Free Bird Coloring Pages for Kids - 55 Printable Sheets

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It's a coloring sheet! Birds of a feather flock together, and so do these fun, free bird coloring pages for kids and adults.

What types of birds can you add to your life list? Well, you will find familiar backyard feeder birds like mockingbirds, hummingbirds, blue jays, doves, sparrows, and cardinals.

You can also head down to the farm with domesticated birds such as peacocks, turkeys, ducks, and chickens.

Not to be forgotten are tropical birds like the toucan, parrots, flamingos, and even the world’s largest bird - the ostrich.

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Speaking of flightless birds, adorable penguins live here, too!

In addition to realistic birds, you can spend some time with your favorite cartoon characters, including Tweety Bird and the Angry Birds.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive pelican coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages

Realistic Owl Face Coloring Sheet

Who-hoo-hoo is gliding silently through the forest? The great horned owl has large yellow eyes surrounded by brown and gray feathers.

Eagle Head Coloring Sheet

The bald eagle is a majestic bird of prey and a national symbol of the United States of America. Bald eagles have yellow beaks and eyes, white feathered heads, and brown feathers on their bodies.

Peacock Coloring Sheet

Peacocks are among the most beautiful and colorful birds. Their bodies and tails have iridescent blues, greens, and golds.

Cartoon Bird Coloring Sheet

This adorable bluebird resembles Kessie from Disney’s The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Toucan Coloring Sheet

Toucans are tropical, parrot-like birds known for their huge, colorful beaks. Many have beaks that are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Yellow Angry Bird Coloring Sheet

Chuck is a triangle-shaped Angry Bird with a yellow beak and feathers, a white belly, red eyebrows, and black tufts on his head and tail.

Hummingbird Coloring Sheet

Hummingbirds are the world’s smallest birds; they are also among the most colorful. Hummingbirds feed on nectar from flowers like the ones in this coloring picture.

Blue Jay Coloring Sheet

As its name suggests, blue jays have bright blue feathers. They also have striking black and white bars on their wings.

Feather Coloring Sheet

Have you ever looked at a bird’s feather up close? They are made up of a central shaft called a rachis and hair-like pieces called barbs. Each bird’s unique colors are due to variations in its feathers.

Raven Coloring Sheet

Ravens are jet black in color, sometimes bearing dark blue or brown markings. They like to collect shiny things - can you draw and color some for this one?

Penguin Chick Coloring Sheet

This emperor penguin chick has a fuzzy grey body, black feet and head, and white markings on its face. Pair it with the grown-up penguin coloring sheet, below.

Easy Cartoon Owl Coloring Sheet

Customize this easy-to-color owl with natural shades of grey, brown, and white, or get creative and make him any color you can dream up.

Chicken Coloring Sheet

Barnyard chickens come in many colors. Some are solid white, black, brown, or reddish. Others are combinations of colors. Barred rock chickens, for example, have a black and white checkerboard pattern.

Swan Coloring Sheet

Most swans are white with orange beaks and black markings on their faces. Some swans from Australia are solid black!

Penguin Coloring Sheet

This penguin is decked out in a classic black and white tuxedo pattern. You can pair this adult penguin with the baby penguin coloring sheet, above.

Falcon Coloring Sheet

Black and white peregrine falcons are the most famous falcon species. Other falcons are various shades of brown.

Baby Duck Coloring Sheet

Baby ducks are so cute and fuzzy! Give this one yellow feathers and an orange beak and legs. Or give it the brown and yellow markings of a baby mallard duck.

Cardinal Bird Coloring Sheet

Cardinals are one of the most colorful and familiar North American feeder birds. The males are bright red, while the females are reddish-brown.

Robin Coloring Sheet

The European robin in this picture has a brown back, a cream-colored belly, and an orange face trimmed in gray feathers.

Angry Birds Coloring Sheet

Red, as his name suggests, has bright red feathers with a pink belly, black eyebrows, and a yellow beak.

Mockingbird Coloring Sheet

Mockingbirds have a striking and recognizable grey, brown, and white pattern on their feathers.

Love Birds Coloring Sheet

Use this love birds coloring page to make a sweet card for your beloved! Try coloring one bird pink and the other blue, or get creative and choose your own colors.

Bird Coloring Sheet

This classic bird is a blank canvas. You can make her any species you can dream up - a colorful parrot, a white dove, or even your own new species!

Bird Skull Coloring Sheet

Did you know? Birds have hollow bones. This helps them to be light enough to fly. Shade this skull white, cream, or brown.

Hummingbird Feeder Coloring Sheet

Can you give these hummingbirds red necks like the ruby-throated hummingbird common in North America? Don’t forget to make the sugar solution red, a color that attracts hummingbirds.

Bald Eagle Flying Coloring Sheet

Did you know? Bald eagles don’t actually have bald heads. The contrast between the white feathers of the head and the brown feathers of the body gives observers the impression of baldness.

Eagle Coloring Sheet

Bald eagles aren’t the only type to take to the skies. Golden eagles are solid brown, while Steller’s sea eagles are black with white markings on the wings. Other types of eagles bear combinations of black, white, red, grey, and brown feathers.

