Free Building Coloring Pages for Kids - 36 Printable Sheets

Explore the world - or build your own - when you download and print these free building coloring pages for kids.

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. You can color the types of buildings found in every city or town - schools, factories, museums, hospitals, cemeteries, churches, farms, and more.

Or, you can explore specific parts of the world. Color the New York City skyline along with the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

Or, take a tour of Europe - the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame in Paris, Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa and Colosseum, Britain's Big Ben, and Spain's Basilica.

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You also explore the antiquities of Egypt and other historic sites and put the artifacts in the museum! There is so much to discover.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive cartoon mosque coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Building Coloring Pages

Factory Coloring Sheet

Is there polluting black smoke or harmless white steam coming from this factory?

Taj Mahal Coloring Sheet

The Taj Mahal is a famous palace-like building in India. It is gleaming white in color, with green gardens and stone-lined reflecting pools in front of it.

School Coloring Sheet

It's back to school time! Is your school made out of red bricks or some other material?

Empire State Coloring Sheet

The Empire State Building is a famous and recognizable part of the New York City skyline. Color its grey metal and brown stones.

Windmill Coloring Sheet

Windmills put energy from the wind to work! Give this rustic structure tan canvas sails, brown wood, red bricks, and gray stones.

Pyramid Coloring Sheet

Sand-colored pyramids dot the deserts of Egypt and can even be found in other places.

Earthquake Coloring Sheet

Do you know what to do when an earthquake happens? Make an emergency plan as you color this poster.

Graveyard Coloring Sheet

Towns and cities have many people, and they need graveyards to put them in when they die. Color the stones and sepulchers.

Sphinx Coloring Sheet

Like the pyramids, the Sphinx was carved out of sand-colored stones.

Museum Coloring Sheet

Do you like to visit the museum? Color this one to match whatever it holds inside. Perhaps the art museum is made from white marble, while the museum of natural history is covered in green vines.

New York Skyline Coloring Sheet

Why color just one building when you can color ten at one time? Don't forget the sea-green shades of the Statue of Liberty and the tour boat as a bonus.

Notre Dame Cathedral Coloring Sheet

This famous church in Paris, France is made from tan stones. Its great windows appear black in contrast.

Cartoon Castle Coloring Sheet

Who lives in a castle like this one? Color its stones realistically in gray or brown, or make it a fairytale castle - pink, purple, or all the colors of the rainbow!

Hospital Coloring Sheet

Hospitals can be made from red brick, sleek gray metal, brown plaster, or other materials. But many have a red cross symbol on the front to let everyone know it is a place to receive medical care.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Coloring Sheet

This whimsical tower is made of brown stone. It wasn't intended to lean, but began to do so as it was being built!

Big Ben Coloring Sheet

Big Ben is the most famous clock in the world. It is located in London, England. Its exterior is tan and its roof is light gray.

Throne Coloring Sheet

Will your throne be made of gold? Is it upholstered in brown leather or royal shades of blue, red, or purple?

Church Coloring Sheet

Here is the church, there is the steeple, open the doors, and out come the people! Color this church to match the other buildings in your city.

Space Needle Coloring Sheet

The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, is tan in color with a black central column and a window near the top.

Sydney Opera House Coloring Sheet

The seashell-like Sydney Opera House is bright white in color. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.

Lighthouse Coloring Sheet

Lighthouses guide ships at night, helping them avoid disaster on the rocks. Many lighthouses are striped with red and white or black and white bands.

Pyramids of Giza Coloring Sheet

The pyramids were made from stones the color of sand. It is thought that their original coverings gleamed white in the sun, but now they blend in with the desert around them.

Statue of Liberty Coloring Sheet

The Statue of Liberty is made of copper, but it is not copper colored. In time, the copper patinas - it turns a light green shade.

Farm Coloring Sheet

Have some fun down on the farm! Color the red barn and green fields.

Eiffel Tower Coloring Sheet

The Eiffel Tower is made from gray metal. At night, colorful lights can wash it in many colors and patterns.

Easy City for Kids Coloring Sheet

Make this city your own! Don't forget to color the car, the helicopter, and the yellow school bus.

Colosseum Coloring Sheet

This ancient arena was built from tan stone. Though the walls are broken now, thousands of years ago people crowded inside to watch the shows.

Barn Coloring Sheet

Did you know? Many barns are painted red because it was a long-lasting color. In some places, barns are often black or green.

Mosque Coloring Sheet

Mosques may be built from simple tan stones, decorated with amazing tile mosaics, or capped with golden domes.

Easy 3D Buildings Coloring Sheet

Practice shading these three-dimensional buildings. Use lighter shades on the front of each building and darker colors on the sides.

City Coloring Sheet

This simple city could be dull browns and grays, or it could come alive with color. The choice is yours.

Sagrada Familia Church Coloring Sheet

This very old, intricately designed building is brown and tan in color.

Tent Coloring Sheet

You can go camping in your backyard or even in your own room! Color this tent to make it tan or green canvas, or glamp it up with bright hues.

Cafe Coloring Sheet

Spend some time relaxing at your favorite cafe... and coloring it! You can decide on the color scheme. Color the sky to indicate your favorite time of day to visit.

Restaurant Coloring Sheet

Decorate your favorite outdoor restaurant. You can choose the colors of the tablecloths, chairs, and buildings.

Shop Coloring Sheet

Get ready to shop till you drop! This store is open for business. Make it look welcoming by adding cheerful colors.

Building Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these buildings was the most fun to color? You can make your own round-the-world coloring book when you download and print out each of these unique coloring pictures.

Or, you can create a fun scene for your favorite toys and a bucket list of places you would like to go!

You know just how much fun the Free Building Coloring Pages can be – so why not level up you coloring skills by giving the Free Landscape Coloring pages a go as well for maximum entertainment?

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