How to Draw a Microscope

Learn how to draw a great looking Microscope with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Microscope.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Microscope

How to Draw a Great Looking Microscope for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw a Microscope Step 01

1. Begin by enclosing an irregular shape using a curved line. This forms the top portion of the microscope, known as the head.

Easy Microscope Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw a Microscope Step 02

2. Extend a pair of straight, parallel lines from the head, and connect them at the end using a short curved line. This forms the eyepiece tube. The tip of the tube is called the ocular. It is the lens through which you look to view your tiny objects.

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Easy Microscope Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw a Microscope Step 03

3. Use a curved line to enclose a rounded shape beneath the head. Below this, draw another curved line, leaving the shape open on one side. Then, draw three straight, parallel lines. Notice the bend in the middle of each line. Connect them at the bottom using curved lines. This forms the arm of the microscope.

Easy Microscope Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw a Microscope Step 04

4. Extend two short lines below the head. Beneath these, draw a pair of curved lines, connected on each end. This forms the nosepiece or turret. Below the turret, draw three rounded rectangles. Enclose a narrow oval at the end of each, and connect them at the top using curved lines. These are the microscope's objective lenses.

Easy Microscope Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw a Microscope Step 05

5. Erase part of the base of the microscope's arm. In its place, draw a four-sided shape or rhombus using straight lines. Extend a short, straight line downward from each of its near corners. Connect these using straight lines. This forms the three-dimensional, rectangular stage, where the samples will be placed.

Easy Microscope Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw a Microscope Step 06

6. Extend three straight, vertical lines beneath the microscope arm and stage. connect them at the bottom using straight lines. This forms the lower portion of the microscope frame or arm.

Easy Microscope Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw a Microscope Step 07

7. Draw the coarse and fine focus or adjustment knobs, erasing as necessary. For each, draw a small oval within a small oval.

Add More Details to Your Microscope Picture - Step 8

How to Draw a Microscope Step 08

8. Draw a cylinder at the base of the arm. Use straight, parallel, vertical lines for its sides and curved lines for its top and bottom. This forms the illuminator, or light source, of the microscope.

Complete the Outline of Your Microscope Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw a Microscope Step 09

9. Use straight lines to enclose a rectangular shape around the bottom of the microscope. Extend short straight lines downward from each of the near corners. Connect these using straight lines. This forms the three-dimensional, rectangular base of the microscope.

Color Your Microscope Drawing

How to Draw a Microscope Step 10

Color your cartoon microscope. Then, check out our other cartoon object drawing guides, or add a mad scientist to your secret laboratory.

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Easy, step by step Microscope drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Microscope Drawing

A microscope is a scientific instrument "that produces enlarged images of small objects." The word "microscope" comes from ancient Greek words meaning "small" and "to see."

Microscopes are used to investigate small objects that are too little to be seen with the naked eye.

The type of microscope in our drawing guide is known as a compound microscope, an optical microscope, or a light microscope. It was first invented in the early 1600s.

Before this time, people did not realize that germs cause disease - they did not even know that germs existed!

Instead, people thought that diseases were caused by spells, displeasing the gods, poison, or breathing bad air.

But in 1676, a scientist by the name of Antoine van Leeuwenhoek reported his discovery of microorganisms.

Today, samples from a patient can be observed under a microscope to determine what type of bacteria is causing an infection.

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Did you know? Microscopes were invented several hundred years before electricity and light bulbs. This meant that early microscopes relied on light from the sun, focused using small mirrors.

Would you like to draw a cartoon microscope? This easy, step-by-step cartoon object drawing guide is here to show you how.

All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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