Free Disney Coloring Pages for Kids - 62 Printable Sheets

Disney characters are some of the most famous characters in the world. They've entertained audiences for decades with countless books, movies, TV shows, comics and video games. You can color them all with these printable coloring pages.

If you go to Disneyland or Disney World, you could meet your favorite characters in person. Until then, you can entertain yourself with these free printable coloring pages. 

Heroes, villains, princesses and animals all come to life in your coloring book.

Cartoonists study art for years so that they can produce animated films, such as Mulan and Sleeping Beauty

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Once you've mastered coloring and moved on to drawing, you might become a cartoonist, too.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Mushu from Mulan coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Disney Coloring Pages

Mulan Coloring Sheet

Mulan has flowing black hair and a green, blue and red kimono. Shade lightly with a colored pencil to draw the blush on her cheeks.

Rapunzel from Tangled Coloring Sheet

Rapunzel is famous for her beautiful golden hair. Shade and highlight her hair alongside the sketch lines to give it fullness and volume.

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Coloring Sheet

The Mad Hatter has made various book, movie and video appearances, but in the Disney version, he's a friendly character who wears yellow and green. Leave the hair, collar and teacup white.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Coloring Sheet

Traditionally, Aurora wears a dark pink gown. However, you can switch up her wardrobe by filling in your coloring sheets with another hue.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheet

Cartoon drawings typically have blocky shading with one or two colors instead of realistic blended shadows. Try drawing the shadows on her face with a shade a little darker than her skin tone.

Winnie the Pooh Coloring Sheet

You probably already know what colors to use for Winnie the Pooh: yellow and red. Don't forget the pink for the mouth and tongue.

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog Coloring Sheet

Tiana wears a green and yellow dress that resembles a lily pad--perfect for a princess who turns into a frog. Make the insides of the petals lighter so that they look like real flower petals.

Snow White Coloring Sheet

Every part of a cartoon character is colorful, including their hair. Color Snow White's hair deep blue with streaks of lighter blue on the edges. Notice how the colors still make her hair look black.

Luke Skywalker Coloring Sheet

People wear neutral colors, such as grey and dark brown, on Luke Skywalker's planet. Lightly shade around the edges of his lightsaber to make it glow.

Dory Coloring Sheet

Like most tropical fish, Dory's scales are bold and vibrant. Her species is blue and yellow. This drawing is simple because it doesn't require much shading.

Daisy Duck Coloring Sheet

Great cartoon characters often have simple designs. Daisy Duck's face is largely made from ovals, long curves and heart shapes for the bow.

Lightsaber Coloring Sheet

While lightsabers look like they're all one color at first, they're actually white in the center with glowing colors around the edges. What color will you use for your lightsaber?

Gnome from Gravity Falls Coloring Sheet

Gnome from Gravity Falls has a big white beard and mustache, red hat and blue clothes. Best of all, his nose is pink.

Boba Fett Coloring Sheet

This Boba Fett drawing is suitable for intermediate artists. You'll need several colors and detailed shading to make his armor look old and grungy. Try using oil pastels for these free coloring pages.

Tigger Coloring Sheet

Tigger is a happy character who's enthusiastic about life. Use the brightest, most cheerful orange that you can find to capture his personality.

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheet

The Beast's fur is different shades of brown. Study images from the movie so that you can accurately color his beastly coat.

Easy Mickey Mouse Face Coloring Sheet

When you're done with these printable coloring pages, do you think that you could draw Mickey Mouse on your own? Basic shapes, such as ovals for ears, make him one of the easiest characters to draw.

Baby Dory from Finding Dory Coloring Sheet

Baby Dory's eyes are so large that they almost take up her whole face. Look at pictures of real eyes to get inspiration for coloring her irises.

Lilo from Lilo and Stitch Coloring Sheet

Lilo is a Hawaiian girl who wears a bright red dress with white leaves. When you're done coloring, you could draw a tropical background for her to live in.

Lightning McQueen Coloring Sheet

Lightning McQueen is bright red with yellow lightning bolts on the side. If you want to get creative, draw a highway or racetrack that he can drive on.

Pocahontas Coloring Sheet

Pocahontas famously sings "Colors of the Wind" in her Disney film. Draw leaves swirling around her as the wind blows through her hair.

Donald Duck Coloring Sheet

Like many Disney characters, Donald Duck has large oval-shaped eyes. What are some other features that make Donald Duck instantly recognizable?

Anna from Frozen Coloring Sheet

Anna has bright blue eyes that match her outfit and snowy environment. Color her outfit carefully so that you don't miss any of the small details.

Woody from Toy Story Coloring Sheet

Woody is a dynamic character who wears classic cowboy colors, including yellow, red and dark brown. Understanding poses is an important part of being an artist. How does his body language make him look friendly?

Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin Coloring Sheet

Jasmine's beautiful outfit has small details, such as the curl at the end of her hairstyle. Look for these small details as you fill in your coloring pages.

Darth Vader Coloring Sheet

Darth Vader's mask is made from ovals, rectangles, straight lines and triangles. How do you think that these shapes combine to make a scary-looking helmet?

The Death Star from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

The Death Star is a sphere with a lot of rectangles inside like a patchwork quilt. Mix and match different shades of grey to make each panel stand out.

Nemo Coloring Sheet

If you're looking for simple coloring pages online, you can shade Nemo with just a few clicks. His entire body is one shade of orange with white stripes.

Cinderella Coloring Sheet

Color Cinderella's gown with a variety of blues. To make her shine, lightly sketch a yellow glow behind her with a colored pencil.

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch Coloring Sheet

You'll need a lot of blue and two shades of pink to color Stitch as he waves at you. How do you think that the artist made Stitch look familiar but alien at the same time?

