Free Simple Coloring Pages for Kids – 56 Printable Sheets

Need something simple to help pass the time? These free, simple coloring pages for kids are your ticket to endless entertainment.

You'll find pictures of your favorite animals. Who doesn't love sloths, unicorns, and dolphins, after all? There are also cartoon animals, like Tigger the tiger and Pikachu the electric mouse.

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But the selection does not stop there. From firetrucks to Minecraft Steve, there are plenty of manly pictures. Plant a garden of paper flowers, including tulips, lotuses, and roses. Hungry for more? Color your favorite flavor of ice cream or a juicy slice of watermelon.

Check out our eclectic mix of simple coloring sheets below.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Easy Cat in Clothes coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Simple Coloring Pages for Kids

Tigger Coloring Sheet

Tigger from Winnie the Pooh is an orange tiger with black stripes. He has a creamy yellow belly and a pink nose.

Lucky Cat Coloring Sheet

Lucky cats are often white with red and golden elements. Sometimes, they are solid gold in color.

Easy Sloth Face Coloring Sheet

Shade the patches of this smiling sloth's face in various shades of brown and gray. You might even add a bit of green algae to its fur.

Firetruck Coloring Sheet

Firetrucks are traditionally bright red in color. They may have white, yellow, and metallic elements.

Mango Coloring Sheet

Want to take a bite of this juicy mango? The tropical fruit starts out green and then turns yellow, orange, or even red as it ripens.

Viking Coloring Sheet

Help this Viking get ready for battle. Many Vikings had red hair. They wore gray or bronze metal armor and brown woven or leather garments.

Dolphin Heart Coloring Sheet

Bottlenose dolphins are bluish-gray with lighter or even pink bellies. Spotted dolphins are cream with black spots, while Atlantic dolphins are black with white and yellow markings.

Easy Pikachu Face Coloring Sheet

Pikachu's fur is yellow, the color of electricity. He has sparking red cheeks and ears with black tips.

Eyes Coloring Sheet

What color are your eyes? Use your crayons to shade the picture just like yours. Then, print out more of these coloring pages and shade them to match your friends and family's eyes.

Tom from Tom and Jerry Coloring Sheet

Thomas is a grey tom cat. He has yellow and green eyes, white paws, and a white tip on his tail.

Tea Pot Coloring Sheet

Get ready for tea time with this adorable floral-themed teapot. Choose a color for the pot itself, for the flower's center, its petals, and its leaves.

Floral Design Coloring Sheet

Use bright colors for the petals of these elegant flowers as well as the butterflies hovering around them. Pick a light green crayon or marker for the leaves.

Tulip Coloring Sheet

Tulips come in lots of colors - white, red, pink, yellow, purple, and orange, to name a few. Try using two different colors or two shades of the same color to color a single flower.

Bed Coloring Sheet

Make the bed by coloring the pillows and sheets. You can even draw a fun pattern on the blanket using your crayons.

Steve from Minecraft Coloring Sheet

Customize your own Minecraft skin, or use Minecraft Steve's brown hair, green shirt, and blue pants.

Funny Face Coloring Sheet

You can do this clown's makeup. Color a bright red nose and lips, colorful eyeshadow, and unusual fluffy hair.

Cupcake Coloring Sheet

Decorate your own cupcake! You can print out more than one copy of the coloring sheet to make cupcakes for all your friends!

Easy Unicorn Face Coloring Sheet

Pick your favorite colors to customize your unicorn friend. Give him a spiral-shaped unicorn horn or use your favorite pastels.

Beach Ball Coloring Sheet

Can you color each of this beachball's seven panels a different color? Or maybe you can alternate two of your favorite colors.

Cute Star Coloring Sheet

Do you need a gold star to remind you that you've done a good job? You can color this one any shade you want.

Cartoon Mom Coloring Sheet

You can make a card for your mom by coloring this cute woman. Color her to match your mom's hair color and her favorite outfit.

Kirby Coloring Sheet

Don't mistake him for a wad of chewing gum - Kirby is big and pink with darker pink shoes.

Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. Coloring Sheet

There might be a monster hiding in your closet - if you color him and place him in there! Mike is green in color.

Crystal Heart Coloring Sheet

Your necklace, ring, or crown won't be complete without a heart-shaped gemstone. Make it a red ruby, a green emerald, or a blue sapphire - the choice is yours.

Hospital Coloring Sheet

When someone is sick or injured, this hospital can help! It even has an ambulance and a helicopter ready for any emergency.

Tweety Bird Coloring Sheet

Tweety is a cartoon canary. Like all canaries, he has bright yellow feathers, an orange beak, and orange legs. Tweety also has blue eyes.

