Free Educational Coloring Pages for Kids - 38 Printable Sheets

These coloring pages for kids and adults cover a wide range of topics, including perspective, anatomy, science, biology and classic paintings. Each sheet features a professional drawing with plenty of room for artistic interpretation. Artists have fun learning or simply relax with their favorite coloring tools.

If you're learning how to draw, start by coloring an illustration, then trace over it to see how the lines work. Start sketching freehand when you're confident enough to try on your own.

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You can print out the sheets for traditional use or color the illustrations with the online tool. Simply choose a color and click a section to fill it in or shade the area with the brush. Afterward, print out your image and hang it up.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive easy 3D heart coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Educational Coloring Pages for Kids

Realistic Face Coloring Sheet

Every great artist, even surrealist painters, starts with basic knowledge of human anatomy. Study the human face as you experiment with different eye, hair and skin colors.

Easy Buildings and Sky in One Point Perspective Coloring Sheet

What's the weather like in your city today? What colors will you use for the buildings? Start adventuring with these free printable coloring pages.

3D Shapes Coloring Sheet

3D shape coloring sheets are easy because you don't need many colors. How can you use different shades to make the shapes look three-dimensional?

Animal Cell Coloring Sheet

Animal cell diagrams are complex and use a lot of shades. This helps you study every part separately. How many basic shapes, such as ovals and kidney beans, can you find in this image?

Bacteria Coloring Sheet

Shading every section of these easy coloring pages helps you memorize the different parts of bacteria. Which section is easiest to color?

Parts of the Rose Coloring Sheet

Roses come in several hues, including red, pink, white and orange. Stems and leaves are usually green, but a fantasy rose could have unique shades.

Easy George Rodrigue Blue Dog Art Project for Kids Coloring Sheet

The artist, George Rodrigue, usually painted his dogs in vibrant blues. Which shades pair well with blue? Use those colors for the background.

Anime Girl in Side Profile with Curly Hair Coloring Sheet

This anime girl has a cute bow and long, flowing hair. Swap colors to come up with original looks for your character. What name would you give her?

Atom Coloring Sheet

Ovals and circles are all you need to draw an atom. You can start with coloring pages online before you try sketching your own.

Realistic Dog Coloring Sheet

Download coloring pages so that you can make an imaginary pet. If you have a dog, you could make this animal look like your companion.

Lungs Coloring Sheet

Have you seen lungs in science class? Healthy lungs are pink and allow you to take deep breaths. Study biology with these printable coloring pages.

Realistic Elephant Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Most elephants are gray with white tusks. Notice how the lines on the ears and trunk make their skin appear leathery.

Easy Room in One Point Perspective Coloring Sheet

Exercise your creativity with these living room coloring pictures. You can make the furniture and decorations any color you want and imagine people who live there.

Easy Marc Chagall Art Project for Kids Coloring Sheet

Marc Chagall used vibrant hues in his paintings. Fill in these free coloring pages with the brightest shades in your art supplies.

Water Cycle Coloring Sheet

You'll need a lot of blues and greens for this water cycle illustration. Can you remember what each label means without looking it up?

Abs Coloring Sheet

These coloring pages for kids require only one hue! However, you could print out the drawing and experiment with soft shading.

Solar Eclipse Coloring Sheet

Do you think you could draw this sheet in your coloring book? All you'll need is three circles, plus extra lines and shapes for realism.

Skull in Profile Coloring Sheet

Skulls are off-white or gray with dark sockets. This drawing looks complex, but it's actually made from simple shapes, such as triangles and a large oval.

Food Chain Coloring Sheet

Challenge yourself by coloring these more elaborate drawings. Do you think you'll catch all the little details, such as the hawk feathers?

Realistic Skull Coloring Sheet

This realistic skull is a little complex. Do you feel like coloring each tooth individually or leaving them white? It's up to you.

Realistic Owl Face Coloring Sheet

The artist used sketchy lines to make the owl's feathers look soft and ruffled. Do you notice any other drawing techniques in this illustration?

Biodiversity Coloring Sheet

Shade your favorite animals however you want with these coloring page ideas. Would you like to have any of these creatures as a pet?

3D Heart Coloring Sheet

You only need two shades of the same color to complete the three-dimensional effect. Darker shades create a shadow illusion as if your heart will jump off the page.

3D Cross Coloring Sheet

This isn't a basic flat drawing. Do you see how diagonal lines make this cross look like it's three-dimensional and pointing to the right? Small details make a huge difference.

3D Stairs Coloring Sheet

Where do these stairs lead to? You can make them dark if they head into the basement or light if they're on a second or third floor.

Easy City in One Point Perspective Coloring Sheet

Geometric shapes make up this one-point perspective drawing. Can you find all the squares, rectangles, semi-circles and triangles that create the illusion of depth?

Easy City in Two Point Perspective Coloring Sheet

Two-point perspective illustrations have a lot of sharp angles. Notice how the V-shaped sidewalk makes the city look like it's pointed toward you.

Cube with Different Perspective Coloring Sheet

From the front, cubes look like squares. This coloring sheet shows you how cubes change when you view them from different angles.

Robert Delaunay Art Project Coloring Sheet

Robert Delaunay painted with a brilliant rainbow of colors. See how many colors you can fit into this illustration that takes inspiration from his pieces.

Male Face from the Side Profile Coloring Sheet

How many hair and skin tone combinations can you come up with? You could even use fantasy hues like you're coloring an alien.

Easy Margaret Keane Big Eyes Art Project for Kids Coloring Sheet

Margaret Keane's paintings often have a sad, melancholy tone. How do you think you could create that atmosphere with colors and shading?

Spine Coloring Sheet

This illustration shows where the spine is located in the human body. You can fill in the spine and body or leave the body blank.

Human Heart Coloring Sheet

Human hearts are red. If you're studying anatomy, you could separate the parts with different shades to make them stand out.

3D Sphere Coloring Sheet

Without the curved lines, this sphere would just be a circle. However, the lines create the illusion of a 3D globe like the one you might have in your classroom.

Easy 3D Buildings Coloring Sheet

This neighborhood has three unique buildings that reflect the owners' personalities. What kinds of people could live on this street?

Love Letters in One Point Perspective Coloring Sheet

If you have letter-shaped blocks, they probably look a lot like this. Notice how the diagonal lines create perspective like the 3D cityscapes.

Perspective Drawing Exercise Coloring Sheet

Coloring a perspective illustration can help you prepare for drawing your own sketch. Do you see how the shapes overlap while extending from a single vantage point?

3D Hole Coloring Sheet

The hole is already black, but you can shade the floor however you want. Make every plank the same color, or experiment with patterns and stripes.

Which of these educational coloring pages was your favorite?

Which coloring sheet was your favorite? Maybe you'd be interested in studying that subject in school. An adult could help you find more coloring pages and look up information on the topic.

Try printing out these sheets and experimenting with different supplies, such as crayons, markers, paint, colored pencils and oil pastels. Each tool will transform your piece.

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