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Anglerfish represent a unique variety of fish, so named for their ability to “fish” for prey using a fleshy lure that dangles from their head. Large fang like teeth keep captured prey from escaping.

Despite its fearsome appearance, most anglerfish are actually quite small. The largest reach about four feet in length and weighs 44 pounds, while the smallest reach only a few inches.

There are about 210 known species of anglerfish, divided into four groups: batfish, goosefish, frogfish, and deep-sea anglers.

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The deep-sea varieties possess the most striking anatomy and behaviors. The lure, and often other parts of the body, are bioluminescent, producing its own light. The large mouth allows the fish to swallow prey larger than itself.

In some species, the male is much smaller than the female, and it permanently hitches a ride by biting the female’s side.

Perhaps the most famous anglerfish appeared in the film Finding Nemo (2003). Much of the art containing anglerfish is very modern, as the deep-sea species were unknown to most of the world prior to the invention of the deep-sea submersible.

Would you like to draw an anglerfish? This easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ an Angler Fish

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a horizontal curved line. This outlines the back of the anglerfish.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 2

2. Beneath the first line, draw two overlapping curved lines. This forms the fish’s belly and lower jaw.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 3

3. Connect the lines on one end using a short curved line. Then, use a large, loose, roughly “M” shaped line to enclose the tail fin.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 4

4. Use two curved lines to sketch the anglerfish’s wide open mouth. Allow the lower line to double back upon itself before it meets the lower jaw, adding detail to the mouth.


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How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 5

5. Draw the anglerfish’s long, sharp teeth. For each tooth, use two curved lines that meet in a sharp point. Notice that the teeth grow longer as they reach the edge of the mouth.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 6

6. Detail the curvature of the mouth and jaw with curved lines of various sizes. Then, draw the dorsal appendage, or lure. Extend two long, parallel curved lines from just inside the fish’s head, erasing guide lines as necessary. Connect the lines using a short curved line at the base, and a small oval to form the end of the lure. Detail the lure by drawing a smaller, incomplete oval within it.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 7

7. Draw the pectoral fin. Begin with a vertical curved line. Then, use a longer line to enclose the shape of the fin. Detail the top of the mouth with a short curved line. Draw a circle to indicate the eye, with a smaller circle within it. Shade between the two circles, and surround the eye with two curved lines, like parentheses.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 8

8. Draw the dorsal fin. First, enclose an irregular shape, followed by a larger irregular shape. Detail the second shape with several short curved lines.


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How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 9

9. Use long, curved lines to form the ventral fin. Detail this fin and the tail with curved lines. Draw a curved line between the jaws to indicate the other side of the mouth.

How to Draw Angler Fish: Step 10

10. Color your anglerfish. Shallow water anglerfish can be quite colorful and bear camouflaging patterns. Deep-sea anglerfish are often red, orange, or brown in color.

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The Complete Angler Fish Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Angler Fish

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