Solar Eclipse Coloring Sheet

Have you seen a solar eclipse where you live? This chart explains the science behind it. Color the sun yellow, the moon gray, and the Earth blue and green.

Sunflower Coloring Sheet

Most sunflowers are yellow with brown or gray centers. Come sunflowers have red or orange petals. Either way, they reflect the bold colors of autumn.

Cute Monster Coloring Sheet

Did you color Mike from Monsters, Inc., above? There are other monsters on the scare floor - color this one however you want.

Easy Clownfish Coloring Sheet

Most clownfish are orange, black, and white, just like Nemo, below. Other varieties are yellow, red, or even black and white spotted.

Nemo Coloring Sheet

Nemo is an orange clownfish with white stripes and black bands. This color combination is unique to the Ocellaris or false percula clownfish.

Easy Step-by-Step Cat Drawing Coloring Sheet

Meow! You can color this cat to resemble your favorite pet. Black, white, gray, and orange are common cat colors.

Darwin Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball Coloring Sheet

Darwin is an orange goldfish who wears green and white tennis shoes.

Cat in Clothes Coloring Sheet

You can choose the right coat color for this cute kitten - spotted or striped, grey, black, white, or orange. Then, accessorize the matching hat and scarf.

Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants Coloring Sheet

Patrick is a pink starfish. He wears green swim trunks adorned with large purple flowers.

Soda Can Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite brand of soda? You could probably recognize it by its colors even without seeing its name. For example, use red and white for Coca-Cola or green and yellow for Sprite.

Balloon Dog Coloring Sheet

It's not really a party until someone starts making balloon animals. Balloons come in many bright colors.

Doll Coloring Sheet

Have you ever wanted a doll that looked just like you? Now you can color your own, or make one for a friend.

PS4 Controller Coloring Sheet

Playstation controllers come in many colors, and additional skins mean the options are endless. You can design the controller of your dreams.

Person Running Coloring Sheet

Running is a part of almost every sport. You can color this runner's jersey and clothes to match your school colors or those of your favorite team.

Surprised Face Coloring Sheet

Fear or wonder - either emotion widens the eyes and opens the mouth. You can color his hair, skin, and eyes.

Dog House Coloring Sheet

Did you color any of the pets on this list? Give him or her a happy home. You can choose the color of the paint, the shingles, and even the bowl.

Lotus Flower Coloring Sheet

Lotus flowers look like water lilies. They often appear in white, pink, yellow, red, blue, or purple.

Luca Coloring Sheet

Luca has brown hair, brown eyes, and ruddy skin - at least when he's out of the water. When wet, he transforms into a sea monster with purple hair, green skin, and yellow eyes.

Watermelon Slice Coloring Sheet

Watermelons have light and dark green stripes. When cut, they have a white rind and pink, red, orange, or yellow flesh.

Charmander from Pokémon Coloring Sheet

Charmander is an orange lizard with a yellow belly. At the tip of his tail burns a yellow, orange, and red flame.

Sun Coloring Sheet

Here comes the sun! Our sun is a yellow star. Its rays may also appear red or orange.

Summer Scenery Coloring Sheet

You'll need all the crayons or colored pencils to finish this scene. Blue water reflects the blue sky. On the sandy beach, a picnic is set on a colorful beach blanket with a bold umbrella nearby.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is traditionally green in color. The chocolate chips are brown. Of course, you can use any colors you want to make this ice cream cone your favorite flavor.

Cartoon Rose Coloring Sheet

Roses are red... and they are also white, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and any color in between.

Rose Bud Coloring Sheet

Did you color the rose above? You can add this unopened rosebud to your bouquet. Make the roses the same color, or collect a number of different varieties.

Velociraptor Coloring Sheet

Can you give this velociraptor the camouflage he needs to be an effective hunter? Movies usually depict velociraptors with green, gray, or even bluish scales.

Eight-Pointed Star Coloring Sheet

Starbursts need bright colors to help them stand out even more. From advertisements to comic books, they are often yellow or red in color.

Sparkles Coloring Sheet

You can make the whole place shimmer with these glittery stars. Color them yellow or multicolored, the choice is yours.

Rosemary Coloring Sheet

This fragrant cooking herb has brown stems with green leaves. New shoots are light green.

Scales Coloring Sheet

Lizards, snakes, dinosaurs, fish, and birds have scales. They come in all different colors, and some have intricate patterns.

Free Simple Coloring Pages for Kids - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these simple coloring pages was your favorite? Did you unplug and color a custom video game controller? Or have a tea party with your favorite movie characters?

The simple lines of these original coloring pages make them great for kids, but adults can enjoy them, too. Grab your colored pencils and have fun practicing blending and shading.

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