47 Sealife Drawing Tutorials for Kids

The world's oceans can be as strange and amazing as the far reaches of outer space. You can learn to draw each and every one of the alien denizens of the deep with the help of these simple, step-by-step sea life drawing tutorials.

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Learn to sketch your favorite characters from Finding Nemo, Flipper, The Little Mermaid and more

Are you in need of some art project inspiration? Learn about the things you can do to help ocean life thrive, then make a poster to teach your friends, family, or classmates about it.

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For example, did you know?

  • There is a floating mass of garbage in the Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It's about the size of Texas.
  • As plastic deteriorates, it forms tiny pellets called microplastics. Small fish eat these thinking they are food. Eventually, the fish starve because their stomachs are full of plastic.
  • Sea turtles may mistake floating plastic shopping bags for jellyfish, a favorite turtle food. Then, they choke on the bags. That is one reason why it is important to recycle these bags or select reusable alternatives.
  • Seabirds and other sea creatures can get their heads stuck in soda can rings. To prevent this, cut the rings before throwing them away or buy boxed cans instead.

These are just a few facts about preserving the oceans. What else will you discover?

Let's dive in.

47 Sealife Drawing Ideas

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