Free Science Coloring Pages for Kids - 34 Printable Sheets

When you learn about science, you can understand the world around you. Whether you're on your own Montessori journey or you're working on a school science project, these free science coloring pages for kids can help.

What are the basic building blocks of science? Well, the atom is the basic building block of matter. And you'll need a microscope to study it. You'll find both below.

You can also meet some of the scientists who laid the foundation of modern science, such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

If you need a poster for the science fair or an illustration for your report, all the pictures you need are below.

Ready to take your coloring game up a notch? Try out our Free Space Coloring pages for an even more fun and creative experience compared to the Free Science Coloring Pages!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive battery coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Science Coloring Pages

Isaac Newton Coloring Sheet

What's that in Isaac Newton's hand? It's an apple. Legend has it that a falling apple helped him to understand the law of gravity.

Robot Coloring Sheet

Whether scientists are building them or they're helping scientists do their work, robotics is an important field of science.

Atom Coloring Sheet

Color the nucleus and electrons of this lithium atom. How do we know that it is lithium? Because it has three electrons orbiting it.

Microscope Coloring Sheet

Microscopes allow us to peer into the world of the tiny things around us. What color microscope do you want in your lab?

Laboratory Coloring Sheet

A microscope, a bubbling beaker, vials and test tubes and flasks full of chemicals - what colors should they be?

Food Chain Coloring Sheet

If you need a science fair project fast, try coloring this food chain. It will help you understand the way plants, animals, and fungi interact in the environment - even in your own backyard.

Spine Coloring Sheet

Do you know the names of the bones in your body? This diagram of the human spine is a good place to start.

Computer Coloring Sheet

For nearly 100 years, computers have been vital to science. Design your own laptop - you can even draw something sciencey on the screen.

Solar System Coloring Sheet

Have you ever made a model of the solar system? Now you can. Learn the names of the planets in order. Use accurate colors, such as red for Mars, blue and green for the Earth, orange for Jupiter, and blue for Neptune and Uranus.

Astronaut Helmet Coloring Sheet

While you're exploring the solar system above, you will need a spacesuit like this one to protect you.

Open Book Coloring Sheet

Books are a great way to learn about science. Can you draw (or color, cut, and paste) pictures of the topics you are learning about on this book's page?

Cartoon Scientist Coloring Sheet

Color the Cartoon Scientist, that looks like Albert Einstein's wild hair, his flask of chemicals, and his white lab coat.

Skull in Profile Coloring Sheet

Scientists study bones like this one to learn about the body. Do you know what the parts of the skull are called? Look them up and label them on the picture.

Library Coloring Sheet

You can learn a lot from a book, and even more from a whole library. Shade the covers of the books in different colors.

Battery Coloring Sheet

Science experiments with batteries can help you learn about electricity. Shade the positive end one color, and the negative end another.

Thermometer Coloring Sheet

Thermometers use a red liquid or the silvery metal mercury to tell the temperature. Can you label the thermometer to record your findings?

Magnifying Glass Coloring Sheet

Like a microscope, magnifying glasses help us see small things. Can you read the letters on this page?

Solar Eclipse Coloring Sheet

How does a solar eclipse happen? Color this sheet and you can explain the uncommon phenomenon to your whole class.

Abs Coloring Sheet

Do you know the names of the muscles of the body? You can label the pectoral, abdominal, oblique, biceps, and quadriceps muscles in this image.

Easy Cartoon Space Rocket Coloring Sheet

It's not rocket science! Or maybe it is. Explore strange new worlds when you color this rocket ship.

Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Color this spaceman to inhabit your rocket, above. You can draw his face within his helmet. Is he an earthling, or an explorer from across the stars?

Explosion Coloring Sheet

Scientists say the universe began in an explosion called the Big Bang. Other sciences, like thermodynamics, chemistry, and physics also study explosions.

Telescope Coloring Sheet

You can use a telescope to study things far away, here on Earth or across the universe. Can you draw a reflection of your subject on the telescope's lens?

Human Heart Coloring Sheet

Did you know that your heart isn't really heart-shaped? It looks more like this. Can you label its parts, using blue to indicate the deoxygenated blood?

Water Cycle Coloring Sheet

The water cycle is vital to life. As you color this diagram, you will learn about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and transpiration.

Animal Cell Coloring Sheet

Tackle your biology homework as you color this eukaryotic cell. Use a different color for each of the organelles, especially since the rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulums, the Golgi apparatus, and the centrioles look similar.

Realistic Skull Coloring Sheet

Scientists learn a lot from studying skulls, from crime scenes to ancient burial grounds. Can you name the parts of this boney structure?

Weathervane Coloring Sheet

Which way is the wind blowing? Decorate this weathervane with the bright colors of a barnyard rooster.

Anemometer Coloring Sheet

This anemometer looks a lot like the weathervane above, but it measures wind speed instead of direction. Color three cups one color and the fourth another so you can see how fast it's turning.

Satellite Coloring Sheet

From GPS and the internet to space stations and spies, satellites are vital to modern technology. Color this one to make it look shiny and new.

Radar Antenna Coloring Sheet

This radar antenna looks a lot like the dish on the satellite above. Color this metallic piece of technology.

Easy Globe Coloring Sheet

Globes often use blue for water and green and brown for land. Some focus on national borders, coloring each country a different color.

Cartoon Brain Coloring Sheet

Brains are made up of "gray matter," but the dense, squishy organ is often pink in color. That's because of the many blood vessels delivering vital oxygen to this living computer.

Cartoon Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Astronaut suits are white so they can be easily seen against the blackness of space. The face plate may be gold or some other color to block the harmful rays of the sun.

Science Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these scientific coloring pages was your favorite?

You can make your own coloring book to go along with your science textbook. Download each of the pictures and print them out. You can bind them together or cut them out to decorate your classroom or bulletin board.

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