Mushu from Mulan Coloring Sheet

Mushu is a bright red-and-yellow Chinese dragon with a lot of fine details. Sharpen your colored pencils or crayons before you start so that you can stay inside the lines.

Chibi Han Solo from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Do you prefer Western cartoon or Japanese anime art styles? This chibi Han Solo offers a combination of both. Use neutral shades of brown and grey to make him look like a rugged space rebel.

The Genie from Aladdin Coloring Sheet

Blue is definitely the Genie's favorite color. Try adding sparkles or a glow to make the Genie look even more magical.

Dumbo Coloring Sheet

Dumbo has large pink ears like a blanket, a yellow hat and red-and-yellow collar. His body is grey just like a real elephant's.

Mermaid Ariel Coloring Sheet

Ariel's dazzling red hair floats around her as she swims through the water. Draw fish and bubbles on your easy coloring pages for more fun.

Princess Leia Coloring Sheet

Princess Leia's outfit is easy to color because it's all grey. Do you see how the artist uses lines to make her clothes look soft and wrinkled?

Darth Maul from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Darth Maul's horns, black-and-red skin and snarling face make him one of the scariest Star Wars characters. Study the pattern on his face to ensure that you color it right.

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story Coloring Sheet

Buzz Lightyear wears a complicated suit with a lot of details, colors and moving parts. You might need some practice before you start these coloring pages for kids and adults.

Elsa from Frozen Coloring Sheet

Elsa is a pale woman with long blonde hair and pink eyeshadow. Use icy blue for her costume and the sparkles in her braid.

Goofy Coloring Sheet

Goofy is easy to color because his character design has large shapes without many small details. Download coloring pages online when you're looking for a fun activity.

Merida from Brave Coloring Sheet

Like Ariel, Merida famously has vibrant red hair. She also wears a blue dress. Shade her hair with curvy lines as if you were shading a cloud.

Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. Coloring Sheet

Mike Wazowski is a monster, but he's fun and lovable instead of scary. His entire body is a cheerful shade of green.

Yoda from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Yoda might be small, but he's one of the most powerful Jedi in the universe. Color his body with a dark, earthy green with pale yellow for his claws.

Mickey Mouse Coloring Sheet

Mickey Mouse's entire body is black except for his face, which is light tan. He wears white gloves like an old-fashioned cartoon character.

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Peter Pan Coloring Sheet

Disney's version of Peter Pan has pointed ears and wears green like an elf. Do you think that you could draw Tinkerbell in this picture?

Bambi Coloring Sheet

Bambi looks just like the deer that you see in the woods. He has brown fur, large brown eyes and pink ears that make him look friendly and approachable.

WALL-E Coloring Sheet

WALL-E is a box-shaped robot who cleans up trash on Earth after all the humans left. Color his mechanical body with yellow and grey with brown mud splatters.

Minnie Mouse Coloring Sheet

Would you wear a giant pink bow like Minnie Mouse? If you don't like the color, try another shade or draw patterns on her bow.

Eeyore Coloring Sheet

Eeyore is a great example of using colors to emphasize a character's personality. The bluish-gray that you'll use to color him shows that he's sad and tired.

Tinker Bell Coloring Sheet

Tinkerbell can fly anywhere with her transparent blue wings. Give her a green dress and shoes so that she looks like a forest fairy.

Piglet Coloring Sheet

You'll use lots of pink to bring Piglet to life. Despite his bold colors, Piglet is a shy and nervous character who tries to be brave anyway.

Kylo Ren Coloring Sheet

Kylo Ren wears a black mask and hood reminiscent of that of his grandfather Darth Vader. His helmet has silver metallic elements and sometimes glows with red cracks.

Porg from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Porgs have brown feathers on their wings and backs, and cream-colored bellies. The feathers around their large eyes are orange, as are their feet and legs.

BB-8 from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

BB-8 is a white astromech droid with orange circular markings. He also has grey nuts, bolts, and gadgets visible along his metal surface.

Red Panda Mei Lee from Turning Red Coloring Sheet

In her red panda form, Mei is reddish-orange in color. Her ears, cheeks, and nose are cream. Her paws are a darker red, as are the stripes along her tail.

Luca Coloring Sheet

In his human form, Luca has reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, and a ruddy complexion. When he gets wet, however, his skin turns green and scaly, his hair turns blue, and the whites of his eyes become yellow!

Camilo from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Camilo can look like anyone, but in this picture, he's simply being himself. He has brown hair and eyes and wears a tan poncho over a white shirt.

Bruno from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Bruno has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a green poncho. Don't forget to color his furry friend in shades of grey or brown.

Dolores from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Dolores is always listening - the secret is, she needs you to add some color! Tie up her brown hair with a red bow. Color her yellow blouse, red skirt, and matching jewelry.

Luisa from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Luisa has brown eyes and brown hair tied back with a red bow. She wears a white blouse with a matching red bow, as well as a dark blue skirt. She also has blue and purple bracelets on her wrists.

Isabela from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Flowers grow wherever Isabela goes! Recreate a beautiful movie scene when you color Isabela's pink dress dotted with pastel pink, blue, and purple flowers. She is swinging on a green vine.

Mirabel from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Mirabel has brown eyes and hair. She wears a colorfully embroidered dress with flowers and butterflies on it. You can use all the colors in your box of crayons to give this member of the Family Madrigal a tropical vibe.

Disney Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Try printing out multiple coloring pages for kids and using different art materials for each one. You can practice your skills with watercolors, oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils and markers. Create a mixed-media art project to bring it all together.

If you're a parent or teacher, use these free coloring sheet ideas to keep your kids occupied.

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