How to Draw a Fishing Pole

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The fishing rod is the tool most often used by recreational fishermen. The sport of fishing is also referred to as angling, and fishing equipment is known as tackle.

The oldest accounts of a fishing rod date to about the fourth century B.C.E. in China. The rod was made from bamboo, with a silk line and a hook made from a sewing needle. Early fish hooks made of stone, wood, or bone were called gorges.

The reel was invented in England during the 1700s. Since that time, the design of the fishing rod has remained relatively unchanged, with materials being replaced with stronger and lighter ones.

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Interestingly, fishing methods have also been steady for hundreds of years. During the 1600s in Europe, a number of books were written on fly fishing. The same techniques are used by fly fishermen today either from a fishing boat or river shores.

Would you like to draw a cartoon fishing rod? This easy, step-by-step cartoon object drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Fishing Pole

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 1

1. Draw two long curved lines that meet at a gentle point at one end. This part of the fishing rod goes by several names, including rod, pole, blank, and ferrule.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 2

2. Draw an oval near the base of the pole. Then, draw a second oval, partially hidden by the first. Draw a curved line across the second oval, and connect each end to the first oval with a wavy line. This outlines the reel. Attach it to the pole by drawing the real seat. Enclose a small irregular shape on top of the reel. Then, use two curved lines to enclose another irregular shape between the reel and the pole.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 3

3. Detail the reel. Draw curved lines across its middle and around the outside of the oval. Then draw the reel handle, erasing as necessary. Draw a partial oval, and extend a pair of “Z” shaped lines from it. Draw a “C” shape at the end, then enclose an egg shape.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 4

4. Draw the handle of the fishing pole. Draw curved lines around the base of the pole to outline the top of the handle. Then extend two scalloped, wavy, lines, and connect them with a curved line at the end. Draw curved lines between the sets of scalloped indentations.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 5

5. Draw the guide, erasing as necessary. Enclose a curved shape by drawing two “C” shaped lines across the pole. From it, extend a pair of straight lines. Connect them at the end using a large partial circle. Draw a smaller circle inside the first.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 6

6. Draw two more guides. For each, draw two “C” shaped lines around the pole, then extend two straight lines. Draw the eyes of the guides using two circles each.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 7

7. Draw curved lines between the guides and between the reel and its nearest guide. From the guide at the tip, extend a long, curved, “S” shaped line.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 8

8. Draw a bobber along the fishing line, erasing as necessary. First, draw an egg shape, and band it with a curved line. Extend a curved line from the top and double it back upon itself. Enclose a narrow, curved triangle at the bottom.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 9

9. Draw a fish hook at the end of the fishing line. Use two “U” shaped lines, connected by a partial circle on one end and a triangular barb on the other. Shade a small circle at the top of the hook and band it with a few curved lines.

How to Draw Fishing Pole: Step 10

Color your cartoon fishing pole.

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