Free Scary Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids - 57 Printable Sheets

Halloween is the best time of the year for people who love scary movies, creepy decorations and dressing up as their favorite characters or downloading coloring pages of their favorite spooky cartoons.

Some people wear simple costumes while others spend hundreds of dollars to scare and impress people. What do you like to dress up as for Halloween?

If you need coloring sheet ideas, you'll find a page for everything that you love about Halloween. These coloring pages for kids and adults range from simple to complex. You can learn about drawing and shading or simply work on a fun art project.

You can customize these coloring sheets as much as you want. Add a background, use different colors or give characters a speech bubble with text.

Ready for something different than what was included in Free Scary Halloween Coloring Pages list post? Take a peek at the great options found within Free Skull Coloring pages selection of guides and get inspired again!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive witch face coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Scary Halloween Coloring Pages

Venom's Face Coloring Sheet

Venom's sharp teeth, black skin and white eyes make him a scary character. You'll need a lot of black to color this bad guy.

Tombstone Coloring Sheet

Graveyards are full of tombstones that can be centuries old. Do you see how the artist uses cracks and overgrown weeds to make this tombstone look ancient?

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Sheet

Some characters aren't entirely bad. You'll color one side of Ken Kaneki like a normal human face while using black and red for the other side.

Frankenstein's Monster Coloring Sheet

While Frankenstein's monster is a little different in the books, movies typically give him stitches, green skin and bolts in his neck. Color his face with a sickly olive-green shade.

The Demogorgon from Stranger Things Coloring Sheet

This Demogorgon is almost too scary to draw. If you're up for the challenge, use reddish-brown for the body and red for the open mouth.

Spooky Forest Coloring Sheet

These spooky forest printable coloring pages have trees and bats silhouetted against the moon. Make an oval in the center-left of the moon, then shade around it, gradually getting darker to make the moon look spherical.

Zombie Face Coloring Sheet

Zombies look pretty gross. Give your zombie greenish skin, yellow teeth and off-white eyes to show that he's been dead for a long time.

Cartoon Skull Coloring Sheet

Your cartoon skull doesn't need color, but it does need shadows to make it look three-dimensional. Use different shades of grey or off-white.

The Cerberus Coloring Sheet

The Cerberus is a three-headed dog who can be any color that you want. Maybe you can use the color of your pet dog's fur.

Roblox Zombie Coloring Sheet

Roblox zombies aren't dark and somber; they're bright and flashy. Use neon green, forest green and tan for these free coloring pages.

Scary Clown Coloring Sheet

What makes clowns so creepy? As you fill in your free printable coloring pages, notice the stitches on the forehead and sinister green that the artist used to convey an expression.

Graveyard Coloring Sheet

This graveyard requires all sorts of colors, including grey, brown, green and navy blue. Leave the moon white so that it stands out.

Coffin Coloring Sheet

Coffins are typically made from wood. Choose your favorite wood color, such as light tan, deep brown or reddish brown. Alternatively, you could add color for a painted coffin.

Flaming Skull Coloring Sheet

Flaming skulls are tough and intimidating. You only need two colors for your picture, but you could add white and yellow to the flames to really make them crackle.

Cartoon Skeleton Coloring Sheet

This skeleton smiles and waves with four digits. Use white for the very top of the skull and tips of the bones, and color the rest of the image in grey.

Monster Face Coloring Sheet

Monsters come in a lot of strange colors. What shade do you want your monster to have? Maybe it's bright green, dark purple or shadowy black.

The Scream Mask Coloring Sheet

The Scream villain wears a black hood around an off-white mask. Add shadows to the hood for a folded, draping effect.

Scary Scarecrow Coloring Sheet

Scarecrows are supposed to frighten crows, but they frighten people instead. Dress your scarecrow in Halloween colors, such as brown and purple with orange for the pumpkin.

Michael Myers from Halloween Coloring Sheet

Michael Myers' face looks lined and uneven because it's not his face at all: it's a mask. Use pale tan for the mask instead of a regular skin color.

Zombie Coloring Sheet

The artist drew this zombie with basic shapes to make him look fun and friendly. See if you can find all the shapes, including rectangles, ovals and a semi-circle.

Ghost Rider Coloring Sheet

The Ghost Rider wears neutral colors except for two things: his eyes and flames. Shade your drawing with the brightest shades of orange and yellow that you can find.

Mummy Coloring Sheet

If you print out this coloring sheet, you can easily shade the entire mummy. However, if you shade your coloring pages online, make sure that you fill every section.

Vampire Coloring Sheet

Some vampires are so pale that their skin is almost white. Give your vampire light skin and dark clothes for a contrast.

Creepy Zombie Coloring Sheet

Color your zombie with the grossest shades of pink, green and yellow that you can find. Shade the clothes in whatever colors that you want.

Haunted House Coloring Sheet

Would you enter this house alone? Make your haunted house look spooky with dark brown walls and a bright yellow moon and windows.

Gargoyle Coloring Sheet

Gargoyles are stone creatures who guard buildings. Give your gargoyle yellow eyes to show that they're a living being, not a statue.

