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The piano or pianoforte is a musical instrument played by striking keys with your fingers. Many people do not realize that the piano is actually a string instrument, like the guitar or violin. When the keys are pressed, wire strings are struck by a felt-covered hammer to produce the sound.

The piano was invented in Italy around the year 1700. Its original name, pianoforte, combined the Italian words for "soft" and "loud." This described the various tones the instrument can produce.

According to one source, "In the nineteenth century, a family's piano played the same role that a radio or phonograph played in the twentieth century; when a nineteenth-century family wanted to hear a newly published musical piece or symphony, they could hear it by having a family member play a simplified version on the piano." The so-called "player piano" or pianola was developed in the 1800s; it could play music on its own by reading a perforated paper roll.

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Cartoons featuring pianos take on many different forms. The piano, and the ability to play, is often used to distinguish a character. Wealthy homes may be depicted as including a grand piano. But in an entirely different vein, many slapstick comedies include the familiar motif of dropping a piano on someone. The piano is usually being lifted into a building because it is too large to fit through the doors.

Would you like to draw a cartoon piano? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Piano

How to Draw Piano: Step 1

1. Outline the interior of the open piano. Use straight lines to sketch three sides of a rectangle. Connect the open side using a pair of curved lines, one longer than the other.

How to Draw Piano: Step 2

2. Add three-dimensional depth to the interior of the piano. Use straight and curved lines to draw a slightly smaller shape parallel to the first. Then, draw lines parallel to two sides of this shape.

How to Draw Piano: Step 3

3. Draw the piano's lid or cover. Use straight and curved lines to draw a shape that mirrors the first. Then, draw straight lines parallel to its two straight sides. Connect them on all three corners using short lines. Then, outline the side of the piano. use straight lines to sketch the rectangular shape. Note the "notch" out of the narrow end of the rectangle.

How to Draw Piano: Step 4

4. Draw the front of the piano and the keyboard. Use straight lines to outline the rectangular shapes. Then, draw additional straight lines across the front and to connect the "L" shaped lines at the sides. Draw a narrow rectangle inside a rectangle on the piano's front.


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How to Draw Piano: Step 5

5. Detail the keys. Draw straight lines across the keyboard. Angle the lines and continue them vertically on the narrow front of the keyboard.

How to Draw Piano: Step 6

6. Draw the black keys. Enclose narrow rectangles on top of the existing keys.

How to Draw Piano: Step 7

7. Draw the lid prop. Extend a line from the corner of the piano to the lid, and double it back upon itself. Note the wavy portion of the lines.

How to Draw Piano: Step 8

8. Draw the piano's legs. From each of the three visible corners, extend a curved line. Double the line back upon itself.


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How to Draw Piano: Step 9

9. Draw the pedals. Extend two pairs of curved lines below the keyboard. Enclose a rectangle below them. Draw straight lines parallel to two of its sides to offer a three-dimensional appearance.

How to Draw Piano: Step 10

Color your piano. Pianos such as this one are often black, brown, or white in color.

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How to Draw Piano

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