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Goku is one of Earth's greatest protectors, descended from a warrior race known as the Saiyans. He is pure of heart and merciful, but powerful in battle, able to shoot the powerful Kamehameha wave from his palms and ride on a Flying Nimbus cloud.

When not confronting evil villains, Goku searches for the mystical dragon balls that summon a wish-granting dragon.

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Goku was originally introduced in Dragon Ball 1984, and has since appeared in many comics, movies, and television shows.

All you will need in order to draw Goku is a pencil, paper, and this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You may also want to use an eraser, markers, or colored pencils. In each step, simply add the lines highlighted in blue, or erase lines no longer needed.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Goku

How to Draw Goku: Step 1

Begin by drawing a circle to outline Goku's head.

How to Draw Goku: Step 2

Beneath the circle, draw a curved line. This will outline the shape of Goku's jaw.

How to Draw Goku: Step 3

Next, draw the ear. Begin by drawing a curved line from the circle to the end of the jaw line. Then, within the shape of the ear, draw a number of connected, curved lines to add detail.

How to Draw Goku: Step 4

Below the shape, use curved lines to draw a four sided shape. This rhombus will become Goku's chest.


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How to Draw Goku: Step 5

Erase guide lines from within the rhombus.

How to Draw Goku: Step 6

Beneath the chest, draw a long, narrow rectangle with curved corners. This will form Goku's belt. Beneath the belt, extend three sets of curved lines to form the legs. Notice that along the edges of the legs, several short curved lines overlap. Using these lines instead of one long line gives bagginess to Goku's pants. Join the leg lines at the bottom using curved lines.

How to Draw Goku: Step 7

Begin Goku's arm by drawing curved lines in a circular pattern, overlapping the rhombus. Notice how a curved shape is enclosed in the middle - this will become the cuff or armband worn on Goku's wrist.

How to Draw Goku: Step 8

Now, fill in the open area in the circular pattern by adding Goku's fist. Draw the fist using a series of curved lines to form fingers. Enclose a thumbnail on the thumb, and draw a short line where each finger meets the hand to indicate the protrusion of the knuckles.

How to Draw Goku: Step 9

Draw Goku's other arm extending outwards from the body, using curved lines. Enclose the cuff, and add detail to the cuff's fabric using short, curved lines.

How to Draw Goku: Step 10

Draw Goku's other fist. Again, you will outline the hand using a curved line. Add bumps or waves in the line where the knuckles will be. Then, form the fingers using "U" shaped curved lines. Draw the thumb using an oval, and a small "U" shaped line will form the nail. Don't forget to draw the small lines that add detail to the palm of the hand.

How to Draw Goku: Step 11

Draw two short, curved lines connecting Goku's head to his body, forming the neck. Form the collar of Goku's shirt by drawing an irregular diamond shape around the neck, using straight and curved lines of varying lengths. Enclose a small shape on the belt to form the knot, and extend two long, curving rectangular shapes from the knot.

How to Draw Goku: Step 12

Erase the guide lines from the neck and the belt.


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How to Draw Goku: Step 13

Draw Goku's hair. Around the head, use long, curving lines that meet in sharp points. Within the circle, draw a similar, but smaller, pattern to complete the hair that falls across Goku's face.

How to Draw Goku: Step 14

Erase the guide lines formed by the original circle.

How to Draw Goku: Step 15

Draw Goku's Saiyan tail using short strokes to form two long, parallel curved lines. Using short strokes gives the appearance of fur to the tail. Allow the lines to meet in a rounded point, and draw several more short lines within the shape of the tail.

How to Draw Goku: Step 16

Outline Goku's feet using curved lines to enclose the shape.

How to Draw Goku: Step 17

Add detail to the shoes. Draw a line parallel to the bottom of the shoe. Draw a curved line across the ankle, and two curved lines meeting in a point below it.

How to Draw Goku: Step 18

Use curved lines to indicate the detail of fabric folds across Goku's clothing. Don't forget the circular emblem on his chest.

How to Draw Goku: Step 19

Enclose Goku's eyebrows using curved lines that meet in points. Beneath each brow, outline the eye using two curves, and a large dot for the pupil. Use a small curve to form the nose, and another for the mouth.

How to Draw Goku: Step 20

Color young Goku.

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