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How to Draw Batman

Easy, step by step Batman drawing tutorial
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“It's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.”
- Batman

Preceded only by Superman and The Phantom, Batman is one of the oldest and most beloved superheroes. He first appeared in 1939, in the comic book Detective Comics.

In the time since, Batman has starred in comic strips, graphic novels, live-action movies and television series, animated cartoons, video games, and plenty of merchandise. He's been cast as a Lego mini-figure, who's also spent time on the big screen.

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As part of the Justice League, Batman has worked alongside many famous superheroes. His most enduring adversaries include the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Would you like to learn how to draw your very own cartoons or comic books featuring Batman? This step-by-step superhero drawing tutorial will show you how. You'll begin by drawing geometric shapes and simple lines to outline the basic shape of the character. Then, you'll fill in the details. Sharpen your pencil, and have your eraser handy.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Batman

Batman drawing - step 1
How to draw batman Step: 1

1. Begin by drawing a small oval. This will help you sketch the shape of Batman's head.

Batman drawing - step 2
How to draw batman Step: 2

2. Extend two curved lines below the oval, one longer than the other. Connect them using two curved lines. This outlines Batman's square chin.

Batman drawing - step 3
How to draw batman Step: 3

3. Draw a curved line from the top of the oval to the bottom of the chin. This line will serve as a guide to placing the features of the face.

Batman drawing - step 4
How to draw batman Step: 4

4. Draw a series of curved lines to outline the neck. The lines should attach to the side of the oval on one side and the guide line at the tip of the chin on the other. Then, extend two pairs of lines above the oval. Allow each set to meet at a sharp point, enclosing the triangle shapes of batlike ears of Batman's costume.

Batman drawing - step 5
How to draw batman Step: 5

5. Extend two pairs of lines from the neck to outline the shoulders. Two of the lines should extend from the same point at the front of the neck. Connect each pair of lines to enclose irregular trapezoid shapes.

Batman drawing - step 6
How to draw batman Step: 6

6. Extend a long curved line below each shoulder to outline the torso. Connect the lines at the bottom. Draw a curved line across the chest.

Batman drawing - step 7
How to draw batman Step: 7

7. Draw a circle overlapping the end of each shoulder and the adjacent section of the torso. These will serve as guides in sketching the arms. Then, extend two short lines from the torso. Connect them using a curved "V" shaped line.

Batman drawing - step 8
How to draw batman Step: 8

8. Draw the upper arms by sketching a "gumdrop" shape. Each shape should consist of a gently curved line at the top and a sharply curved line at the bottom. Then, draw elongated egg shapes to form the upper legs.

Batman drawing - step 9
How to draw batman Step: 9

9. Draw elongated egg shapes overlapping the gumdrop shapes to indicate the lower arms. Overlapping the egg shapes of the upper legs, draw small circles. These indicate the knees.

Batman drawing - step 10
How to draw batman Step: 10

10. Draw an irregular heart shape overlapping each of the lower arms. These form the hands. Then, extend curved lines and double them back upon themselves to form the fingers. From each knee, extend a curved line and double it back upon itself to enclose an irregular shape. This outlines the top of the lower leg. Then, enclose another irregular shape - long and narrow - overlapping each of these shapes to craft the lower legs.

Batman drawing - step 11
How to draw batman Step: 11

11. From the bottom of each leg, extend a curved line and double it back upon itself to enclose the feet. Then, begin to add detail to the face and body. Use curved lines to sketch the opening in the mask. Along the guide line of the torso, draw three rectangles of different sizes. This is Batman's utility belt.

Batman drawing - step 12
How to draw batman Step: 12

12. Detail the utility belt with small squares and lines. Smooth and contour the outlines of the arms, legs, and feet using curved lines.

Batman drawing - step 13
How to draw batman Step: 13

13. Erase the guide lines from the figure, leaving a clean outline of the character. Notice how remnants of the guide lines overlap, giving the impression of bulging muscles.

Batman drawing - step 14
How to draw batman Step: 14

14. Contour the muscles, brows, and fabric of the cape using curved lines.

Batman drawing - step 15
How to draw batman Step: 15

15. Use short curved lines to draw the eyes and mouth. Indicate the gloves and boots by drawing curved lines across the lower arms and legs. Further detail the utility belt with curved lines.

Batman drawing - step 16
How to draw batman Step: 16

16. Use pairs of curved lines to draw triangular spikes along the sides of Batman's gloves.

Batman drawing - step 17
How to draw batman Step: 17

17. Use long curved lines to outline the flowing cape.

Batman drawing - step 18
How to draw batman Step: 18

18. Detail the cape with curved lines.

Batman drawing - step 19
How to draw batman Step: 19

19. Sketch and shade the Batman logo on Batman's chest.

Batman drawing - step 20
How to draw batman Step: 20

20. Shade your cartoon of Batman. Various versions have shown his suit in solid black, black and grey, blue and grey, or with hints of yellow.

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