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Easy, step by step Hand drawing tutorial
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Since the first drawing was made in the dust or the first painting adorned a cave wall, people have been a major subject matter in art. As such, the human hand has likewise appeared in many, many works of art.

One of the most famous paintings of a hand or hands appears in The Creation of Adam, a sixteenth century fresco by the famous Michelangelo.

The painting depicts the biblical figure of Adam extending his hand to touch the finger of God. It is located in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican in Italy.

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The hand, despite its prominence, is often considered one of the most difficult parts of the human anatomy to draw, second only to the face.

Hands are highly mobile body parts, and in life they take on many forms, ranging from various gestures, to grasping objects of different sizes, to manipulating objects and using tools.

The hand is made up of 19 different bones, aiding in this mobility.

Did you know? Few animals - only the primates - have opposable thumbs as humans do. Humans are also the only creatures able to stretch the thumb all the way across the hand to touch the tip of the ring and pinkie fingers.

This feature allows us to use hand tools and have a strong grip. The palm of the hand and the palm side of the fingers is one of the few areas of the body that does not have any hair.

Would you like to improve your skills in drawing the human hand? Doing so is now easier than ever with the aid of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

You will need only a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a good eraser. As you follow each step, note the illustrations as well as the explanatory notes.

New lines added are highlighted in blue, while previously drawn lines fade to black. In some steps, lines are erased. When you are finished, color your drawing using your choice of crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints.

Give yourself a hand and get started on this easy drawing guide. Is your hand waving, raised to answer a question, or giving someone a high five? The choice is yours.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Hand

Hand drawing - step 1
How to Draw Hand: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the palm of the hand.

Hand drawing - step 2
How to Draw Hand: Step 2

2. Draw the fingers. For each finger, draw a pair of straight lines, allowing the lines to converge slightly at the tip. Note that the fingers are of different lengths, the thumb and pinkie fingers being the shortest. Enclose each finger using a curved line.

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Hand drawing - step 3
How to Draw Hand: Step 3

3. Draw a curved line between each finger, crossing over into the palm. Extend the line between the thumb and first fingers to outline the curved shape of the thumb.

Hand drawing - step 4
How to Draw Hand: Step 4

4. Erase the guide lines from the hand.

Hand drawing - step 5
How to Draw Hand: Step 5

5. Draw a curved line across the palm, extending from the thumb. Draw another curved line beneath the pinkie finger. These lines add detail to the fleshy parts of the palm.

Hand drawing - step 6
How to Draw Hand: Step 6

6. Draw a curved line beneath the pinkie, cleaning up the outline of the side of the hand. Draw two curved lines beneath the palm, forming the wrist.

Hand drawing - step 7
How to Draw Hand: Step 7

7. Erase the guide lines from the hand. Note that the palm now opens up into the wrist.

Hand drawing - step 8
How to Draw Hand: Step 8

8. Draw curved lines across the fingers, two across the thumb and three across each finger. These lines indicate the joints of the fingers.

Hand drawing - step 9
How to Draw Hand: Step 9

9. Draw a pair of curved lines across the palm beneath the fingers, further detailing the palm. Draw a vertical curved line across the wrist, indicating the tendon found there.

Complete Hand drawing
How to Draw Hand: Step 10

10. Color your hand.

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The Complete Hand Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Hand - all drawing steps
How to Draw Hand

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  • This is a horrible tutorial how did the circle turn into a palm. I am absolutely disheartened at this. I expect this to be easy but when I tried it did not look anything close to this. Multiple peers have tried this and all have come with the same result. Step 3 and 4 were unclear. How did the circle become like that. I am sorry to tell you but I am not satisfied with this. Please improve. Sincerely, disappointed artist.

    • Hi Janet, thank you for your comment. I understand your frustration with this drawing and I'll make sure to improve in the future. One thing to remember is that there is some drawing and erasing when creating this hand tutorial. The blue lines in my steps represent the changes you need to make. In this case, you would need to:

      3. Draw a curved line between each finger, crossing over into the palm. Extend the line between the thumb and first fingers to outline the curved shape of the thumb.
      4. Erase the guide lines.

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