​​​Learn How to Draw Man-Made Objects

Take a look around you. How many things do you see that were made by people?

Likely, there are many such objects in view, including the computer, phone, or tablet on which you are visiting this website.

Would you like to be able to draw these objects? Now you can, with the help of our step-by-step drawing guides and easy how-to videos.

What objects will you draw first?

Set a scene by including architecture, or buildings. Draw a cozy cottage, the Eiffel Tower, or a fairy tale castle.

Help your sketches get around by drawing vehicles such as airplanes, boats, trains, and cars.

Finally, give your cartoon characters something to do by endowing them with other useful objects. Let them eat cake, wear a crown, play sports, or learn to play an instrument.

The possibilities are endless as you hone your drawing skills with these fun and easy drawing ideas for kids and adults alike.