How to Draw an Asteroid

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Complete Asteroid drawing
Complete Asteroid drawing

Dreaming of spaceflight? You can learn how to draw an asteroid with the help of this easy, step-by-step outer space drawing tutorial.

Take a look at the shapes that make up the asteroid. It is mostly round, and it is marked with oval-shaped craters or calderas.

If you were thinking that this asteroid looks a bit like a drawing of the moon, you are right. In fact, asteroids are also called minor planets or planetoids. Like moons, they are rocky bodies that are smaller than planets.

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In our solar system, millions of asteroids can be found in a ring between the planets Mars and Jupiter. This is known as the asteroid belt. Can you sketch the asteroid belt within this diagram of the solar system?

How do asteroids differ from meteors? Check out this meteor drawing guide to find out!

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Asteroid

How to Draw a Great Looking Asteroid for Kids, Beginners, and Adults - Step 1

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 1

1. Begin the asteroid outline by drawing a series of overlapping curved lines. These form two of the craters and the surface of the asteroid between them. At the top of one crater, draw several curved lines to contour the oval-shaped opening.

Easy Asteroid Drawing - Step 2

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 2

2. Continue drawing curved lines, noticing how they overlap. Draw the "C" shaped indentation on the top of another crater, along with curved lines to contour its rim.

Easy Asteroid Drawing - Step 3

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 3

3. Continue drawing overlapping curved lines, again outlining three more craters. Notice how the round shape of the planetoid is becoming visible. Use curved lines to make the oval-shaped opening at the top of one of the craters.

Easy Asteroid Drawing - Step 4

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 4

4. Use a long, curved line to finish drawing the surface of the asteroid along with its craters. Then, trace a crater opening in the middle of the planetary body. Use curved lines to enclose the round shape, noting the outward-facing sharp points where the lines meet.

Easy Asteroid Drawing - Step 5

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 5

5. Draw curved lines - some of which meet at jagged points - inside the round shape to contour the crater. Then, draw additional craters. Notice how one is made simply using "C" shaped lines, while the other has a jagged edge and diagonal lines below its rim.

Easy Asteroid Drawing - Step 6

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 6

6. Use curved lines to create two more craters on the asteroid's surface, and to contour the inside and outer slopes of all the craters.

Easy Asteroid Drawing - Step 7

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 7

7. Draw smaller craters and landmarks on the asteroid's surface, sketching small ovals or "C" shaped lines.

Add More Details to Your Asteroid Picture - Step 8

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 8

8. Texture the sides of the largest craters. Draw curved lines surrounding the bases, as well as vertical to the slope.

Complete the Outline of Your Asteroid Drawing - Step 9

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 9

9. Texture the sides of the craters with many short lines, some of which meet at points.

Color Your Asteroid Drawing

Asteroid step-by-step drawing tutorial: 11

Your asteroid drawing is now complete. Color your drawing. Most asteroids are brown or gray - the same colors as the rock or metal that they are made of.

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Easy, step by step Asteroid drawing tutorial
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