48 Easy Back to School Drawing Ideas

It's back to school time again! Did you finish your summer reading list? Have you gathered all your school supplies and picked out your school clothes? If you said yes, that's great!

Now there's only one thing left to do - sharpen your pencil, and draw one too!

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Celebrate the back-to-school season with this collection of fun and easy drawing tutorials.

Whether you're homeschooled, headed back to the classroom, or attending virtually, you can use these cute drawing guides to create a bulletin board, make a back-to-school card for your friends or teachers, or even help you finish your homework!

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What types of drawings will you discover? There are many school supplies, like scissors or pencils, and common school symbols, such as yellow school buses and erudite teachers.

Cells, atoms, and other labeled diagrams will assist you in grasping important concepts.

You can also enjoy drawing guides based on extracurricular activities, like the marching band, music lessons, cheerleading, and sports.

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Are you taking an art class, or do you wish your school offered one?

Our drawing tutorials can help you ace any art class or conduct your own! Each tutorial has step-by-step instructions, along with illustrations.

In each step, you will add lines or shapes to your sketch - new lines are highlighted in blue. Some steps may require erasing previously drawn lines, called guide lines.

Don't be tardy! Start your back-to-school drawings today!

48 Easy Back to School Drawing Tutorials

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