Parrot Coloring Sheet

Parrots come in so many colors! You can make this one red like a scarlet macaw, blue like a hyacinth macaw, or solid green like the green parakeet.

Cartoon Hawk Coloring Sheet

Like eagles, hawks typically have brown, black, white, or grey markings. Red-tailed hawks, as the name suggests, have reddish tails.

Tweety Bird Coloring Sheet

The adorable Tweety Bird has bright yellow feathers, an orange beak and feet, and big blue eyes.

Pelican Coloring Sheet

Many pelicans are white with bright orange beaks. Others have black, grey, or brown markings.

Bird Nest Coloring Sheet

Which bird does this nest belong to? Sometimes you can tell by the color of the eggs. Robins and bluebirds, for instance, lay light blue eggs. Sparrows and mockingbirds lay blue eggs with brown speckles, and cardinals have cream-colored eggs with brown spots.

Bird Feeder Coloring Sheet

What types of birds will you see at your backyard bird feeder? Color this page and use it as a cover for your bird watching journal.

Vulture Coloring Sheet

Turkey vultures have brown bodies with red heads, while black vultures are solid black in color.

Seagull Coloring Sheet

Many seagulls are white with black or grey markings. They also have bright yellow or orange beaks and legs.

Goose Coloring Sheet

Are you looking for the goose that laid the golden egg? You can give this one classic colors - white with an orange beak and legs - or make it interesting black, brown, and grey markings.

Dove Coloring Sheet

White doves symbolize peace, but most wild doves are not solid white. In North America, they are often brown or grey. In Australia and the surrounding islands, they may be blue, green, or pink!

Easy Mallard Duck Coloring Sheet

Mallard ducks are among the most recognizable in North America. Males have iridescent green heads, while the females are brown and white.

Phoenix Coloring Sheet

A phoenix is a fiery legendary bird. The phoenix was said to build a funeral pyre for itself and dive in. Then, it rose from the ashes, reborn.

Flamingo Coloring Sheet

Flamingos are famously bright pink. They get their coloration from eating tiny shrimp. If fed something else, their color fades until their feathers are white!

Sparrow Coloring Sheet

Many, many varieties of sparrows live all around the world. Most have white, brown, and grey markings.

Baby Bird Coloring Sheet

Color this baby bird, cut it out, and place it in the bird’s nest, above. Baby birds are often muted colors - brown and grey, for instance - so that they are camouflaged and not discovered by predators.

Duck Coloring Sheet

Ducks display many colors and patterns. Many domestic ducks are solid white. Wild ducks often have patterns of red, white, black, and brown feathers.

Eastern Bluebird Coloring Sheet

Eastern bluebirds have bright blue backs, red chests, and white bellies. Male bluebirds have brighter colors than the females.

Rooster Coloring Sheet

Roosters come in many colors, including red, orange, blue, green, brown, black, and white. Color your rooster to match the hen, above.

Owl Face Coloring Sheet

This adorable owl has large, round eyes framed by wise-looking eyebrow-like feathers. Many owls have bright yellow eyes and grey or brown feathers.

Turkey Face Coloring Sheet

Many turkeys have brown and white feathers. Their faces are red and blue. The faces even change color when the male turkey struts to attract its mate!

Ostrich Coloring Sheet

Ostriches can’t fly, but they can run fast! Male ostriches have black and white feathers, while females are brown.

Easter Chick Coloring Sheet

This cute chick is just emerging from his egg. Will you color him like a realistic bird? Or will you paint him with fanciful Easter colors - pink, blue, or yellow?

Turkey Coloring Sheet

Did you color the close-up of a turkey, above? Don’t forget the band this one’s tail feathers with white bars and to shade the red wattle on its face.

Pigeon Coloring Sheet

Pigeons are usually grey in color with a bit of iridescent purple around the neck - at least in Europe and North America. Their tropical cousins can sport shades of red, blue, and green.

Porg from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Porgs are brown sea birds with tan or cream-colored bellies. They have orange legs and orange patches around their large, round eyes.

Daffy Duck Coloring Sheet

Daffy duck has black feathers with orange or yellow feet and beak. He also has a white band around his neck.

Food Chain Coloring Sheet

This food chain contains two birds - a pigeon and a hawk. Pigeons or doves are usually gray with brown or purplish markings. Sometimes they are solid white. Hawk feathers come in several shades of brown.

Puffin Coloring Sheet

Did you color the fictional porg, above? He was based on this real-life creature. Puffins are not penguins, but they have a similar black-and-white pattern, as well as bright beaks and feet.

Bird Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

What can you do with all these avian coloring pages after you’ve printed them out and colored them using your markers, colored pencils, or crayons?

Well, you could use them to illustrate your life list, as mentioned above. A life list is a record that bird watchers keep of the birds they’ve seen. Color the pictures of birds you’ve seen and keep them in a notebook to start your own life list.

Ready for something different than what was included in Free Bird Coloring Pages list post? Take a peek at the great options found within Free Zoo Animal Coloring pages selection of guides and get inspired again!

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