How to Draw Crossed Hockey Sticks

Easy, step by step Hockey Sticks drawing tutorial
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Hockey is a sport that can be played on ice, on the street, or on an outdoor field.

Ice hockey is the most popular version of this sport in Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Slovakia.

While outdoor hockey games are played with a ball, ice hockey uses a round, flattened puck.

Hockey sticks and pucks are quintessential symbols of the game. Hockey sticks that professionals use are unique, specially designed to meet the preferences and duties of the individual player.

In fact, Zdeno Chara, the tallest National Hockey League (NHL) player to date, was given special permission to use a longer shaft than is usually allowed.

The goal tender's stick is also different from that of other players. The blade, or toe, is wider and it is set at a different angle. This angle is referred to as the lie of the stick.

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Did you know? the Canadian Museum of History has the oldest known ice hockey stick. It was made of sugar maple wood during the mid-1830s. It may have been made by members of the Mi'kmaq, a Native American people, who were known to have been playing ice hockey for some time.

Today, hockey sticks are made out of other materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. These modern sticks are lighter but less durable than their wooden predecessors.

In the early days, hockey pucks were also made of wood, and they were square instead of round.

Later, rubber balls were cut to create the flattened hockey puck. The word "puck" comes from a Scottish or Irish word meaning "to deliver a blow."

Would you like to draw a pair of hockey sticks, ready to play? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

All you will need is a pencil, pen, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ Hockey Sticks

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 1
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a straight, diagonal line. This will become one of the hockey sticks.

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 2
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 2

2. Draw a second straight, diagonal line, parallel to the first. This outlines the shaft of the hockey stick.

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Hockey Sticks drawing - step 3
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 3

3. Draw a curved line to connect the parallel lines at the top, completing the butt end of the stick. Then, use a long curved line to enclose the rounded, club-like toe of the hockey stick.

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 4
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 4

4. Band the hockey stick with curved lines, just above the heel, or bend, of the stick, and across the toe.

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 5
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 5

5. Draw a straight line, diagonal at a perpendicular angle to the first hockey stick. Notice how this line appears to pass behind the first hockey stick, essentially consisting of two straight lines.

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 6
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 6

6. Draw straight lines parallel to the previous line, outlining the shaft of the second hockey stick. The two sticks should resemble the letter "X."

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 7
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 7

7. Enclose the top of the shaft using a short curved line. At the bottom, use a long curved line to form the toe.

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 8
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 8

8. Band the second hockey stick's shaft just above the heel, and also band the toe. Notice how the banding on the second stick differs slightly from that of the first.

Hockey Sticks drawing - step 9
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 9

9. Draw a small horizontal oval between the toes of the two hockey sticks. Draw straight lines descending from each side of the oval, and connect these lines using a curved line. This object is the hockey puck.

Complete Hockey Sticks drawing
How to Draw Hockey Sticks: Step 10

Color your hockey sticks. Feel free to color the sticks to match your favorite hockey teams.

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The Complete Hockey Sticks Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Hockey Sticks - all drawing steps
How to Draw Hockey Sticks

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