How to Draw an Apple Pie

Learn how to draw a great looking Apple Pie with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Apple Pie.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Apple Pie

How to Draw a Great Looking Apple Pie for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 01

1. Draw two long curved lines that meet at a gentle point. This begins the outline of the triangular top of the slice of pie.

Easy Apple Pie Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 02

2. Draw the pie crust. Use overlapping curved lines.

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Easy Apple Pie Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 03

3. Complete the crust. Use a series of overlapping curved lines. Extend one down to begin the side of the slice.

Easy Apple Pie Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 04

4. Draw a long curved line to form the back side and bottom of the slice of pie. Double it back upon itself slightly on the end. Then, use curved lines to contour the crust and top of the pie.

Easy Apple Pie Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 05

5. Begin drawing chunks of delicious apple within the pie. Use curved lines to enclose each irregular shape, and draw a curved line across the surface of each to give it a three-dimensional appearance.

Easy Apple Pie Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 06

6. Draw more irregular chunks of apple within the pie. Contour the chunks with a curved line.

Easy Apple Pie Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 07

7. Outline the back and bottom of the crust using wavy curved lines. Then fill in the remaining space with the irregular shapes of chunks of apple.

Add More Details to Your Apple Pie Picture - Step 8

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 08

8. Draw a double-pointed shape on top of the pie using two curved lines, and draw another line down its middle. This represents the hole cut in the crust to allow the pie to vent or let off steam as it bakes. Then, draw a few pieces of pie filling that have fallen from the slice. Enclose irregular shapes and contour them with curved lines.

Complete the Outline of Your Apple Pie Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 09

9. Draw an oval around the bottom of the pie to indicate the plate. Contour the plate with another curved line. Draw several long curved lines above the pie to indicate steam rising from it.

Color Your Apple Pie Drawing

How to Draw an Apple Pie Step 10

Color your cartoon apple pie.

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Easy, step by step Apple Pie drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Apple Pie Drawing

"That's as American as baseball and apple pie," is a common saying. Interestingly, however, this delicious desert didn't originate in America - and neither did apples.

We'll look at the history of this desert and learn how to draw an apple pie.

What is apple pie? Typically, it has two crusts, one on top and one on the bottom, with a baked apple filling in between. The top crust may be decoratively woven like a basket.

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The apples are flavored with spices like cinnamon, and the pie may be served with ice cream or whipped cream. In England, it is eaten with Wensleydale cheese.

The oldest known recipe for apple pie dates back to the 1300s, to the time of the famous poet Chaucer in England.

When English colonists set out for the Americas, they brought with them both apple trees (originally native to Asia) and this classic recipe. Today, it remains a traditional American comfort food.

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