How to Draw a Helicopter

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A helicopter, also called a chopper, is a type of aircraft that uses a rotor, or spinning blade, to take off and land vertically. Unlike airplanes, helicopters don't need a runway. Other rotorcraft include convertiplanes, autogiros or autogyros, and V/STOL aircraft.

The invention of the helicopter goes back thousands of years. Chinese history records a rotary-wing kite around the year 400 CE. Toy helicopters were not uncommon during the Middle Ages in Europe. In the 1400s, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci sketched a flying machine that he called an airscrew. Helicopters first came into practical use during the 1940s.

Countless animated cartoons have included anthropomorphic helicopters such as the one in this drawing guide. These include Budgie, Lionel, and Chuck from Budgie the Little Helicopter; Harold the Helicopter from Thomas & Friends; and Rotor Turbosky and Kathy Copter from Disney's Cars.

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Would you like to draw a cute cartoon helicopter? This easy, step-by-step cartoon character drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Helicopter

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing two curved lines. Draw them as half-circles that do not touch. The upper semicircle should be smaller than the lower one. Connect the two lines using a short, straight line. This outlines the body of the helicopter.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 2

2. Extend two long, straight lines from the opening between the semicircles. Notice that the lines slant toward one another but do not cross. Connect these lines at the end by using three short, straight lines to enclose a rectangular shape. This forms the helicopter's tail boom.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 3

3. Draw a series of lines down the middle of the helicopter. The lines should be straight across the tail boom but curved across the body.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 4

4. Draw the helicopter's window, which also serves as his eye. Draw a gently curved line across the helicopter body, then use a "U" shaped line to enclose a semicircle above it. Then, draw two parallel curved lines across the middle of the window. Next, use a curved line to enclose a shape opposite the tail boom. This forms the helicopter's "nose."

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 5

5. Use curved lines to enclose several partial oval shapes at the corner of the window. This forms the iris and pupil of the eye. Draw a small circle within the iris. Then, use curved lines to enclose a curved, pointed shape above the eye, forming the eyebrow.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 6

6. Use a curved line to enclose a rounded shape above the helicopter body. This is the rotor mast or drive shaft that turns the helicopter's blades. Enclose a similar shape at the tip of the tail. Then, extend pairs of curved lines from the tail boom, allowing them to meet at a point. Connect the ends of the near lines using a short straight line. These small wings are called horizontal stabilizers.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 7

7. Use curved lines to enclose the petal-like shape of the rotor blades, for both the main rotor and the tail rotor.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 8

8. Draw the landing skids. Extend pairs of short, curved lines beneath the helicopter. Draw another pair of lines between them, and let the lines continue past the supports.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 9

9. Detail your helicopter. Draw curved triangle shapes on the horizontal stabilizers. Contour the face with a curved line, and draw additional curved lines around the rotors to indicate movement.

How to Draw Helicopter: Step 10

Color your helicopter. Then, check out our object drawing guides for more fun vehicles, including sports cars, motorcycles, ships, trains, race cars, trucks, tractors, rocket ships, and much more.

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