How to Draw a Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are two-wheeled (or sometimes three-wheeled) vehicles propelled by an engine. A motorcycle is basically a self-propelled bicycle. The first motorcycle was built in 1884. Motorcycles are also known as motorbikes or mopeds. Categories or types include racing bikes, superbikes, touring bikes, road bikes, trail bikes, and child bikes.

Did you know? Motorcycle races have been held since at least 1907 when the Tourist Trophy motorcycle races were held to test the endurance of bikes produced by different manufacturers. Since then, motorcycle sports has grown to encompass trick riding and motocross, a competition that involves stunts and rough terrain.

Since their conception, motorcycles have been a part of popular culture. Mopeds are often used to represent carefree European holidays. Large bikes like Harley Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with tough biker gangs. Fictional motorcycles include Batman's Batpod, the Tron light cycle, the biker gangs from the anime film Akira, and the sidecar motorcycle used by Wallace and Gromit.

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Would you like to draw a cartoon motorcycle? This easy, step-by-step motorcycle drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. you may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Motorcycle

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing two circles. Then, draw a smaller circle within each. These form the motorcycle's wheels.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 2

2. Draw another small circle inside each of the existing circles. These form the motorcycle's hubcaps. Then, draw pairs of lines between the two inner circles, forming a five-pointed star pattern. These are the spokes of the wheels.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 3

3. Draw another pair of lines extending from one of the hubcaps, erasing as necessary. Connect the lines with a curved line, then detail the part with a straight line parallel to its upper side. This is the swingarm, part of the rear suspension that holds the rear axle. Enclose a curved shape above the tire to form the rear fender and an irregular shape in front of the wheel. Draw several lines across this part, which represents the muffler.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 4

4. Enclose a curved shape covering part of the front tire, erasing as necessary. This is the front fender. Enclose a rounded triangle protruding from the fender. Draw another, smaller rounded triangle extending across the hubcap, and connect these with two lines. This forms the fork tube or front suspension.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 5

5. Use a straight line and two curved lines to draw a curved triangular shape, connecting the front and rear wheels. This forms the bottom of the motorcycle's body.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 6

6. Use curved lines to enclose the irregular shape of the motorcycle's upper body. Note the "C" shaped indentation near the front of the bike. Enclose a rounded triangular shape within the "C." Extend a curved line from this shape and double it back upon itself, forming the handlebar. Use a curved line to draw the remaining handlebar.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 7

7. Use curved lines to enclose three irregular shapes, completing the motorcycle's body.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 8

8. Use curved lines to enclose three elongate irregular shapes, forming the subframe and cowl cover or seat of the motorcycle.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 9

9. Detail the motorcycle. Use curved lines to enclose the shape of the headlight and shapes along the body. Draw curved lines across the handlebars and lower body. Draw the clutch cover using nested ovals just above the muffler.

How to Draw Motorcycle: Step 10

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