How to Draw an Anime Nose

Sometimes, noses are big and we notice them right away. At other times, they seem insignificant - but something would be missing without them.

Upgrade your drawing skills with these easy instructions on how to draw an anime nose.

Anime and manga noses vary widely. Some are prominent characteristics, while others are just there because they have to be.

We'll look at types of noses, placement, and different viewpoints.

After learning about anime noses, would you like to practice with this anime girl with glasses? You can also try this anime girl side profile drawing.

Drawing Anime Noses

Anime noses come in several types. Anime for beginners may include simple triangular noses, like this anime girl head base drawing. Others may use just a curved line or omit the nose entirely!

Other characters have a more realistic nose. Consider the nose side views drawings in the following anime noses reference picture.

Notice how in each sketch, a line or series of lines outlines the brow bone just above the nose, the nose itself, and the upper lip. Another line - a short one - indicates the opening of the nostril.

Observe how slight changes to the shape of the lines can create different features. For example, the second and third sketches have less detail and seem more effeminate. The fourth sketch is chiseled and sharp. As such, it likely belongs to a man's face.

Next, let's look at the nose front view in the second row. A line is used for the top or bridge of the nose. A "U" or "W" shaped line indicates the tip of the nose and the front of the nostrils. Short lines on each side contour the sides of the nostrils.

Again, which noses look male and which ones are female? The rounded third nose may belong to a female character. The other, sharper noses appear more masculine.

When you draw the nose 3/4 view, you'll be combining aspects of the front and side view. You'll use a long line as in the side view, but you will also give more weight to outlining the nostril.

An anime girl's nose is likely to be smaller, rounder, and simpler than an anime boy's nose. Older male characters are likely to have the largest and most well-defined noses.

In some anime, detailing the nose is more important. A detailed, wrinkled nose may signal the character's anger or intense concentration.

Anime Nose Placement

While some variation can occur - especially if a character has recently received a blow to the face - anime noses typically follow a standard placement.

Consider this anime face drawing where we use a grid to help with the facial feature placement. The character's nose typically overlaps the bottom of the original circle. It will be located just to the side of the vertical guideline, often to the left.

Anime and Manga Eyes Different Perspective
Drawing Anime Noses reference drawing

What to draw next?

Are you looking for more anime nose ideas? Design your own anime character and draw them with different types of noses.

First, draw them with no nose at all. Does this look natural or strange?

Then, draw them with a small triangular nose or a short curved line representing the tip of the nose.

Finally, pick one of the detailed noses from the illustration and sketch it on your character's face.

Which one suits your character best?

Then, try your hand at some of these drawings:

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Easy, step by step Anime Nose drawing tutorial

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