiery redhead with an independent nature. Color her orange hair, blue eyes, and long blue dress. It's up to you to decide her fate!

Family Coloring Sheet

Families are made up of many people. In this family, the mommy is the only girl. Can you sketch in other family members to make this family match yours? You can color their hair and clothing to match, too.

Pretty Girl Coloring Sheet

Want to style a pretty girl's makeup and hair? Here is your chance. Color her portrait, because she is ready for her closeup.

Mermaid Coloring Sheet

This little mermaid is ready for a fun day under the sea. You can color her hair so that she looks like you, or get creative and design a brand-new character.

Black Girl Coloring Sheet

Color this lovely girl's hair and eyes, and don't forget to do her makeup. Then shade her hoop earrings and turtleneck shirt to help her get ready for the day.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Coloring Sheet

Hermione has brown hair. Like the other students at Hogwarts, she wears a grey school uniform, a red and yellow striped tie, and a black cloak.

Lisa Simpson Coloring Sheet

Lisa Simpson has bright yellow skin and hair. She usually wears a white pearl necklace, a red dress, and red shoes. Today, she's playing her favorite instrument, the saxophone. Saxophones are usually silver or gold in color.

Princess Zelda Coloring Sheet

Are you ready to save the kingdom of Hyrule? Help restore color to Princess Zelda. She has blonde hair and a pink dress with a purple tapestry in front. She wears a golden belt and crown, and pink jewels around her neck.

Unicorn Girl Coloring Sheet

Why be normal when you can be a unicorn? Add a rainbow of colors or pick your favorites for this cute unicorn girl. Color her hair, her horn, and her dress.

Sailor Moon Coloring Sheet

Did you color the sailor-suited schoolgirl above? Now you can color a portrait of her friend Sailor Moon. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a white, blue, and red uniform.

Ballerina Coloring Sheet

Live out your dreams of becoming a ballerina with the help of this coloring page. Would you like to wear a pink tutu and ballet slippers, or would you prefer some other color? The choice is yours.

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Sheet

Alice has gone down the rabbit hole and is ready for adventure! Color her blonde hair, blue dress, and white apron.

Anime Cat Girl Coloring Sheet

Do you look cute in cat ears? So does this anime character! Color her hair and furry ears. Shade her hairbow and blouse to match.

Moana Coloring Sheet

Moana has tan skin and brown hair. She wears a blue necklace, a red striped shirt, and a brown skirt with designs in several colors.

Best Friends Coloring Sheet

Do you love sharing secrets with your friends? Make a pinky promise to be BFFs and memorialize the occasion with this coloring page! Shade the girls so that they resemble you and your friend.

Luisa from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Luisa is strong and tough - the epitome of girl power! Color her brown hair and eyes, her red hair ribbon, white blouse, blue skirt, and purple bracelets.

Cinderella Coloring Sheet

In Disney's Cinderella, the title character wears a light blue dress to the royal ball. Her famous glass slippers also appear light blue. Cinderella has blonde hair.

Young Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

Choose this little girl's hair and eye color, and use pretty colors for her matching dress, socks, shoes, and hair bow.

Mirabel from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Mirabel has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She wears a green skirt and a white blouse with colorful flowers and butterflies embroidered on it.

Christmas Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

This anime character is dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus. Color her dress and hat in classic red with white trim.

Confused Anime Face Coloring Sheet

Do you ever feel like the girl in this picture? Express yourself by coloring her to look like you. Match your hair color, and use your favorite colors for her outfit.

Free Girls Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these girls coloring pages was your favorite?

You can color any of these pictures online, or you can take the girl power with you! Simply download the coloring pages, print them out, and bind them together to make a girly coloring book.

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