How to Draw a Lobster

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Lobsters are crustaceans, invertebrates of the sea. Like crabs and insects, they wear their skeletons like armor on the outside of their bodies. Many species have intimidating large front claws.

Many types of lobsters are harvested for food. Today, lobster is a gourmet food item, but this was not always the case. In colonial America, lobster was ill-regarded as a food source and therefore fed to prison inmates. The inmates complained of eating lobster every day!

Did you know? Lobsters can live for 100 years or more, with 45 to 50 years being the average. The largest lobster ever caught weighed over 44 pounds.

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In art, lobsters have long been pictured alongside culinary items, such as in the 1826 watercolor "Lobster, Crab, and a Cucumber" by William Henry Hunt. Popular lobster-themed television characters include Spongebob Squarepants's Larry the lobster, and the dancing lobsters from The Amanda Show's "Judge Trudy" skit.

Lobsters even appear as sports mascots, such as the Boston Lobsters tennis team.

Would you like to draw a lovely lobster? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to show you how. All you will need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Lobster

How to Draw Lobster: Step 1

Use curved lines to enclose an irregular rounded shape, with two points at one end. This begins the outline of the lobster’s body.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 2

Use a curved line to enclose a rounded shape, extending from the rounded end of the body. Then, use a long curved line to enclose an elongated, rounded shape. Band this shape with curved lines. This forms the lobster’s abdomen or tail.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 3

Use a curved line to enclose an irregular shape at the tip of the tail. Then, enclose two more irregular shapes on each side of the first. Repeat this process until the lobster’s tail resembles a fan. The tail is called a telson, and each section is a uropod or flipper.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 4

Near the pointed tip, draw the eyes. For each eye, enclose a small circle within a circle. Then, on each side of the head, extend two long lines at a diagonal angle. Allow each set of lines to meet in a sharp point. These are the lobster’s antenna.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 5

Below one of the antenna, enclose a rounded shape. Beneath this, enclose a larger irregular shape. Finally, draw a small curved triangle. This forms the lobster’s cheliped, or claw.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 6

Repeat this process on the opposite side. First, enclose an irregular rounded shape. Then, enclose a larger irregular shape, this one bearing a pointed tip. Finally, enclose a small curved triangle.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 7

Next, begin to draw the walking legs, or perciopods. Enclose an elongate irregular shape extending from the body. From this, draw a pair of curved lines that meet in a sharp point.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 8

Continue drawing walking legs, first enclosing an elongate irregular shape, followed by lines converging in a point. Lobsters have four walking legs on each side.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 9

Draw the walking legs on the opposite side. For each, enclose an irregular elongate shape followed by two lines converging in a sharp point.

How to Draw Lobster: Step 10

Color your lobster. In the wild, lobsters may be brown, green, grey, black, or even blue. When cooked, most lobsters turn bright red in color.

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