How to Draw a Papaya

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Learn how to draw a great looking Papaya with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Papaya.

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Complete Papaya drawing
Complete Papaya drawing

Do you like to eat papaya? Have you ever tasted one? This easy, step-by-step papaya drawing guide will help you share this unique fruit with others.

What can you do with your papaya drawing? Sometimes, people give a fruit basket to someone as congratulations or a get-well present.

Instead of buying a basket of fruit, why not draw one? In addition to the papaya, you can include grapes, a spiky pineapple, bananas, and tasty oranges.

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Your fruit basket is sure to make a lovely card!

As you draw your papaya, pay special attention to its elongated shape and tiny round seeds. It will soon look good enough to eat.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Papaya

How to Draw a Great Looking Papaya for Kids, Beginners, and Adults - Step 1

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 1

1. Begin by drawing a long curved line. This will form one side of the papaya outline.

Easy Papaya Drawing - Step 2

Papaya step-by-step drawing2tutorial: step 1

2. Draw another curved line, completing the outline of the papaya. Notice that the lines turn inward before meeting at the top.

Easy Papaya Drawing - Step 3

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 3

3. Draw a long, curved line from the top of the papaya to the bottom, roughly parallel to its side. Notice the "bumps" at the bottom of the line. This outlines the cut edge of the fruit and differentiates it from the skin.

Easy Papaya Drawing - Step 4

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 4

4. Next, sketch the endometrium or seed-containing cavity. Use a long curved line, with a shorter line meeting it at a sharp point. Then, enclose the rounded rectangular stem at the top of the fruit.

Easy Papaya Drawing - Step 5

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 5

5. Complete the heart-shaped seed cavity using another curved line. Texture the center of the cavity with straight lines, and the side with short curved lines.

Easy Papaya Drawing - Step 6

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 6

6. Draw many small circles inside the seed cavity, with the greatest profusion at the bottom. These are the papaya seeds.

Easy Papaya Drawing - Step 7

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 7

7. Draw more small, circle-shaped seeds throughout the cavity.

Add More Details to Your Papaya Picture - Step 8

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 8

8. Draw a second fruit. Use a long curved line to outline the shape of the papaya, partially hidden by the first.

Complete the Outline of Your Papaya Drawing - Step 9

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 9

9. Texture the skin of the papaya with long curved lines. Notice how the lines converge on the point where the flower was once attached, forming lobes.

Your papaya outline is now complete.

Color Your Papaya Drawing

Papaya step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 11

Color your cartoon papaya. The skin of the papaya is typically green or yellow - or a combination of both. The inner flesh is red, orange, or pink. The color "salmon" from your box of crayons or pack of colored pencils will be a good match. The tiny seeds are jet black in color.

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Easy, step by step Papaya drawing tutorial
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