How to Draw a Ghost

Easy, step by step Ghost drawing tutorial
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The Encyclopedia Britannica describes the ghost as the " soul or spectre of a dead person, usually believed to inhabit the netherworld and to be capable of returning in some form to the world of the living." Their appearance is said to be "as a living being or as a nebulous likeness of the deceased."

Ghost stories have been a part of popular culture for millenniums. This is due in large part to religious traditions that involved a spirit or soul surviving the death of the body. Ghosts, therefore, became associated with graveyards and the houses where people died.

In modern media, a number of ghosts have become famous. These include the Pac-Man ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde; the green ghosts from the Ghostbusters franchise; and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

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The term "ghost" is used in popular culture in other ways, too. For example, to "ghost" someone is to ignore them, not responding to their calls, messages, or invitations.

Boo! Let's draw a grimacing cartoon ghost. All you'll need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this easy cartoon drawing tutorial to complete your ghastly drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Ghost

Ghost drawing - step 1
How to Draw Ghost: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing an oval that overlaps the top of a large triangle. This outlines the ghost’s head and body.

Ghost drawing - step 2
How to Draw Ghost: Step 2

2. Draw narrow diagonal rectangles protruding from the sides of the triangle. These form the creature’s arms.

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Ghost drawing - step 3
How to Draw Ghost: Step 3

3. Draw an oval overlapping the end of each rectangle. This outlines the hands.

Ghost drawing - step 4
How to Draw Ghost: Step 4

4. Draw a curved, wavy line overlapping the bottom of the triangle.

Ghost drawing - step 5
How to Draw Ghost: Step 5

5. Draw irregular oval shapes overlapping the small ovals of the hands. These will become the fingers.

Ghost drawing - step 6
How to Draw Ghost: Step 6

6. Draw curved lines around the edges of the arms and the triangle. This gives a nebulous form to the character’s arms and body.

Ghost drawing - step 7
How to Draw Ghost: Step 7

7. Erase the guide lines of the original ovals, triangle, and rectangles, leaving a clean outline of the character. Then, draw curved lines to detail the palms of the hand and the thumbs.

Ghost drawing - step 8
How to Draw Ghost: Step 8

8. Draw the face. For each eye, draw a narrow oval with a smaller oval inside it. Shade the smaller oval to indicate the pupil. Draw a curved line to form the eyebrow above each eye, and use curved lines to outline the peanut-shaped mouth.

Ghost drawing - step 9
How to Draw Ghost: Step 9

9. Draw small triangles within the mouth to form the teeth or fangs, and a curved line to outline the tongue. Shade the remainder of the open mouth.

Ghost drawing - step 10
How to Draw Ghost: Step 10

10. Color your cartoon. Ghosts are generally portrayed as white in color, but they are sometimes blue or green. We’ve drawn a blue circle around the ghost in our illustration to make him stand out from the white background.

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