How to Draw an "I Love You" Heart

Easy, step by step "I Love You" Heart drawing tutorial
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The heart is a symbol that has been used to represent love for hundreds of years. Its earliest known use is in a manuscript dated to the 1200s, in which a young man can be seen handing a heart to his lady.

This original heart shape may have been accidental, caused by the character's fingers covering part of a pear or pinecone shape.

Within a hundred years, however, the scalloped heart shape we know today had become common.

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The heart may be one of the most recognized symbols in the world. It has been used in heraldry, in art, in logos, in animation, and in many other ways.

Cell phones offer various hearts in their lists of emoticons, symbolizing love, family, or "broken-hearted" sadness. The heart also represents one suite of playing cards.

Bannered hearts with the words "I Love..." are a common motif in the "old school" tattoo style of art.

This style of design uses bold black lines and a simple color palette of purple, red, yellow, green, and black.

Along with birds, roses, anchors, and other symbols, this style of art had been adapted to clothing, school supplies, stationery, and more.

Would you like to draw an "I Love You" heart? This easy, step-by-step heart drawing tutorial is here to show you how.

All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an "I Love You" Heart'

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 1
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1. Begin by drawing a heart. Use two curved lines, allowing them to overlap in an "M" shape at the top. At the bottom, the lines should meet at a point.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 2
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2. Draw a curved line across the heart. This will form the top of the banner. Then, draw a wavy line to connect it to the side of the heart, forming the end of the banner.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 3
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3. From one side of the heart, draw a curved line downward. Then, drape it across the front of the heart, connecting to the bottom of the banner on the opposite side. This fully encloses the shape of the banner.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 4
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4. Erase guide lines from the banner.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 5
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5. Draw a flower, erasing guide lines as necessary. Draw a small circle to form the center of the flower. Then, draw curved lines outward from the circle, like the spokes of a wheel. Connect the lines using curved lines, enclosing the shape of each petal. Define the petals by drawing short curved lines emerging from the central circle.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 6
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6. Draw a second flower, partially hidden by the first. For the flower's center, draw a spiral-shaped line. Then, draw wavy lines in layers around this rounded shape. Each line forms a new layer of petals.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 7
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7. Draw leaves on each side of the second flower. For each leaf, extend two curved lines from the flower and allow them to meet in sharp points. Draw a line down the center of the leaf to form the central vein. Then, draw lines from the vein to the outer edge of the leaf to form secondary veins.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 8
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8. Draw additional ribbons emerging from behind the heart. For each ribbon, use two curved lines. Draw them in a spiral pattern, becoming more closely spaced until they meet at a sharp point.

"I Love You" Heart drawing - step 9
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9. Write the words "I Love You" on the banner in front of the heart. Now, you are ready to give your drawing to someone you love.

Complete "I Love You" Heart drawing
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Color your heart. Often, hearts are shaded pink or red. You can find many other heart and flower drawing guides to show your loved ones just how you feel.

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The Complete "I Love You" Heart Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: "I Love You" Heart - all drawing steps
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