How to Draw a Magnifying Glass

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Magnifying Glass

How to Draw a Great Looking Magnifying Glass for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 01

1. Begin by drawing a large oval. This outlines the glass itself. Draw a curved line along one side, outlining a narrow crescent shape. This gives the glass a three-dimensional appearance.

Easy Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 02

2. Draw another, larger, oval around the first. This is the rim that holds the glass. Draw a curved line around the wide side to give the rim a three-dimensional appearance.

Easy Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 03

3. Draw a "U" shaped line at the base of the rim, erasing as necessary. Draw a "C" shaped line across the open end of the "U."

Easy Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 04

4. Use a curved line to enclose an elongated rounded shape, forming the handle of the magnifying glass.

Easy Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 05

5. Draw a series of curved lines across the handle.

Easy Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 06

6. Use a series of nearly straight lines to enclose a tall, incomplete trapezoid. This will become the letter "A."

Easy Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 07

7. Use straight lines to complete the outline of the letter "A" and the small triangle at its center.

Add More Details to Your Magnifying Glass Picture - Step 8

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 08

8. Outline the letter "B," drawing half-circle shapes in its upper and lower portions.

Complete the Outline of Your Magnifying Glass Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 09

9. Use curved and straight lines to outline the letter "C."

Color Your Magnifying Glass Drawing

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass Step 10

Color your cartoon magnifying glass. It could come in many colors - brown wood, grey metal, or colorful plastic.

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Easy, step by step Magnifying Glass drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Magnifying Glass Drawing

The magnifying glass or hand lens is a convex optical lens, mounted on a handle and used to visually magnify objects. They are commonly used for reading, examining jewelry, or observing plants and insects.

It is thought that magnifying lenses have been used in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East for millennia. The first definite mention of a magnifying glass can be found in The Clouds by Aristophanes, written in 424 B.C.

Today they are common items in homes, classrooms, and even pocket knives. Magnifying glasses are commonly associated with scientists and detectives, including the famous Sherlock Holmes.

He - and those who imitate him - can be identified by his magnifying glass, classic deerstalker hat, and wool trench coat.

The magnifying glass is also a Unicode emoji symbol. Websites, apps, and other computer programs often use a magnifying glass image to mark the search bar.

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Magnifying glasses are also often pictured in the context of small objects. One example is in the animated film Antz, when a child uses a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun on the ant named Z.

Would you like to find all the clues to draw a cartoon magnifying glass? We're on the case with this easy, step-by-step cartoon object drawing tutorial. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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