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Adorable babies are a staple among animated cartoons. During the 1990s, the babies of the animated series Rugrats dominated Nickelodeon's programming.

Baby versions of many popular film, television, and video game characters - such as baby Mario and baby Luigi - have made appearances.

And in recent years, feature films such as Storks (2016) and The Boss Baby (2017) have placed infantile characters in the spotlight.

Would you like to draw your very own adorable cartoon baby? Doing so is easy with the aid of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

All you will need is a piece of paper and a pencil. New lines in each step are highlighted in blue.

You may also want to have an eraser handy to correct mistakes and remove guide lines.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Use paints, crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color your finished drawing. Generally, girl babies are shown wearing pink and boy babies are clothed in blue.

Did you know, however, that it hasn't always been so?

Until the late 1800s, male and female infants around the world had been clothed in similar gowns, often white in color so that they could be bleached of inevitable spills.

When pastel baby clothes became popular in the early 1900s, pink was presented as a "strong" color for boys, and blue as a "delicate" color for girls.

Some sources promoted using pink for blondes and blue for brunettes, or pink for brown eyed babies and blue for blue eyed babies.

During the 1940s, the manufacturing industry settled on blue for boys and pink for girls. Therefore, be creative in choosing the colors for your drawing!

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Easy, step by step Baby drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cartoon Baby

How to Draw a Baby: Featured Image

Baby Drawing - Step 1

How to draw a baby Step: 1

Begin by drawing a large circle. This circle forms the base for the head.

Baby Drawing - Step 2

How to draw a baby Step: 2

Beneath the circle, draw a curved line to outline the jaw.

Baby Drawing - Step 3

How to draw a baby Step: 3

Erase the guide line from the head.

Baby Drawing - Step 4

How to draw a baby Step: 4

Beneath the head, enclose a curved cylindrical shape using three curved lines that meet at rounded points. This will form the baby's body.

Baby Drawing - Step 5

How to draw a baby Step: 5

Draw a small oval on each side of the head to form the ears. On top of the head, draw a tuft of hair using a curved shape, allowing the lines to meet in sharp points.

Baby Drawing - Step 6

How to draw a baby Step: 6

Erase the guide lines from the ears and hair.

Baby Drawing - Step 7

How to draw a baby Step: 7

Add detail by drawing a curved line within each ear. Use several curved lines, meeting at jagged points, to add detail to the hair.

Baby Drawing - Step 8

How to draw a baby Step: 8

Outline the arm using a series of curved lines. Note how the lines come together at an angle to form the bend of the elbow.

Baby Drawing - Step 9

How to draw a baby Step: 9

Repeat this process on the opposite side, forming a mirror image.

Baby Drawing - Step 10

How to draw a baby Step: 10

Erase the guide lines from the arms.

Baby Drawing - Step 11

How to draw a baby Step: 11

Draw a curved line across the stomach, and curved lines upwards from the elbows.

Baby Drawing - Step 12

How to draw a baby Step: 12

Erase the guide lines from the torso.

Baby Drawing - Step 13

How to draw a baby Step: 13

Draw the hand using a series of curved lines. You may use simple lines to outline the hand itself, and "U" shaped lines to form the fingers.

Baby Drawing - Step 14

How to draw a baby Step: 14

Repeat this process to draw the other hand.

Baby Drawing - Step 15

How to draw a baby Step: 15

Draw a short, curved line between the baby's thumbs to outline the bottom of the diaper, and add detail to the diaper by drawing curved lines of varying lengths.

Baby Drawing - Step 16

How to draw a baby Step: 16

Draw the legs using a series of curved lines. The top of each leg may consist of one line; the bottom should consist of at least two lines, joining at an angle to indicate the bend of the knee.

Baby Drawing - Step 17

How to draw a baby Step: 17

Draw the feet. Outline the sides of the feet using curved lines, and use overlapping "U" shaped lines to form the toes.

Baby Drawing - Step 18

How to draw a baby Step: 18

For each eye, draw a large oval. Add detail by drawing a short, curved line below each eye and a longer, thicker curved line above. Then, draw an elongated, narrow teardrop shape above each eye to form the eyebrows.

Baby Drawing - Step 19

How to draw a baby Step: 19

Enclose a large oval within each eye using a curved line. Then, add sparkle to the eyes by drawing two smaller ovals in each. Shade between the large and smaller ovals. Add rosy cheeks by drawing a flattened oval beneath each eye. Draw a dot to indicate the nose, and use two curved lines to draw the smiling mouth. Finally, draw a long, curved line across the stomach to add depth to the drawing.

Baby Drawing - Step 20

How to draw a baby Step: 20

Color your cartoon baby.

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