How to Draw a Zombie

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This tutorial will walk you through drawing a cute, cartoon-style zombie in a fun and easy way.

Zombies lurk around, especially during the Halloween but they can be nice as the zombie in this drawing tutorial.

Zombies aren’t real but fictional reanimated human corpses whose origin is in African and Haitian folklore. The modern zombie stories are also heavily influenced by European fairy tales of undead raised by evil magicians.

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It's a step-by-step tutorial that, once mastered, you can make changes to as you want in order to customize your drawing to your personal tastes.

Like all drawing tutorials, it is recommended that you start out sketching lightly in pencil and then, once done, you can go back over in colored pencil, pen, or marker in order to bring in color and outline the final shape and style.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Zombie

How to Draw Zombie: Step 1

1. Draw a circle for the base of the head. Don't make it too large on your paper - you have a whole rest of the body to add.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 2

2. Keeping to the overall size of the circle you just drew, draw a U-shape that goes in around the temples of the head and out around the cheeks and jaw. This will create a more realistic outline for the head than a plain circle.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 3

3. At the bottom of the head, draw two lines down and connect them with a U-shape to form the neck and chest opening. This should be fairly small.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 4

4. Connecting out from the neck, draw a line off to the left side, then draw down for the body, then across to form the waist, then back up, and back towards the left, closing it off at the other side of the neck. This should form the torso. These lines should be slightly bent outwards to reflect the curves of a human body, not straight lines like a robot.


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How to Draw Zombie: Step 5

5. On both the left and right sides, draw an arm extending out and downward, finished off by a few fingers on each hand and closed off by coming back up the inside of the arm.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 6

6. Draw one trouser leg, flared slightly out, on the left side of your zombie. Add a shoe with a simple semi-circle at the bottom.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 7

7. Make the other leg different, like a zombie might have, by having his pant leg ripped halfway down. Then have his leg extend down into his shoe. The leg is skinnier than the trouser pant on the other leg, showing that the pant has been ripped, so don't worry if your 'rip' doesn't look very clear.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 8

8. Now erase your extra lines around the head, leaving only the curvier lines of the head instead of the original circle you started out with.


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How to Draw Zombie: Step 9

9. Add a face, cuts and bruises, and rips and tears! This is the part where you can get really creative with your zombie and draw him just the way you want him. For a face, if you want to get cartoony, make his eyes go different ways and have his teeth coming out unevenly. Lines with other lines going through it at a perpendicular (90 degree) angle gives the impression of scars and circles in clothing seem like holes.

How to Draw Zombie: Step 10

Once you've finished your drawing, feel free to add some color and remember - zombie skin is often a little bit green and creepy!

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How to Draw Zombie

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