How to Draw Snoopy

This time we will draw Snoopy from Peanuts. Snoopy is an easily recognizable comic character that is also easy to draw.

The Snoopy drawing tutorial has 14 steps. If you follow carefully the step-by-step instructions you will create a Snoopy drawing that looks exactly like the original one.

We will start the tutorial by drawing basic geometrical shapes. These will be the framework for the complete drawing. The shapes will be erased before the drawing is finished, so sketch lightly.

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‚ÄčIn the guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

You don’t need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Snoopy

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 1

Let’s start with Snoopy’s head. Make a shape similar to a peanut.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 2

Next, draw a cross through the head. This will help with placement of facial features.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 3

Draw a triangle under the head. This will become Snoopy’s neck.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 4

Add two ovals; a smaller one for the nose and bigger one for his ear.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 5

Add a long rectangle below the neck.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 6

Draw a teardrop shape for the belly and a half-circle for the rump.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 7

We’re almost done with the body. Let’s continue with the arms. Draw a narrow rectangle across the body. The right side should be higher.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 8

Add two ovals for the hands, and a small triangle for the tail.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 9

Put in two overlapping ovals for the feet.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 10

Complete the hands by placing four small circles for the fingers for each hand.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 11

All the basic shapes are now in place. Next, we will adjust them. Draw two curving lines for the neck.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 12

Add the eyes and mouth. The eyes look like sixes.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 13

Sketch the actual body shape with help of the geometrical shapes we drew earlier. When done, erase the extra lines.

How to Draw Snoopy: Step 14

It is time to color your Snoopy. You can use a color pencil or just add some black to the ear and nose. The original Snoopy is black and white. You can also trace your drawing with a heavy black line if you want.

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