How to Draw Luke Skywalker

Easy, step by step Luke Skywalker drawing tutorial
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"I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
- Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker was the son of Padme Amidala, galactic senator and former queen of Naboo, and Anakin Skywalker, a former child slave who would become the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Luke's mother died while giving birth, and he was separated from Leia, his twin sister. Luke was raised by his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen on his father's homeworld, the desert planet of Tatooine. As a young man, he traveled with Ben Kenobi, who taught him the ways of the Force. Later, the Jedi Master Yoda completed his training.

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Was Luke the Chosen One? Obi-Wan believed him to be so. Time will tell whether Luke's heroic last act of creating a diversion by Force-projecting his image to a distant planet will turn the tide of powers in the galaxy.

Would you like to draw the heroic Luke Skywalker? This easy, step-by-step Star Wars character drawing tutorial is here to help you out. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished character.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 1
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 1

1. Begin by outlining Luke's face. Use a long, curved line to sketch the side of his face and chin, and a "C" shaped line to form the ear.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 2
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 2

2. Sketch Luke's hair. use a series of curved lines of different lengths. Notice how the lines meet at points to form jagged locks of hair. Then, detail the inner ear using a "C" shaped line.

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Luke Skywalker drawing - step 3
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 3

3. Draw the collar of Luke's garment. Use two pairs of parallel lines to sketch a "Y" shape. Then, draw a curved line upward from the bottom of the "Y" to indicate the side of the torso.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 4
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 4

4. Extend a long, curved line from the base of the neck to outline the arm. Use additional curved lines to form the partial oval that is the opening to the sleeve, the irregular shape of the hand, and the inner side of the sleeve.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 5
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 5

5. Draw a small rectangle on each side of Luke's hand. This forms the hilt or handle of his lightsaber. Then, extend two long, straight, parallel lines from the hilt. Connect them at the end with a short, curved line to form the lightsaber's blade.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 6
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 6

6. Erase guide lines from within the blade.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 7
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 7

7. Use curved lines to outline the remaining arm and the irregular shape of the hand. Draw three small rectangles at the bottom of the torso to form the belt. Draw two lines downward from the ends of the belt, and connect them using a curved line.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 8
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 8

8. From the bottom of the tunic, extend three lines downward. Connect them at the bottom using straight lines. This forms Luke's pants. Then, enclose his boots using curved lines. Draw curved lines across the boots.

Luke Skywalker drawing - step 9
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 9

9. Detail Luke's face. Draw a series of increasingly smaller circles to form the eyes, shading between the two smallest to indicate the pupil. Use curved lines to draw the eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

Complete Luke Skywalker drawing
How to Draw Luke Skywalker: Step 10

Color Luke and his lightsaber. His garments on Tatooine were sandy shades of brown and tan, but he also wore solid black outfits. When he first began his Jedi training, he used his father's blue lightsaber, which he lost after his Bespin duel with Darth Vader. When he constructed his own lightsaber, its blade was green.

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The Complete Luke Skywalker Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Luke Skywalker - all drawing steps
How to Draw Luke Skywalker

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