 The Grim Reaper Coloring Sheet

The Grim Reaper is famous for wearing a black cloak. What do you think he does when he's not gathering souls? Try drawing an imaginative background.

Jack Skellington's Face Coloring Sheet

This unique Jack Skellington picture is one of the easiest coloring pages. Simply color his face yellowish-white, then use a slightly darker shade for the shadows.

Demon Face Coloring Sheet

Unlike other monsters, who are often green, black or white, demons are bright red. Consider drawing a cave or flames behind him.

Plague Doctor Coloring Sheet

Plague doctors were real people who treated patients suffering from the bubonic plague. Use muted colors to convey the seriousness of the situation.

Witch Face Coloring Sheet

Witches aren't undead, but they often have green skin like zombies. What shade do you want to use for her single tooth?

Ghost Coloring Sheet

Cartoon ghosts are easy to shade because they're always white. Use one hue to make your ghost transparent, or add shadows for a solid ghost.

Skull in Profile Coloring Sheet

Study human anatomy by coloring this skull tilted to the side. Where are the eyes, ears and nose placed on a living person?

Chucky Coloring Sheet

Chucky is brightly colored because he's a children's toy. Color his iconic outfit with red, blue and green. What do you think makes Chucky scary despite the vibrant clothes?

Alien Coloring Sheet

Notice the simple ovals and teardrop shapes that make up this alien's head. How would you draw an alien? Would you add fangs, fur or extra limbs?

Xenomorph Alien Coloring Sheet

Xenomorph aliens are one of the most complicated monsters to shade. Keep track of the small details, such as the spikes on the tail.

Voodoo Doll Coloring Sheet

Voodoo dolls aren't monsters on their own--instead, humans use them for sinister purposes. You can use different colors to make a patchwork voodoo doll.

Pennywise Coloring Sheet

What makes this Pennywise drawing more realistic? See what you've learned about cartoon and realism art styles as you color this page.

Darth Vader Coloring Sheet

Darth Vader is an iconic character because his silhouette is instantly recognizable. What do you think makes a great character design?

Chucky's Face Coloring Sheet

This drawing features a close-up of Chuck's sinister grin. Look at a picture from the movies to make sure that you color Chucky's face accurately.

Skeleton Hand Coloring Sheet

Shading skeleton coloring pages for kids is another great way to learn about human anatomy. Flex your fingers, and think about what the bones under your hand look like. What would this hand look like with skin over the bones?

Demon Coloring Sheet

You'll only need three or four colors to complete this cartoon demon. Demons are usually red, but what if you made one in a different hue?

Jack O'Lantern Coloring Sheet

Try new shading techniques to make this Jack O’ Lantern appear like it's lit from the inside. Sketch a yellow gradient inside the eyes, nose and mouth to capture the flames.

Werewolf Coloring Sheet

This werewolf in your coloring book is howling at the moon. You could draw stars and a black sky behind him to make the atmosphere creepier.

Ticci Toby from Creepy Pasta Coloring Sheet

Download coloring pages online to make pictures of your favorite Internet characters. This image shows Ticci Toby with a dark hood and bloodstained axe.

Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street Coloring Sheet

You don't want to see Freddy Krueger in your dreams. He wears a red-and-green shirt and grey hat and has silver claws like Wolverine.

Cartoon Devil Coloring Sheet

This demon is smiling at you. You can make this entire demon red, but try shading the hooves and horns in different colors for a more complex drawing.

Skeleton Coloring Sheet

Are there skeletons in the closet? There can be when you color one! Leave the bones white, shade them cream, or give them some other creepy color.

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Sheet

This dapper skeleton wears a black bat-shaped bow tie and a black and white pinstriped suit. His bones and shirt are white.

Skull and Crossbones Coloring Sheet

This sign could mark a pirate's lair or a bottle of poison. Color around the skull and crossbones to create a pirate flag or a label that warns of danger.

Cartoon Monster Coloring Sheet

Are their monsters under the bed or hiding in the closet? You can color this friendly, furry monster. What colors will you choose for his horns and spots?

Witch Coloring Sheet

Will you garb this high-flying witch in a traditional black hat and cloak, or will you adorn her in some other color?

Snake Head Coloring Sheet

What type of scary snake have you found? Identify it by the colors of its scales. If you live in North America, most venomous snakes are mottled brown. Elsewhere they can be bright yellow or striped with red.

Easy Black Cat Coloring Sheet

It's said that a black cat crossing your path brings luck. Turn your luck around by coloring this cute kitty.

Cute Zombie Girl Coloring Sheet

Green skin? Colorful clothing? The appearance of this undead diva is up to you.

Slime Coloring Sheet

Will you color this slime green like a ghost from Ghostbusters Or will you give her a different shade?

Witch Hat Coloring Sheet

Pointed witch hats are traditionally black in color. But you may want to get creative to adorn your modern-day ghouls.

Scary Halloween Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which spooky Halloween coloring pictures are your favorite? Do you prefer pumpkins and bats, or do you like monsters and fictional characters? How much do you want to be scared on Halloween?

Either way, you don't have to wait for Halloween to arrive. You can print these easy coloring pages any time of the year. Maybe you'll have a spooky Christmas or Valentine's Day.

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