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For millennia, horses and cattle had been the “power tools” of agriculture. Their strength was used to plow the ground, move heavy objects, and more. When man began to invent metal machines, this was soon to change.

After the industrial revolution, common farming tasks became the domain of the tractor.

The first tractors were wood burning and powered by steam. These beastlike machines often sported heavy metal wheels. Early gas powered tractors were still slow and plodding, but today, even massive tractors can often move as almost quickly as cars.

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Tractors such as the one in this drawing guide have played a role in many animated films.

For example, in Disney’s Cars (2006), Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater go “tractor tipping” – they make a game of sneaking up on sleeping tractors, blowing their horns to frighten them, and laughing when they tip over.

Other examples include the British children’s television series Little Red Tractor and Tractor Tom.

Would you like to draw your own cartoon tractor? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, pen, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Tractor

How to Draw Tractor: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a slightly irregular four-sided shape. This will form the cab of the tractor, where the driver sits.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 2

2. Draw the cab’s windows. Draw two more rectangular shapes within the original rectangle. One should be narrower than the other.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 3

3. Enclose a very narrow rectangle on top of the cab of the tractor. This forms the cab’s roof.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 4

4. Extend a line downward from the front of the cab. Then, extend a short straight line horizontally beneath the cab. From this point, extend a pair of parallel lines upward on a diagonal slant. From the tips of these lines, extend two more lines, less steeply slanted than the previous lines. End the lower line at the cab of the tractor; let the upper line enter the cab, and extend a horizontal line from it. Finally, extend a pair of lines on the opposite diagonal at the back of the cab, and connect them at the end. This forms the wheel well of the tractor.


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How to Draw Tractor: Step 5

5. Enclose three narrow rectangular shapes beneath the wheel well. Then, connect the bottom shape to the other side of the wheel well using a series of straight lines.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 6

6. Extend two trapezoids – quadrilaterals with slanted sides – from the front of the cab; the lower trapezoid should be larger and upside down. Draw a small rounded triangle on the front of the tractor, and enclose an irregular shape beneath.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 7

7. Draw a circle overlapping the front of the tractor, erasing guide lines as necessary. Draw two smaller circles within it to for the tire, wheel, and hub cap.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 8

8. Draw the rear tire, erasing guide lines as necessary. First, craft a circular shape from small straight lines connected in a serrated pattern. Then, draw a circle within a circle inside the tire to form the wheel and hubcap.


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How to Draw Tractor: Step 9

9. Draw a narrow vertical rectangle ascending from the front of the tractor, forming the exhaust pipe or smoke stack. Detail the tractor with narrowly spaced vertical lines and small circles. Draw a horizontal line beneath the tractor to indicate the ground.

How to Draw Tractor: Step 10

Color your tractor. Green and red are the most common tractor colors.

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The Complete Tractor Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Tractor

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