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Ravens are large, sleek, black birds. If you would like to draw this lovely animal, follow this simple, step-by-step tutorial in order to draw a raven quickly and easily.

You will not need any special tools for this drawing project. You need only a piece of paper and a writing implement, such as a pen, pencil, or marker.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

In each step of this drawing guide, you will see new elements represented in blue.

Sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing some of your lines as you go along. Add each new, blue marking to your own drawing, and you will soon have a complete picture of a raven.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Raven

How to Draw Raven: Step 1

Begin by drawing a medium sized oval in the top left corner of your paper, about one quarter of the way down the page. This will be the raven's head.

How to Draw Raven: Step 2

Draw another, larger oval connected to the first oval. The second oval should slant from the first one towards the bottom right corner. It will end at the middle of the page. This is the raven's body.

How to Draw Raven: Step 3

Connect the two ovals with two slightly curved lines to form a neck.

How to Draw Raven: Step 4

Sketch one long line from the middle right of the large oval toward the bottom right corner of the page. Then draw another line parallel to this one, beginning at the bottom of the large oval. The second line should curve toward the first, but they do not touch. This outlines the bird's tail.


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How to Draw Raven: Step 5

To draw the wing, make a curvy line beginning at the upper middle of the large oval and ending at the middle of the right tail line. Connect this to the bird's back with another, slightly curved line.

How to Draw Raven: Step 6

Next, add some feather detail. Do this by making jagged lines on the left side of the left neck line, at the bottom of the large oval, and connecting the two tail lines.

How to Draw Raven: Step 7

Now you will erase your guide lines. Remove the portions of the ovals between the neck lines, within the boundaries of the wing, and above the jagged feather lines on the stomach.

How to Draw Raven: Step 8

Sketch in the legs. Begin by using two curved lines to form the forward leg, letting the top of these lines cross the line forming the stomach. Connect the lines at the bottom with a jagged line to represent feathers. Use one curved line and a jagged line to form the top of the far leg. Then, draw two lines that begin nearly straight then curve at the bottom to form the front lower leg. Repeat for the back lower leg.

How to Draw Raven: Step 9

Draw the foot by beginning with a wavy line beneath the leg. Connect the right third of this line to the foot using another wavy line, to form the back toe. From the toe, draw one short straight line and one curved line in a nearly triangular shape. This is the talon, or claw. Extend a curved line to the left from the front of the leg. This will form the middle toe. Draw another curved line from the leg, connected to the previous line at two-thirds its length. Draw a third parallel, curved line below the first, slightly longer than the second. Draw a curved triangle at the end of the nearest and middle toes. Connect the claw of the middle toe to the midpoint of the nearer claw with a short curved line.

How to Draw Raven: Step 10

From the back leg, draw a curved line with a curved triangle at its tip. Connect the triangle to the top of the other foot with a small line. Draw another curved line and triangle on top of this one for the farthest toe. For the back toe, draw a small blunt triangle protruding from behind the front ankle. Form the claw from another small triangle.

How to Draw Raven: Step 11

To draw the beak, use three curved lines extending from what was the small oval. The lines should converge in a point. Connect the right side of the top and middle lines with a straight line that bends sharply at the bottom.

How to Draw Raven: Step 12

Erase the straight line of the beak and the curved line crossing the upper front leg.


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How to Draw Raven: Step 13

Add jagged lines of feather detail to the stomach, upper legs, shoulder, face, and beak. Texture the lower legs with small horizontal lines.

How to Draw Raven: Step 14

Use swooping curves to add feather texture to the upper wing.

How to Draw Raven: Step 15

Continue to add curving feather texture.

How to Draw Raven: Step 16

Use five curved lines extending from the right of the wing to form the raven's flight feathers.

How to Draw Raven: Step 17

Place three diagonal, parallel lines on the tail.

How to Draw Raven: Step 18

Draw three sets of curved parallel lines to texture the upper wing.

How to Draw Raven: Step 19

Draw the eye very close to the beak. Draw three circles within each other. Shade the middle circle.

How to Draw Raven: Step 20

Color your raven in shades of black and gray.

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