How to Draw a Giraffe

A gorgeous giraffe is the topic for our drawing tutorial today. A long-legged and necked giraffe can be a little tricky to draw due to its body proportions but with help of the wireframes we should be able to tackle the body shape.

​We will start by sketching a wireframe and geometrical shapes that will eventually evolve into a fully developed giraffe.

Draw lightly as most of these “helper” shapes will be erased before you’re finished.

In the step-by-step drawing guide below, you will find each step highlighted in a light blue color.

You don’t need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Giraffe

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 1

Draw a small circle in the top left corner of your paper. The giraffe drawing is going to be tall, so leave enough space for the rest of the body.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 2

Next, draw a line angling down from the circle. This will become the giraffe’s neck.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 3

Where the neck ends, draw an oval for the front body.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 4

Add another oval slightly overlapping the previous one. This will be the hindquarters. Make the oval slightly smaller and place it lower than the front body. Giraffes have a sloping back and their rump is lower than the shoulders.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 5

Draw wireframes for the front legs. Add small ovals for the joints and hooves.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 6

Do the same for the hind legs. The hind leg angle is slightly backwards from the body and has two visible joints.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 7

Draw a curved line from the back of the body for the tail. Add a leaf shape in the end.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 8

Next to the head, add another circle for the muzzle.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 9

Now we will start adding flesh to the wireframe. Draw two curved lines parallel to the neck line.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 10

Join the two ovals that make the body; the top curving line needs to have a small hump in the bottom of the neck. The bottom side is just a straight line.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 11

Next we will join the head and muzzle. Draw a small hump on the top for nostrils and make the throat a little wider to make room for the jaws.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 12

Draw two leaf shapes for ears.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 13

Add two pin shapes on top of the head for horns and draw a wavy line for the mane.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 14

Next we will draw the facial features. Draw the eyes and eyebrows, then complete the mouth and muzzle. Be very precise in this step as the face is critical for a good-looking cartoon drawing.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 15

Draw legs around the leg wireframes. The legs are quite muscular and start from the top third of the body.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 16

Erase all the inner lines and tweak the outline of your giraffe. It looks pretty good already.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 17

Let’s add the final touches. Add another curved line for the tail.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 18

Draw curved lines under the chest and body. A giraffe’s coat doesn’t have patterns in underbelly. Also, draw lines to separate hooves from the legs.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 19

Draw random rounded squares and triangles for the coat pattern.

How to Draw Giraffe: Step 20

And finally, clean up and color your great looking giraffe drawing.

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